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Overall, is a great managed WordPress hosting provider if you are looking for a fast website with an easy to use control panel. Their servers are optimized for WordPress websites and you also get peace of mind with enhanced security, automatic updates, and knowledgeable support.

This makes it a great choice for small businesses or anyone else who wants worry-free hosting. Plus, their prices are very affordable. Give them a try today and see for yourself how great their service is.

One of the most important aspects of any business website is how it performs. If your site is slow, nobody will stick around long enough to read all of your content. This can be a massive problem if you use free hosting or one that isn’t designed specifically for WordPress sites.

Recently, Google has introduced a new algorithm called Core Web Vital. This means your website’s ranking on Google will be determined based upon the speed of loading times for various factors such as LCP(Largest content paintful), FID (Fist input delay), and CLS(Commulative layout shifting).

According to this new update from Google, if your website doesn’t have fast enough speeds for these three metrics, you’ll suffer in rankings. We must choose hosting companies who offer our customers what they need and are speedy with their delivery because if not, there could be an effect on how well-ranked your webpage appears for future searches.

We heard lots of people talking about is providing fast WordPress hosting at competitive prices. For this reason, we decided to do a review on RocketNet Hosting and see what they have to offer for fast WP hosting.

The first thing I noticed about RocketNet was its prices. They offer competitive prices with all sorts of different packages available- from starter packages for people who want just the basics up through enterprise-level packages with unlimited bandwidth and storage space.

If you’re in hurry, don’t have time to read my complete review. Look at the below review summary.

GtMetrix performance gradeA+
Google page speed insight score100/100
Core web vital passed with 99%
Average load time588 ms
Average server response time2.8 ms
Free domainNo
Free SSL Yes
Free Enterprise level CloudflareYes
Fast CDNYes (around 200+ global locations)
Free site migrationsYes
1-click WordPress InstallationYes
Support24/7 high priority live chat support, phone, knowledge base is perfect for those who are looking for a fast Managed WordPress hosting service at an affordable price. That provides 24/7 support.

Rocket net Pros & Cons: Pros:
  • 24/7 high-priority customer support through Live chat. I experienced an average response time was 10 seconds.
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee.
  • They have multiple servers located in over 200+ cities across the world, so your site data loads faster.
  • 1-click WordPress installer makes it easier for beginners to set up their website.
  • Provide high-security features: Cloudflare Enterprise WAF, DDoS attack, Anti-spam, Malware protection, and SSL encryption.
  • Easy-to-use control panel for managing the back end of the site.
  • Its system caches web pages to make them load faster for visitors.
  • Automatic backups will keep your site’s data safe.
  • Capability for eCommerce sites, Agencies, and Small businesses. Cons:
  • They don’t offer an email hosting service, so you’ll need to buy it from Google’s workspace.
  • Expensive for low traffic sites, their Starter Plan costs $30/month.

My experience with Why I switched?

I was using Google cloud hosting since 2020, having very difficulties in managing hosting, sometimes my site goes down then I need to fix myself with heavy technical knowledge, there is no backup functionality which means if your site gets corrupted due to installing some plugins offered by WordPress then you’ll be lost your whole site data.

No support team is available, having no accessible production server for testing my new plugins and themes. Even if you want to run some tests on the staging server, then you can’t do it without any developer work, otherwise, you will lose the whole site data once again.

Slowness in site loading speed, sometimes I can’t even open my site due to overloading on the server.

So, choosing a new hosting is necessary rather than wasting time and energy on this kind of issue.

Finally, I start searching a lot for a better host and found hosting, it has good reviews from users so I decided to use it. It was an amazing experience with, the company gives you the option to choose your required services such as Managed WordPress hosting, VPS service, and Dedicated servers.

So, I created a managed WordPress hosting account and migrated my site to hosting. They offered me dedicated support that helped me move my site and set it up with zero downtime and errors. They have a great team of professional software engineers; they will take care of all things so, you don’t have to worry about anything.

Now, I’m enjoying my new hosting and all site issues are completely handled by their team.

I really appreciate their team for taking care of my site performance, currently, I don’t face any downtime issues with them. They also offer free SSL certificates which improve site security.

So, I can say that choosing for hosting is really a good choice to go with if you’re looking for a reliable hosting company with an excellent 24/7 support team and full authority over managing your site.

Sharing my experience after 5 months of using hosting…

I’m really impressed with their quality of work and support team. I had some technical issues with my site that was completely resolved by their friendly support staff within a short span of time.

Their plans are not cheap, but definitely, it won’t be an issue for you because you’re getting all the latest features & services along with the help of 24/7 priority support.

So, if your site is facing downtime issues or wants to migrate your existing hosting then I’ll highly recommend as the best hosting company for your website.

Overall, I will give it 9/10 ratings, because there are some problems with their live support chat but you can always call them there is no problem in that, they respond very promptly.

What is review: what is rocket net is a new managed WordPress hosting provider; it made everything possible to make it easy to use and manage your website.

When it comes to speed, uses a localized based data center across 200+ locations worldwide and enterprise-level CDN (content delivery network) to make our site fast. When visitors from different areas try to enter your website, it will load content fast as possible. is one of the best hosting services I’ve seen, not just because its interface can be navigated easily by beginners but also for all it has to offer in terms of site speed & security and noticeable features that help your company grow.

They specialize in WordPress hosting only if you’re looking for something else like VPS, Dedicated, Shared or Cloud Hosting along with website builder. Then there are other companies to choose from, like DreamHost.

Who is Behind Rocket Net?

Ben Gabler and Aaron Dewell Phillips had a vision. They wanted to create a web hosting company that was different than the rest; one that would be reliable, trustworthy, and efficient.

In 2020, they founded company, and it has since gained great recognition worldwide. The company now hosts thousands of websites, has earned the trust of its clients, and is slowly carving out a niche for itself. Ben and Aaron are proud of what they have accomplished and are excited for the future of their company. Thanks to their hard work and dedication, the sky is the limit for this young WordPress hosting.

Who is for hosting is perfect for small businesses, agencies, and eCommerce business owners who value speed and security as much or more than price because they provide reliable services at an affordable rate to fit any budget.

Agencies – If you are working for an agency, chances are is the hosting powerhouse behind your digital campaigns. This is because the “agency plan provides a managed WordPress hosting service that is perfect for those who want to focus on delivering content instead of maintaining the client’s websites themselves. team takes care of everything, from security updates and server management, so you don’t have to worry.

Bloggers – is a great starting point for bloggers who are just getting started or have a limited budget. While isn’t the cheapest option, it’s certainly an affordable way to get your website live and start blogging. Just make sure you snag one of their $1 for the first-month plans.

A beginner – is a good option for beginners because it offers the most intuitive control panel on the market (called a cPanel) and a 1-click WordPress installation feature that takes the headache out of installing WordPress manually. This is especially important if the beginner has little to no experience working with hosting, domains, etc.

eCommerce business – Rocket Net is a great option for those starting out with an eCommerce website. Since it’s equipped to handle more traffic and commands the most intuitive cPanel on the market, setting up shop won’t be a problem.

Resellers – is a great option for resellers because it has the most intuitive cPanel control panel on the market and offers a one-click installation of WordPress with absolutely no coding necessary for quick setup.

What are the immediate results I get using hosting?

There are many benefits. I got using, but here I have listed some which can be beneficial for power users and businesses.

1.Increased site speed faster review: mobile page speed test

Although, site speed is something that claims in their industry, in reality, I have seen an increase of almost 60% speed after switching to them, which is a huge improvement for me.

The claim made by hosting is true in my opinion because of the increase of almost 60% site speed after switching over, which improves overall experience and conversions for my business.

For any business that relies on web traffic to drive revenue, it would be in their best interest to use a blazing fast hosting provider. Their service is fast, affordable, and has the best customer support I have seen so far. They are also very transparent about what they offer, which helps you make better decisions when purchasing hosting packages for your website.

2. Google’s Core Web Vital Passed:

rocket net review: my website core web vital passed immediately

My site was struggling to rank on Google SERPs because of slow loading speeds, due to slow page loading, all critical Core Web Vital metrics failed.

After switching to, all Core Web Vital metrics were successful in passing again You can see the above screenshot of my search console data that shows how well it worked – page passes are now detected as green lines instead of orange ones.

3.Improved Page Experiences: Mobile & Desktop review: improved page experiences

After switching to a few days later, I saw the page experience improve from 60% to 100%. I’ve been with them for about five months and they have delivered on everything promised to me: fast servers, great uptime, and best of all – no downtime, as promised. If you are looking for a reliable hosting provider, then I recommend trying them out.

The above screenshot shows my search console data and how well it worked – page passes are now detected as green lines instead of orange ones.

4.Increased Site Traffic Fast:

my results of using jasper ai

Failing Core Web Vital was a bottleneck for both Google’s search engine and myself. It was the only reason my site’s ranking dropped in the first place when I needed it to recover my business.

That’s why when I migrated my site to Rocket Net host, everything changed drastically – I saw an immediate increment in my website’s rankings on major search engines, more visitors coming to my site compared to the last 2 months. is keeping the same high standards of service I have come to expect from them over the last couple of years. Thank you,

5. Access to Very Responsive Customer Support 24/7 customer support review

Customer support is a very important thing you should consider when choosing any hosting service because it can make or break your business.

The support I received from has been nothing short of amazing, they have been very responsive to my queries when using their customer support chat services, with an average response time of 10 seconds. That kind of fast and helpful service would most likely not be found in other hosting services.

The last time I reached out to the support team for getting back, my site got corrupted due to installing some plugin from WordPress. It took only 10 seconds to receive a response from their 24/7 priority support chat service and they resolved my problem and restored my site data within 15 minutes.

Overall, I think has great customer support, there is 24/7 priority support available via chat or phone that responded in only 10 seconds on average.

I bet you can’t find hosting with such a great and helpful support team in other hosts.

-Kylie M. (5 of 5) Google Review:

I am really happy with’s customer service and support, their customer support is one of the best I have ever come across in a long time. The support team has been extremely helpful and very patient when it comes to guiding and helping me with my website.

It was also incredibly easy to contact them if I needed any assistance or had a question. I would simply shoot them an email or open a chat window online and someone from the support team was always happy to help me.

6. Technical stuffs managed by team hosting is a managed server, which means that you do not have to worry about anything. The team takes care of all the technical aspects, so if something goes wrong you just have to contact them and they will solve it for you as soon as possible.

In my opinion, this service has been very useful, I managed to focus on my business and not invest time in the technical aspects of the website.

If you don’t want to waste your time managing your website if something is wrong, just contact their team, they are very professional and helpful.

They have a ticket system too, so if you need more help you can keep in touch with them all the time.

Free SSL Encryption

SSL certificate

One of the key features that I really like about their hosting service is that they provide free SSL certificates for all websites hosted with them which has helped increase my site’s ranking on search engines. And feel safe to my visitors.

All of my website’s content is now secure with free SSL certificates, hence the reliability along with security has increased drastically. It is one of the best things that can happen to any site.

You don’t have to do anything yourself to get SSL encryption installed on your website their support team will do all for you. You just need to migrate your site or start a new one they will automatically install an SSL certificate to your site. Features

We will look over the three core components of Security, Features, and Performance.

Control panel review: dashboard

From the moment you log in, your experience at hosting is intuitive and easy to understand because of its well-organized control panel that has everything clearly labeled for you. With this Cpanel, updating plugins, managing backups, performing site staging, or deploying a WordPress site takes just one click.

With so many features and an interface geared towards beginners like me (who aren’t as savvy with these things), managing my website on their server will be simple.

Powerful Reporting: reporting is one of the most useful features I’ve ever used, especially for security purposes. It gives you Detailed CDN and WAF analytics at your fingertips with just a few clicks, you can get full insights into how your site is performing within WordPress Control Panel.

The information available will give you an indication of where you stand with regard to your CDN and WAF service so that if anything should go wrong, you know exactly what’s going on.

It gives a breakdown of how your site is being used from memory usage to the number of queries being run per second via an easy-to-read graph which also shows real-time data.

Automated Backups:

The most significant reason behind the success of any website business is content – it’s your product or service that people come to your website for. So you should always have a backup of all the content on your site, including posts, pages, comments, images, etc.

That’s why hosting offers automated backups that are managed through the hosting control panel so that you never lose even a single byte of content on your site.

These are some of the many features that hosting offers its users; there are more that I haven’t included here, but you should check it out for yourself.

Automatic Updates:

The automatic update feature is a game-changer for me because like many of you I am busy so it means no more trying to remember on my own when updates are available. takes the headache out of WordPress by automatically updating all major components (core, plugins, themes) in one simple step.

This is a great option if you’re not an expert user and want to focus on important things like acquiring new customers, generating leads, etc.

adds speed and ease of use to your WordPress installation that can’t be beaten by any other hosting provider. I appreciate how easy it is to go in and select exactly which plugins and themes I want to update. This is a great option for people who don’t want to waste time trying to figure out which plugins need updating and when etc.

Additionally, has an extremely intuitive cPanel that allows users to quickly and easily update WordPress core files, apply hotfixes and patches, install extensions, and more.

CDN (Content Delivery Networks)

rocket net CDN

It uses Cloudflare enterprise-level service to deliver website contents fast from 200+ locations around the globe, providing a reliable and secure connection your site’s visitors can rely on – without having to worry about bandwidth consumption, slow loading, or downtime.

CDN features:

  • Image optimization
  • Full-page caching
  • Brotli compression. similar to GZip
  • Google font optimization
  • Automatic webp conversion

All features of’s CDN will improve page speed without you have to install speed optimization plugins or hiring expensive web developers to do it for you. And overall, it improves SEO optimization for Google’s new ranking algorithm Core Web Vitals, which influences ranking based on site speed loading time, which means if your site load faster, you’ll rank higher on Google SERPs. Which I talked about earlier.

Note: Only speed isn’t contributing to achieving a better rank on google: the quality of your content matters just as much.

One-click site staging one click site staging’s one-click installation service lets you duplicate your website with a single click to create another staging or development website without using any third-party tools like cPanel Clone / Duplicator plugin or paying extra money on other hosting providers.

The staging site is necessary for any serious WordPress user because it allows them to test new plugins, themes, code changes, or configuration tweaks before implementing them on the live site that their customers are visiting every day. This gives you peace of mind knowing that there won’t be any major issues once you go live with your new updates.

Teamwork Access: Teamwork allows you to create and manage new user accounts on your site, as well as reset their passwords and view any file changes they make all within WordPress Control Panel.

With this feature, you can add and remove users from the billing and tech contact lists in your account.

This is an incredibly useful feature because it allows you to stay in charge of your site and control every aspect of it without having to jump around between several different websites in order to do so.

As a web host, Rocket.Net is focused on making life easier for you, and this feature allows you to manage your site more easily than ever before.

Management Features:

  • Add Unlimited Users who will self serve their own billing and support requests (similar to WP Engine’s Particular product, with added 2-factor authentication)
  • Reset Passwords for users on your account
  • Secure File Manager to upload/download files securely
  • Pay Your Bill via Credit/Debit Card or PayPal
  • Add Billing/Tech contacts who can assist in billing and support requests.
  • Two-factor authentication for added security when logging in.

Auto Image Optimization:

It helps to reduce image size without affecting quality, which is especially useful for sites with lots of images because by optimizing every image on your website, you can save substantial amounts of bandwidth and load time.

Note that some hosting providers use inferior compression methods which can degrade image quality and hosting provides this option so that you can optimize images and deliver the best possible experience for visitors, which also is an important factor in SEO optimization.

Experienced Support Team:’s support team is fantastic! Their Live Chat feature has been incredibly useful to me when I’ve needed help with updates or changes to sites on my account. When contacting the support staff, they are quick to respond and very helpful in resolving any problem that may arise.

Good customer service is hard to find, but this is something has mastered. Having the Live Chat and email support team will make you feel like a valued customer and very important to

The knowledge base on their website is also a fantastic resource that I’ve used many times when looking for help with my sites.

I would highly recommend to anyone looking for hosting services, especially when you need support.

Speed and Uptime: says their hosting is optimized for speed and uptime, which can be a huge selling point to clients who expect quick load times and a reliable website that never goes down.

The company uses special technology, Cloudflare Enterprise-level, fast caching, and 200+ global located CDNs to ensure your site loads fast no matter how many people are viewing it. Rocket.Net also claims all its servers are powered by SSD, which is a huge plus. hosting uptime:

According to an independent website dedicated to compiling hosting service reviews, has a 99.9% uptime in the past 12 months and a 100% uptime for web hosting in the past six months.

The site also cited Rocket’s fast server response times – making it one of the top hosting companies for page load speeds. hosting speed:

According to Pingdom, a popular site speed analysis tool, is one of the top hosting companies for page load speeds. In more than 20 tests conducted in four countries across two continents on pages with 1-15 items (images), Rocket.Net’s complete test metrics were among the best of all services ranked; coming out on top in the small item test, where the speed of images decreases as you add more to a page.

Rocket Net is on par with the industry average for load times at around 1 second and page size at 600KB, which is more than acceptable.

Speed and uptime can be a huge selling point to customers who want a fast, reliable website that never goes down.


I like to invest in companies that value security at the highest level and security is something hosting understands very well. They make sure all their servers are up-to-date with the latest security patches and always use a web application firewall or an intrusion prevention system to protect them from malicious attacks.

In addition, they have 24/7 real-time monitoring for their servers so that if anything ever goes wrong, you can get in touch with their support team immediately. hosting provides WordPress-specific security features to protect your WordPress site from common weaknesses and vulnerabilities found in plugins, themes, and core files. security hosting provides robust security features such as brute force protection, SQL injection prevention, weak password prevention, and many other tools that help protect your website from cyber-attacks 24/7, 365 days a year! You don’t need to install third-party plugins for complete site safety when using Rocket’s firewall system.

This section is to describe what are the security features associated with

1) Intrusion Detection System- With this system, there are many firewalls that protect websites from attacks and spamming. This service also helps in detecting any intrusion attempts on your website so that appropriate action can be taken at once.

2) Brute force protection- Brute force protection- In the case of a brute force attack, where someone tries to guess your login username and password combinations, this feature will prevent any illegal access.

3) Weak password prevention- This feature will help in preventing weak passwords on your website, thus keeping it safe from any illegal access.

4) SQL injection prevention- SQL injection is a major problem, but this service prevents the same. It helps in keeping hackers away, who are trying to gain unauthorized access to your site’s database. This service also prevents malicious scripts on content DDoS mitigation- With this protection, your site is always online and ensures that there are no signs of downtime.

5) WordPress security plugin compatibility- Rocket has a built-in WordPress Security Plugin that helps protect you from attacks easier. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate for all websites-

6) Spamming- No spamming of your website is permitted by this service. They have valid permission to monitor and intercept any mail or communication that is not meant for you.

7) Underlying infrastructure- hosting uses a secure infrastructure that provides great reliability, stability, and speed so that peak performance can be achieved.

8) Account Monitoring- Your accounts are monitored regularly by the support team of who makes sure they help you in any way possible. This monitoring includes account availability, bandwidth, and usage, disk space information, uptime, emails, etc.

9) SSL Certificate- Websites hosted on hosting support secure socket layer certificates so that the information of visitors can be encrypted.

10) Authentication- You are required to use your ID and password when you want to access any account-related information on hosting so that only authorized people to have access to read it. Authentication is also used in most billing systems where payment gateways, expiration dates, etc. are authenticated before processing.

11) Password Encryption- The password you use when signing up for a new account on is encrypted using advanced hashing algorithms so that it is safe from prying eyes and cannot be decoded in the event of any compromise in security.

12) Website Firewalls- Website firewalls are associated with this service that filter all requests that enter or leave a website. The traffic between a web server and a browser is filtered so as to block any attacks from hackers. This system ensures optimum security online for all websites hosted on

13) Monitoring- All servers have built-in monitoring so that they can be checked for any unusual activity or malfunction. If anything is detected, the support team gets alerted about it. They are trained to take immediate corrective action for your safety.

14) Resource Monitoring- With this service, you can keep an eye on how your resources are being utilized by visitors across your website. You can also view reports related to traffic and bandwidth usage.

15) Spam Detection- This feature is available only with the support of another service. It uses an anti-spam filter to block spam before it reaches your account.

16) Access Control- This feature controls how different users access your website. You can set permissions for different actions, read and write access, etc. based on the level of security you want to assign to them.

17) Virus Scanning – Virus scanning software is used by hosting to scan the files and programs that enter or leave a network so as to block viruses before they infect your system. This feature is provided with the support of another service at no extra cost.

18) Web Application Firewall – This protects your website from attacks such as SQL injection, Cross-site scripting, directory traversal, etc. that are used to breach sensitive data.

19) Authentication System- Accessing the administration interface of your website requires authentication with a unique user name and password. Before any changes can be made or files can be uploaded, this feature needs to be activated so that people who want to make changes have proper credentials for doing so.

20) Log File Monitoring- Log files are monitored using a security system that scans for any unusual or suspicious behavior based on keywords, IP addresses, etc.

21) Vulnerability Scanning – This service uses automated tools to search for vulnerabilities in your website and applications before they can be exploited by hackers. It provides regular reports of the vulnerabilities detected and what needs to be done to correct them.

I have highlighted the security measures that hosting takes so as to protect websites hosted on their servers from hackers and other malicious elements online.

These services are provided at no extra cost and you can access them instantly when signing up for a new account or when using another service. This provides a great deal of reassurance and protection knowing that these services are available for your account at all times. operates under a strictly professional environment and provides top-notch security features, ensuring your site will be safe from hackers or spammers.

I like features such as:

Dedicated 24/7 Priority Support:

The company is established for over 2 years now and they have prior 20 years of experience in other companies started by’s founder, which makes them mature and stable. Their support team is really helpful and accessible 24/7, they offer all modern features to their customers with a priority ranking. It means you’ll get quick service without waiting for hours. Dedicated 24/7 Priority Support, probably the biggest advantage of it over other hosting providers is their support team.

Free Site Migration with Zero downtime:

They have been a lifesaver. They migrated my website from our old provider to their state-of-the-art servers in just a few minutes with no downtime.

I was looking for a reliable and secure hosting service to move my site from my old host then I found with their free migration service, so I shift all of my websites there and they did it within a few minutes. They have really high-quality servers and excellent customer support as well. Great choice.

Free Automatic Site Backups:

It provides a powerful and free automatic backup service to its customers. Every night they do a full backup of your website data. It is it ensures all files, databases, settings, and configurations are securely backed up so you can always recover from any unexpected site corruption or loss.

It is also one of the few hosting providers that provide a free backup service. is also one of the few hosting providers which offer such great features for free, worth noting here.

High-Security Services: hosting comes with premium security services for sites like intrusion detection, many firewalls to protect websites from attacks and spamming, etc. Every site hosted on Rocket Net gets a free SSL certificate installed.

The ultimate security platform also allows you to use Intelligent DDOS mitigation technology that detects DDoS attacks early in the cycle and mitigates them quickly.

Your website is under continuous management through our advanced infrastructure, security experts, and latest tools. They analyze the environment constantly and protect your website against different types of threats like malware attacks, spamming, Detection Services (IDS), DDOS Protection, Web Application Firewall, etc.

Free SSL Certificate: hosting offers you free SSL which will help to secure your site, it also ranks higher in search engine optimization (SEO) and it’s really helpful if your site is related to eCommerce.

Free SSL certificates will help you encrypt information between your server and the user’s browser, making the data unreadable for everyone other than the sender and receiver. This can add an extra layer of security when sensitive information is being transferred.

It also helps your site rank better in search engine results. Google, for example, has confirmed that having HTTPS technology on your website is now a ranking signal when it comes to their algorithm.

Each site you host on will be automatically installed with free SSL encryption.

Some hosting providers charge extra money for SSL certificates, but hosting provides free SSL certificates with all their hosting plans.

Multiple Server Locations: have a vast global infrastructure, each with their own dedicated servers to give you the best load times, performance and reliability. Their proximity centers allow you to get closer to your visitors resulting in faster page speeds and better security because of lower latency. You can select from multiple locations around the world for your hosting needs. takes great care in strategically placing their WordPress servers around the world so you’re always close to your website visitors. With over 250+ locations across the globe, it ensures you get maximum speed and 99.99% uptime.

In addition, they also offer dedicated support for clients so you don’t worry about possible site downtime.

Fast site speed: hosting has built their whole cloud platform using the latest technologies to enable fast site speed for your website. Their servers are based on SSD drives that provide high-speed access to all files stored in them.

They have a highly optimized network backbone that ensures blazing fast speeds, resulting in faster load times and lesser wait times for your visitors to access your site. is among the few hosting providers that understand how fast site speed matters to every website owner; both for organic traffic and conversions.

As per Google, slow websites can impact your business in many ways like it can affect your SERPs rankings, user experience, bounce rates, etc., which eventually leads to falling numbers in terms of traffics and conversions. It’s also important for every website owner because, the faster your site loads, the happier your visitors will be.

They save time and have a positive experience on your site which results in great user engagement. hosting offers super-fast page speed to all its users. They use premium data centers to store your website files, which are hosted on the cloud platform with SSD drives. Their state-of-the-art network ensures that your visitors get instant loading time for your site. hosting costs are not cheap, but their services are really worth it, they offer all modern features to their customers with a priority ranking. So, if you’re planning to start an online business then I’ll highly recommend as the best hosting company for your business site. Customer Support

rocket net review: customer support review provides 24×7 live chat support at all hours of the day, which can be an incredible resource for any customer looking to reach out and get help on a specific issue they are experiencing with their account or product.

They will answer your questions and help you troubleshoot problems with 24/7 phone, email, or chat support to give customers the best experience possible.

Rocket net speed test

Test #1: GTmetrix test

I cloned my website homepage to the server for speed testing purposes and found it loaded 300% faster than my previous hosting company, so I’m happy with this result.

I tested my site speed on GTmetrix before cloning which got me a B grade (slower than its server), but after trying again once uploaded onto the hosting system, GTmetrix gave me an A grade!.

I’m going to admit; I have been a loyal Google Cloud Platform user for one year. However, I found that is very easy to use and much faster than GCP – even though my website needs more storage space in comparison with what’s available on their starter plan.

rocket net speed test: gtmetrix speed result
rocket net speed test: loading time breakdown
rocket net speed test: page loading details

Speed test #2: Google Page Insight

Tested device: Desktop

rocket net speed test: Google page speed insights result
core web vital result

I got an impressive page speed result on Google page insights. It shows 98 scores which are considered a faster and highly SEO optimized website. When users try to access my website through google and other traffic sources, it would be easy to access without waiting for long seconds.

Core web Vital: Passed with 98%

LCP = 0.9s

CLS = 0.001

Total blocking time = 0ms server is blazing fast; they surpass all tests according to Google’s Core Web Vital updates. So, you’ll never have to worry about rankings when it comes to speed.

The website’s speed is not just limited to improving ranking- a slow site may also affect your conversion rate, which can lead to less revenue for the business owner.

Test #3: Pingdom

rocket net speed test: pingdom speed test result

When I tested on Pingdom, my website got a “C” grade. This could be because the page size is 1.5 MB and might have slowed down from Pingdom’s perspective. To get better grades in future tests, I need to compress some of these images and reduce this site’s overall page size to load faster next time.

Is web hosting is only responsible for site speed?

When it comes to site speed, a web hosting provider isn’t the only thing that matters. Many other factors may affect how quickly your website loads, including image size and installed themes/plugins, among others. That’s why choosing a lightweight WordPress theme with no needlessly added plugins can make all of the difference when it comes to loading time. Pricing & Plans

rocket net pricing, plans offers various hosting plans with prices starting at $30 per month for one WordPress installation, 250,000 visits, and 10GB storage space. Free SSL comes standard to protect your site from hacking attempts while visitors browse the web securely.

Additionally, has robust CDN across 200+ global locations that provide high-speed connections, making browsing on your website faster than ever before. Alternatives

Are you looking for a hosting company that can provide you with the support, reliability, and performance you need? If so, then you may want to consider using as your provider.

However, before you make a decision, it’s important to compare hosting alternatives to see if they will meet your needs. In this article, we will take a look at some of the top options available to you. We’ll also highlight the key features of each provider so that you can make an informed decision about which one is right for you. So, let’s get started.


DreamHost is a web hosting company that was founded in 1997, which makes it one of the oldest web hosts in existence. They offer a wide range of services, including domain name registration, cloud storage, WordPress hosting, Dedicated hosting.

They’re one of the most popular web hosts around, and for good reason – their prices are affordable, they offer great features, and their customer service is top-notch. If you’re looking for a reliable web host with excellent customer service, DreamHost is definitely worth considering.

Key Features:

Reliable hosting – DreamHost is a reliable web hosting provider that has been in business since 1997. We offer a wide range of web hosting services, including shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated server hosting.

Easy to use Control Panel – Our control panel makes it easy to manage your website. You can create email addresses, install WordPress, and much more.

Free domains – When you sign up for a DreamHost account, you’ll get a free domain. Plus, they offer a free domain transfer if you decide to switch providers.

Easy setup – Getting started with DreamHost is a breeze. In just a few minutes, you can have your website up and running. Plus, their award-winning customer service is always available to help you with any questions you may have.

Choose from over 400 site designs – With Dreamhost, you have access to over 400 professionally designed templates that are mobile-friendly and customizable. You can also use one of your own designs.

1-click installations – With one-click installs of WordPress, Drupal, and more apps, you can have a professional website up and running in minutes. No experience is required.

Unlimited bandwidth and storage – You won’t have to worry about running out of storage or bandwidth. We offer unlimited storage and bandwidth for all our plans.

Secure web hosting – Protect your website with DreamHost’s secure web hosting. Their servers are equipped with the latest security measures, including firewalls and intrusion detection systems, to help keep your site safe from hackers and other online threats.

24/7 Priority support – They offer 24/7 support via phone, chat, and email.


Cloudways is the leading cloud-based platform that enables businesses to create, manage and scale their applications on top of clouds such as AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Azure, DigitalOcean, and Kyup. With Cloudways, you can deploy your WordPress website in minutes without touching a single line of code. You can also monitor your app’s performance and get email notifications whenever something goes wrong.

One of the best features about Cloudways is that they allow you to launch servers on all five platforms.

Key features:

Multiple server locations – Cloudways has over 10 data centers located in major cities around the world, including San Francisco (USA), London (UK), Paris (France), Singapore, and Sydney (Australia). The company also plans to expand its presence across Europe by adding new locations in Germany and Netherlands.

Hosting options – The Cloudways Platform offers multiple hosting options, including DigitalOcean, Vultr, Linode, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Compute Engine (GCE), Microsoft Azure, Kyup, and more.

One-click deployments – Digital Ocean, Amazon web service, Google Compute Engine, Vultr, Microsoft Azure, and more.

Fast and secure – Their optimized infrastructure ensures that your applications run fast and are always up-to-date.

Globally located CDN – Cloudways CDN is an integrated CDN provider that provides lightning-fast content delivery across geographies, giving your visitors the best possible experience. It caches your website’s static & dynamic content across the globe to ensure faster page load times for your visitors.

Auto-scaling servers – This feature helps in providing high availability for all applications hosted on the cloud by provisioning additional power when needed.

SSL certificate – Cloudways supports SSL certificates so that users can push their sites with a secure connection. They even provide a Let’s Encrypt option, which is a free and open certificate authority to give their users an additional layer of security for their websites.

24/7 Customer support – Their team of experts are available around the clock to help with any questions or issues you may have.

The final verdict

In today’s web world, it seems like every hosting company is claiming they offer the fastest service. But in my opinion, these companies are just promising you a lot of good stuff that will never happen or be delivered to your needs and specifications. Rocket Net separates itself from this by what they do provide – fast website speeds as promised.

You’ll notice an improvement right off the bat when migrating to their services because you’re one step closer toward getting exactly want- and need from a reliable host provider. is the managed WordPress hosting provider for those who want their website to be speedy and easy-to-use with a control panel that’s straightforward. Their servers are highly optimized so your site can load quickly, while you also get peace of mind from security features like automatic updates that will keep it safe without constant attention on your end—let Rocket take care of things! WordPress has tons of great features built-in, but need some help? Reach out and contact support anytime 24/7 day or night if you’re having trouble figuring something out.

With, you get a fast website and an easy to use control panel that caters specifically to WordPress websites. They are the perfect choice for any business owner who wants peace of mind with enhanced security and automatic updates as well as knowledgeable phone support when they need it. offers a solid managed hosting experience at near-budget prices. There are cheaper alternatives out there, but few can match when it comes to the overall quality of service. If you’re a WordPress user with a little room in your budget, is definitely a choice worth considering. It also provides enhanced security, automatic updates, and knowledgeable support.

Ready to get started with Rocket Net?

If you’re ready to try the rocket net hosting service just go through the below you’ll save money when purchasing the plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is only for WordPress?

Yes, Rocket net is specifically created in mind for WordPress hosting only. You can’t get website builder features.

Do i still need WP Rocket plugin?

It’s optional for you to use the wp rocket plugin because Rocket Net has already done heavy work by providing features such as powerful CDN(content delivery network) with more than 200+ different locations globally, Botlin compression, auto image optimization in addition to all of these other tools which are good enough on their own but together make one power-packed package for a faster website.

Is WP rocket CDN located worldwide?

Yes, Wp rocket CDN is available worldwide to deliver content faster from different locations.

Can i get a refund from Rocket net?

Yes, offer 30 days refund policy or they will give you your money back if not satisfied with the product.

Is there alternative? is a high-quality hosting company, with features that make it the fastest WordPress host out there. Not only does host provide unmatched site loading speeds and performance optimizations such as CDN’s across 200+ locations around the globe, but it also offers Botlin compression for an even faster load time on your website. You don’t have to worry about image optimization either because they offer that too.

There are many alternatives when looking at hosting services in today’s market; however, I recommend you use hosting due to its fast speed of website loads and powerful features like automatic image optimization tools – not found anywhere else.

If you still looking for a alternative you may have to look for DreamHost, Kinsta, or WPX hosting.

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