1. Jasper — AI-Powered Copywriting Tool

jasper ai

Jasper AI is a life-changing tool for me; it has helped me write blog posts in less time than I ever thought possible. It saves tons of my precious writing hours and gives me more time to do other things like spend time with family or friends.

I’ve been using this tool for the last 10 months. It is far better than other AI writer tools. It saves me lots of time, which I was spending only on writing blog posts.

This is a great opportunity for every content marketer who wants to get their job done faster with less effort.

If you are looking for such an amazing tool that will boost your productivity in no time so that you can focus on something else, try out Jasper.ai today.

Ready to get started with Jasper? Give Jasper.ai a shot.

2. Dashword — NLP SEO Content Optimization Tool


I use Dashword to optimize my blog post for faster ranking on Google. It uses machine learning technology to give you keyword suggestions that should be in your content by analyzing the top 10 pages ranking in Google SERPs.

This is the secret weapon I’m using to outrank my competitors who even have high domain authority sites.

3. Rocket.net — #1 World’s Fastest WP Hosting

rocket.net review: world's fastest WordPress hosting

WordPress is an excellent framework for building websites. However, it’s not very great for hosting. The problem with WordPress is that your site could be slow (because of high CPU load), you may experience downtime (due to heavy traffic/load), and security concerns (the software itself has multiple vulnerabilities).

This is where Rocket.net shines by offering the ideal environment for running WordPress sites, faster speed & uptime, and better security. Have a website built on WP? Then it would be best if you had Rocket.net.

You might wonder how Rocket Server can make WordPress run faster than traditional hosting like Hostgator or Bluehost? There are several reasons this is possible:

Their service offers solid-state hard drives, which are far faster than traditional hard drives. Rocket Server has a global content delivery network (CDN); they use modern caching and compression technology. A global CDN means that the site you build on WordPress will be hosted from multiple locations; hence your website visitors will receive fast page load times. Unlike other hosting companies that use one or two central servers as their main data center, such as Host Gator.

Their hosting service guarantees that your website will be online 99.9% of the time! So even if your site starts to receive heavy traffic, it won’t go down for at least 9 hours a day, 5 days a week (and sometimes on weekends too!). That is pretty awesome compared to other web hosts like HostGator or GoDaddy, who guarantee only 99.9% uptime per month.

If you are tired of your current WordPress hosting giving out on you after a couple of months, then I highly recommend trying rocket.net hosting. You will receive great customer support 24/7, and you can try their service risk-free for 30 days. Could you give it a go now?

Some of the key advantages of using Rocket.net hosting service are:

  • Enterprise-level scalable CDN with over 200 global locations
  • DDoS attack protection
  • Free Backup ( One can backup databases without installing a plugin like WP DB Backup)
  • Free malware protection
  • Free site migration
  • Automatic update
  • When I mean “24/7”, they mean it! 24/7 Support. I’ve called at 5 am, only to find that someone is already holding the phone waiting for your call.