Vs Kinsta: Speed, Reliability, and Support?

If you are looking for a reliable managed WordPress hosting service provider, you have landed on the right page. You can read our detailed comparison of both these companies here. In this article, we will be comparing their features and services to help you make an informed decision.

Big Fight Between The Two Best Managed WordPress Hosting Companies. Where should I host my WordPress website is a question for numerous website owners who want a reliable hosting website. This challenge has given a lot of people some headaches over the years, while others have found lasting solutions to their long-time challenges. Most of those who enjoy blissful hosting with their hosting company host their website on either or

Yeah, that sounds great, but you need to pick one, and that is where this article comes in to help you analyze which will serve you best, and you can always trust and have a nice night after hosting your website.



Kinsta is a well-known WordPress hosting company. The oldest among the two should have been the easy pick as the best hosting company, but well, technology moves fast, and competitors will always try to offer more than existing companies. Kinsta has been around as way back as 2013 and serving her customers with quality WordPress website hosting services.

Kinsta guarantees free migration into their platform, so you don’t have to worry so much if your website has been hosted somewhere else before discovering them. With Kinsta, you are either making a purchase as a starter, a pro, varying business from 1, – 4, or enterprise from 1 -3, with prices ranging from

$30 to $1500 for a monthly purchase and $300 to $15,000 if you choose to pay for an annual plan. Also, you can host as little as 1 on the starter and as much as 150 WordPress installs on the enterprise 4 packages.

All Kinsta packages come with varying numbers of visitors allowed every month, so you don’t have access to unlimited visitors. but you can have as many as 3,000,000 visitors on enterprise 4, which is a good bargain, so I think. hosting

Here comes the itself, surprisingly, Rocket is a new baby in the industry, young enough that if it were of the human species, it would need to be spoon-fed. Rocket came into the business in 2020 but came in with real value. This hosting company didn’t challenge the price as its basic pricing is similar to Kinsta.

Although being a new company, it offers its customers a $1 hosting fee for all its packages to help customers see the value of what they will be paying for. Sounds great, but what makes this company so good. isn’t just a company that came onto the market by accident. The team that started this website has been working for different web hosting companies before setting up their own company. The experience from their different backgrounds was brought into Rocket.

It’s not surprising that Rocket now has hundreds of users despite being very young in the industry. Rocket offers a $1 first-month subscription for its customers.

One month is enough to test the ability of the hosting company to help determine if you will be staying with them or picking another option. Many existing WordPress website owners are migrating to Rocket from other hosting companies. Surprisingly, Kinsta isn’t exempted.

This company offers a Cloudflare enterprise configuration for all of its services. Many premium services such as Premium Edge network, automated plugin updates, cron jobs, visitor analytics, and other services come with every package you purchase from The Rocket will help you save a lot of money with its embedded plugins and security services, which can’t be gotten from Kinsta.

If you use, you don’t need to buy external plugins for security, image optimization, backup, staging, caching, etc. Due to this, a lot of your money will be saved. Further, it guarantees 99.9% uptime, high page speed, and keeps your website in good shape and safe hands.


  • Hosting your website on either hosting platform will help speed up your website. Subsequent log-in into the website is usually generated from the cache and not the content. This makes both hosting fasts with only a slight difference in their speed.
  • Both hosting companies offer Free CDN, SSL, and Staging on all packages. Making them secure for hosting.
  • Both hosting companies have packages designed for multiple WordPress website hosting services to host multiple websites using one account.
  • Both services offer an easy-to-use dashboard where you can manage all your sites from one place.
  • They are both user-friendly and easy to navigate through. Both companies offer live chat and support to help customers when they are stuck in the process.


Both hosts offer plenty of features, but there are some differences in their feature sets. Let us discuss them below.

1) Free Migration

If you want to migrate your existing site to another host, you can easily do that by moving your files to the new server. Both hosts offer free migration facilities. However, Kinsta offers only 1 free migration per month, while allows unlimited free migrations.

2) Backup

Both hosts offer automatic daily backups. If you need to restore your data from a previous day or week, you can easily do it. Both hosts offer automated backups.

3) Staging Environment

You can create a separate environment for testing purposes. For example, you may test out different themes or plugins before deploying them on your live site. Both hosts offer staging environments. However, the Kinsta staging environment is limited to 5 sites. At the same time,’s staging environment is unlimited.

4) SSL Certificates

You can get an SSL certificate to secure your site. Both hosts allow you to purchase an SSL certificate.

5) Support

Both the hosts offer 24/7 support via phone calls, chat, ticketing system, email, etc. They both offer customers a 30-day money-back guarantee on any package you choose to buy if you don’t like the service they offer you as a customer.

6) DNS Settings

The DNS settings play a very important role in making your site accessible online. Both hosts offer DNS management tools. However, Kinsta doesn’t offer advanced DNS settings. also offers advanced DNS settings.

7) Domain Registration

Both hosts offer domain registration services. However, Kinsta doesn’t offer any free domains. At the same time, provides a free domain name along with a hosting package.

8) Website Builder

Both the hosts offer a drag-and-drop website builder tool. You can build your website within minutes. However, Kinsta will charge you $19 per month for their web builder service. At the same time, doesn’t charge anything for its web builder service.

9) CDN

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. It helps in delivering static content like images, videos, CSS, JS files, etc., faster than normal servers. Both hosts offer CDN services.

At the same time, both hosts have partnered with Cloudflare for CDN services.

10) Email Services

Both hosts offer email services. However, is included in their shared hosting packages. At the same time, the email service is also included in their shared hosting plans.

11) Free Addons

Kinsta and have numerous free addons like WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache, etc.

12) Customer Service

Both the hosts have excellent customer service. However, the Kinsta call line can only be reached at any time during business hours, while has no limitations.

13) WordPress Coding Standards

WordPress coding standards are very important as it makes sure that all code is well written and organized. Both hosts follow the same coding standard. However, Kinsta doesn’t follow any coding standards. At the same time, follows the PSR coding standard.

14) Backup & Restore

The backup & restore feature is essential as it allows you to make copies of your data. Both hosts offer backup & restore features. However, Kinsta sends you a copy of your entire server on your local computer. At the same time, backs up only your database.

15) Easy Site Migration

Easy site migration means migrating your existing site to a new host without losing your current visitors or search engine rankings. Both hosts offer easy site migration options at no extra cost.

16) Security

Security is an important factor while choosing a web host. Both hosts offer security through firewalls, malware scanning, etc. However, Kinsta doesn’t offer any extra security measures. At the same time, uses multiple layers of security to keep your data safe.

17) Server Location

Server location is another important factor while choosing a hosting provider. If you want your site to load fast, choose a server near your target audience. Both hosts offer US-based servers. However, Rocket.Net offers European servers.

18) Additional Features

Additional features include things like spam filtering, dedicated IPs, etc. Both hosts offer additional features. But offers more additional features than Kinsta.

19) Website visitors

Both have varying amounts of visitors allowed per package bought. is cheaper and gives access to more website visitors than Kinsta. Purchase of any shared hosting package on gives access to an unlimited number of visitors to a website, unlike, which does not have shared hosting plans for customers.

Important Note:

Now that you have a full note about the features embedded in the two hosting platforms, you must understand why you are picking one over the other. Some features must be given higher priority over others, and we have picked them and analyzed them to help you make the best choice when picking your hosting company.

Both companies have the cutting edge regarding speed, as speed is very important if you want to host a WordPress website. If you desire to pick one for speed, then I think they both come in handy with 99.9% uptime guaranteed by the two companies.

Both companies will increase your website speed instantly. Thumbs up. But one comes ahead of the other, and that is Kinsta with a loading time of 340ms compared to Rocket’s 345ms, but they both use the WP-Rocket caching plugin to help increase website speed.

Kinsta comes with numerous features like 24/7 support, SSL, and CDN, but when it comes to features, Rocket has a cutting edge as it provides more features to its customers. More security and more bandwidth on every purchase made on Rocket. Numerous paid features are available for free on Rocket. You can access free plugins that will save you lots of cash if you choose Rocket.

Rocket offers 24/7 phone support except for the starter package. Kinsta support isn’t as responsive as Rocket. However, they also have a phone number for calls, email, and live chat support like Rocket. Still, the availability and the responsiveness of Rocket are unique and give them a cutting edge.

Pricing is very important as this is the first thing that comes to mind of most people who wish to purchase hosting. The pricing isn’t competitive as you might expect. Although the smallest package on either website costs $30 for monthly service, Rocket offers this for $1 in the first-month wish gives Rocket an edge. Also, the prices are similar as you will get service packs for prices like $60, 100, $200, $300, and others from both hosting companies.

Still, you are sure to get more value for your money from Rocket as you will have access to more WordPress installs, more visits, and more disk space in addition to the free plugins and other bonuses that come with every package bought. All these make Rocket the best option for your money while getting real value in return.


In conclusion, is the best-managed WordPress hosting provider. Not just because of its features and customer support, but also due to its affordable price. If you need a little more for the value of the money you pay, I suggest you pick for your WordPress hosting.

Thank you very much for reading this article. Please leave any feedback or questions in the comment section below. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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