Warmbox.ai Review: Is it Improve Email Deliverability?

Sending cold emails to your leads can be hard.

You spend hours crafting the perfect email, but oftentimes it gets caught in their spam folder, or worse, they never see it at all. This is a huge problem for companies looking to grow their business through lead generation campaigns. Your leads are busy and don’t have time to go hunting down your emails when they land in their spam filter or junk folder.

Warmbox.ai solves this issue by helping you warm up your cold email inboxes with automated follow-up messages that get delivered right into the recipients’ main inbox (not junk/spam). By using this AI-powered platform you’ll make sure that every one of your sales emails will reach the inbox of its recipient – no more missed opportunities.

Does warm box really improve the email deliverability rate without getting messages into the spam folders?

This post will cover what warmbox is, as well as its features including A/B testing and personalization. Further, it will provide examples on how to use the software across various industries such as email marketing.

What is Warmbox.ai?

what is warmbox.ai

Warmbox.ai is an AI-powered software that will help you warm up your cold email inbox and never land in spam anymore. Reach the inbox of your leads with Warmbox.ai, a tool that can send automatically emails from your own account while interacting with it as perfect prospects would do to increase deliverability rates for each one of them.

Email marketing is a tricky business. You can’t get away with spamming your customers and you need to be careful of the email provider may blacklist your domain, as that could lead to serious consequences like no one being able to receive your emails this results your all emails sent by you directly land in the spam folder.

According to Warmbox.ai, 51% of emails sent are going directly into spam and it’s putting your domain at risk for blacklisting with a service provider if you don’t warm up first.

How does Warmbox.ai works?

1. Connect your inbox in 2min & start your warm-up

warmbox.ai review: integrations

When you’re working with Warmbox.ai first you need to Connect your inbox from any email provider you’re using such as Gmail – GSuite OAuth, Outlook 365, Yahoo Mail, Amazon SES, SMTP, etc in few seconds. No technical skills required: fast & easy to set-up.

2. It interact automatically, as humans, with your emails

Warmbox.ai will send everyday realistic emails from your inbox using GPT-3 technology, remove these emails from the spam folder, open & bookmark these emails, reply to a part of these emails and generate positive interactions with your inbox to raise your email sending reputation.

3. Monitor your new great deliverability results with detailed reports

Monitor your inbox reputation and see if you’re getting more responses. After a few days, stop sending cold emails to spam folders. Get detailed analytics for every email – find out who’s opening them, how they feel about your content of yours. How many emails you’re sending reached to your audiences and how many got into spam folder.


GPT-3 Powered Auto email reply

Warmbox uses GPT-3 technology to write and deliver high-quality emails that can be personalized for each recipient in order to maximize conversions from leads generated through direct mailings or online advertising campaigns.

It allows busy entrepreneurs like yourself to communicate more easily with leads by automating email responses or developing new leads so you don’t have to spend time on this tedious task anymore.

Millions of natural & realistic email templates

Warmbox.ai is a platform that provides millions of templates to create “real-looking” emails, and it has the ability to make natural conversations with your inbox using private networks for maximum email reputation while helping you save time in doing so.


Warmbox.ai integrates with all of your favorite email providers, so you can send a warm message to everyone in one go. It can be seamlessly integrated with Gmail, Sendgrid, Yahoo, AOL Mail, Outlook, Sendinblue, Mailgun, SMPT, Amazon SES, Zoho mail, iCloud, and many more.

WarmBox.ai Pricing & Plans: How much does it cost?

warmbox.ai pricing

Warmbx.ai offers a variety of different pricing plans for businesses as well as personalized assistance to make your plan work best with what you need and want to do.

It offers 3 different plans: Solo $15/month, Startup $69/month, and Growth $139/month.

When you choose the yearly subscription plan, not only will your monthly costs be reduced but there are other added features.


Warmbox.ai has a reputation-building and deliverability platform that can help you increase your ROI on email campaigns by making sure your emails are delivered to the inbox, not junk or spam folders. It also helps with generating responses from cold emails instead of getting ignored or blocked because of poor reputations – all this for one low monthly fee.

If you’re looking to improve the results of your marketing campaign’s current email strategy, then Warmbox.ai is the best tool for you to increase the email deliverability rate and raise your reputation without getting blocked by your IPs.

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