Unbounce Smart Builder: AI-Guided Landing Page Builder

Unbounce Smart Builder (Beta) Launches.

As an industry leader in the conversion rate optimization space for a decade, it’s no surprise that Unbounce is constantly innovating to help marketers achieve higher conversion as possible. With this latest innovation, they are taking a leap forward by launching their newest product – The Smart Builder.

This new AI-powered landing page builder provides optimization tips as you build so you can breeze right through the building process and get straight to converting your audience with ease.

It’s a much better version as it was a classic page builder where you have to do lots of stuff yourself to build a conversion-optimized page. Thanks to its new feature smart builder pull data from 1.5 billion industry conversion insights to give you recommendations & guidance right through the landing page building process. It’s like experience designers guiding you step by step.

This makes it an easy process for anybody to build conversion-focused landing pages without having designing experience.

Smart Builder Features

If you’re looking for an easy way to create landing pages, convert more prospects into customers and get a beautiful design that will make your business stand out in the crowd, then Unbounce is for you.

With smart builder benefits like creating and testing landing pages in minutes, easily design and build high converting landing page in your niche without having knowledge of what works best in your industry because they gather 1.5 billion conversion data from conversion intelligence and guide through steps to build landing page based on their proven data. It will sure work for you.

You don’t have to do guesswork when building a landing page for your campaign.

Copy Insights

It is an AI-powered copywriting tool. It uses GPT-3 technology that helps you easily create high converting copy for your landing page. Just enter a few lines of text and get inspiration, recommendations for your message, or audience tone based on what works best. So, you don’t need to write your landing page copy yourself.

Design Assistance

unbounce smart builder: design assistance

Its design assistance is a powerful tool that gives you landing page design recommendations based on your industry, audience, and goal. It has huge data insights to help identify what elements(e.g. buttons, lead form, etc.) should be on your landing page in order to convert more visitors into leads or sales. So there’s no guessing what will work best for your industry.

Mobile Optimized Page

All templates are automatically optimized for mobile devices. So, you don’t have to build a separate page for each device.

Powered With Conversion Intelligence

The Unbounce Smart Builder helps you optimize your landing pages before they’re built, pulling data from over 1.5 billion industry conversions data to help generate the best-performing headlines for a page that aligns with your desired demographics and conversion goals. Based on what already works for other companies in that niche and those who are converting well with their current pages.

Smart Builder in Action

We’ve created a short animation for you to watch which showcases the features of its Smart Builder so that it is clear what makes Smart Builder different than any other Unbounce product.

see Unbounce smart builder in action.

How Much Does Smart Builder Cost?

unbounce smart builder: pricing

Unbounce offer 4 different plans:

  • Launch – $80/month
  • Optimize – $120/month
  • Accelerate – $200/month
  • Scale plan – $300/month

And the good thing is Unbounce doesn’t charge more for the smart builder feature. It’s included in all types of plans, even their starter plan($80/month).

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Over to you

For marketers looking to increase conversions, Unbounce makes landing page design and optimization a breeze. With their long experience in the industry as well as millions of customers served since 2009, they are a powerhouse for any company that values conversion rates over anything else.

Unbounce’s team of designers and developers constantly improve their products to make conversion optimization easy. The company is always on the move, looking for opportunities and ways to better serve customers by adding new features like Smart Builder it’s an AI-guided page builder is focused on conversion optimization.

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