Review: Is it SEO Optimized WordPress Hosting?

One of the most important aspects of any business website is how it performs. If your site is slow, then nobody will stick around long enough to read all of your content. This can be a huge problem if you are using free hosting or one that isn’t designed specifically for WordPress sites.

Recently, Google has introduced a new algorithm called Core Web Vital. This means your website’s ranking on Google will be determined based upon the speed of loading times for various factors such as LCP(Largest content paintful), FID (Fist input delay), and CLS(Commulative layout shifting).

If you don’t have fast enough speeds when it comes to these three metrics then you’ll suffer in rankings according to this new update from Google.

It is important that we choose hosting companies who offer our customers what they need and are speedy with their delivery because if not, there could be an effect on how well-ranked your webpage appears for future searches.

We heared lots of people takling about is providing fast WordPress hosting at competitive prices. For this reason, we decided to do a review on RocketNet Hosting and see what they have to offer for fast WP hosting.

The first thing I noticed about RocketNet was its prices. They offer really competitive prices with all sorts of different packages available- from starter packages for people who want just the basics up through enterprise-level packages with unlimited bandwidth and storage space.

If you’re in hurry don’t have time to read my complete review. Look at the below review summary.

GtMetrix performance gradeA
Google page speed insight score96
Core web vitalpassed with 98%
Average load time588 ms
Average server response time2.9 ms
Free domainNo
Free SSLYes
Fast CDNYes (around 200+ global locations)
1-click WordPress InstallationYes
Supportlive chat, phone, knowledge base is perfect for those who are looking for a fast Managed WordPress hosting service at an affordable price. That provides 24/7 support.

What is review: what is rocket net
  • Save is a new managed WordPress hosting provider it made everything possible to make it easy to use and manage your website. When it comes to speed uses a localized based data center across 200+ locations worldwide and enterprise-level CDN (content delivery network) to make our site fast. When visitors from different locations try to enter your website it will load content fast as possible. is one of the best hosting services I’ve seen, not just because its interface can be navigated easily by beginners but also for all it has to offer in terms of site speed & security, and noticeable features that help your company grow.

They specialize in WordPress hosting only if you’re looking for something else like VPS, Dedicated, Shared or Cloud Hosting along with website builder. Then there are other companies to choose from like DreamHost.

Who is for hosting is perfect for small businesses, Agencies, and eCommerce business owners who value speed and security as much or more than price because they provide reliable services at an affordable rate to fit any budget.

It provides managed WordPress hosting service that is perfect for agencies who want to focus on delivering content instead of worrying about maintaining the client’s websites themselves. team takes care of everything, from security updates and server management, so you don’t have to worry. Security, Features and Performance

Control panel

From the moment you log in, your experience at hosting is intuitive and easy to understand because of its well-organized control panel that has everything clearly labeled for you. With this Cpanel, updating plugins, managing backups, performing site staging, or deploying a WordPress site takes just one click.

With so many features included in it and an interface geared towards beginners like me (who aren’t as savvy with these things), managing my website on their server will be simple from now.

CDN (Content Delivery Networks)

rocket net CDN
  • Save

It uses Cloudflare enterprise-level service to deliver website contents fast from 200+ locations around the globe, providing a reliable and secure connection your site’s visitors can rely on – without having to worry about bandwidth consumption, slow loading, or downtime.

CDN features:

  • Image optimization
  • Full-page caching
  • Brotli compression. similar to GZip
  • Google font optimization
  • Automatic webp conversion

All features of CDN will really improve page speed without you have to install speed optimization plugins or hiring expensive web developers to do it for you. And overall it improves SEO optimization for Google’s new ranking algorithm Core Web Vitals which influences ranking based on site speed loading time. Which means if your site load faster you’ll rank higher on Google SERPs. Which I talked about earlier.

Note: Only speed isn’t contributing to achieving a better rank on google: the quality of your content matters just as much.

Security security
  • Save hosting provides robust security features such as brute force protection, SQL injection prevention, weak password prevention, and many other security tools which means your WordPress website protected 24/7/365 by their Firewalls system. You don’t need to install third-party security plugins for your site protection.

Free Site Backups

It also offers a free WordPress backup service that means if anything goes wrong or your website gets corrupted, you can recover it in less than an hour through the version control feature. operates under a strictly professional environment and provides top-notch security features, which ensures your site will be safe from hackers or spammers.

Automatic Updates

When you turn on automatic update mode from the control panel it will automatically monitor your site and keep everything up to date including WordPress core updates, plugins, or themes. Customer Support

rocket net review: customer support review
  • Save provides 24×7 live chat support at all hours of the day, which can be an incredible resource for any customer looking to reach out and get help on a specific issue they are experiencing with their account or product.

They will answer your questions and help you troubleshoot problems with 24/7 phone, email, or chat support to give customers the best experience possible.

Rocket net speed test

Test #1: GTmetrix test

I cloned my website homepage to the server for speed testing purposes and found that it loaded 300% faster than my previous hosting company, so I’m happy with this result.

I tested my site speed on GTmetrix before cloning which got me a B grade (slower than its server), but after testing again once uploaded onto the hosting system, GTmetrix gave me an A grade!.

I’m going to admit, I am a loyal Google Cloud Platform user for 1 year. However, I found that is very easy to use and much faster than GCP – even though my website needs more storage space in comparison with what’s available on their starter plan.

rocket net speed test: gtmetrix speed result
  • Save
rocket net speed test: loading time breakdown
  • Save
rocket net speed test: page loading details
  • Save

Speed test #2: Google Page Insight

Tested device: Desktop

rocket net speed test: Google page speed insights result
  • Save
core web vital result
  • Save

I got an impressive page speed result on Google page insights it shows 98 scores which is considered a faster and highly SEO optimized website. That means when users try to access to my website through google and other traffic sources it would be easy for them to access without waiting for long seconds.

Core web Vital: Passed with 98%

LCP = 0.9s

CLS = 0.001

Total blocking time = 0ms server is blazing fast they surpass all tests according to Google’s Core Web Vital updates. So, you’ll never to worry about rankings when it comes to speed.

The speed of the website is not just limited to improving ranking- a slow site may also affect your conversion rate, which can lead to less revenue for the business owner.

Test #3: Pingdom

rocket net speed test: pingdom speed test result
  • Save

When I tested on Pingdom, my website got a “C” grade. This could be because the page size is 1.5 MB and might have slowed down from Pingdom’s perspective. To get better grades in future tests, I need to compress some of these images and reduce this site’s overall page size so it loads faster next time.

Is web hosting is only responsible for site speed?

When it comes to site speed, a web hosting provider isn’t the only thing that matters. There are many other factors that may affect how quickly your website loads including image size and installed themes/plugins among others. That’s why choosing a lightweight WordPress theme with no needlessly added plugins can make all of the difference when it comes to loading time. Pricing & Plans

rocket net pricing, plans
  • Save offers a variety of hosting plans with prices starting at $30 per month for one WordPress installation, 250,000 visits, and 10GB storage space. Free SSL comes standard as well to protect your site from hacking attempts while visitors browse the web securely.

Additionally, has powerful CDN across 200+ global locations that provide high-speed connections which will make browsing on your own website faster than ever before.


In today’s web world, it seems like every hosting company is claiming they offer the fastest service. But in my opinion, these companies are just promising you a lot of good stuff that will never happen or be delivered to your needs and specifications. Rocket Net separates itself from this by what they do provide – fast website speeds as promised.

You’ll notice an improvement right off the bat when migrating to their services because you’re one step closer toward getting exactly want- and need from a reliable host provider. is the managed WordPress hosting provider for those who want their website to be speedy and easy-to-use with a control panel that’s straightforward. Their servers are highly optimized so your site can load quickly, while you also get peace of mind from security features like automatic updates that will keep it safe without constant attention on your end—let Rocket take care of things! WordPress has tons of great features built-in, but need some help? Reach out and contact support anytime 24/7 day or night if you’re having trouble figuring something out.

With, you get a fast website and an easy to use control panel that caters specifically to WordPress websites. They are the perfect choice for any business owner who wants peace of mind with enhanced security and automatic updates as well as knowledgeable phone support when they need it. offers a solid managed hosting experience at near-budget prices. There are cheaper alternatives out there, but few can match when it comes to the overall quality of service. If you’re a WordPress user with a little room in your budget, is definitely a choice worth considering. It also provides enhanced security, automatic updates, and knowledgeable support.


Is only for WordPress?

Yes, Rocket net is specifically created in mind for WordPress hosting only. You can’t get website builder features.

Do i still need WP Rocket plugin?

It’s optional for you to use the wp rocket plugin because Rocket Net has already done heavy work by providing features such as powerful CDN(content delivery network) with more than 200+ different locations globally, Botlin compression, auto image optimization in addition to all of these other tools which are good enough on their own but together make one power-packed package for a faster website.

Is WP rocket CDN located worldwide?

Yes, Wp rocket CDN available worldwide to deliver content faster from different locations.

Can i get a refund from Rocket net?

Yes, offer 30 days refund policy or they will give you your money back if not satisfied with the product.

Is there alternative? is a high-quality hosting company, with features that make it the fastest WordPress host out there. Not only does host provide unmatched site loading speeds and performance optimizations such as CDN’s across 200+ locations around the globe, but it also offers Botlin compression for an even faster load time on your website. You don’t have to worry about image optimization either because they offer that too.

There are many alternatives when looking at hosting services in today’s market; however, I recommend you use hosting due to its fast speed of website loads and powerful features like automatic image optimization tools – not found anywhere else.

If you still looking for a alternative you may have to look for DreamHost, Kinsta, or WPX hosting.

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