Unbounce Review (2022) – Is It the Best Landing Page Builder?

When it comes to converting visitors into customers, landing pages are key. But many marketers struggle with creating them effectively. In reality, they either don’t know how or feel their time is better spent elsewhere.

Fortunately for the latter group, companies like Unbounce can help create high-converting, customized landing pages in minutes without relying on designers and developers. Landing pages can be a powerful tool to help you convert visitors into leads and sales. And in many cases, they even allow you to collect information about your prospects in exchange for something valuable like an ebook or webinar registration form.

If this interests you, we’ve got just what you need: an Unbounce review. In it, you’ll learn everything you need to know about this powerful landing page creation tool – and how it can help you take your marketing efforts to the next level. So let’s dive in!

What is Unbounce?

unbounce: what is unbounce

Unbounce is an AI-powered platform that allows you to create landing pages without programming or design experience. The platform includes a drag-and-drop builder, making creating custom landing pages easily without any design or development expertise. Unbounce also offers a wide range of templates and pre-built sections that can be used to construct beautiful and effective landing pages in just minutes.

In addition to its powerful tool for building landing pages and wide selection of templates, Unbounce also provides users with access to A/B testing tools, which are essential for optimizing conversion rates.

Who created Unbounce?

Unbounce was founded in 2009 by Rick Perreault and Karl Siebrecht. The company is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. Unbounce has a team of over 200 employees.

Team of digital marketers who were frustrated with the limitations of traditional landing pages. They set out to create a platform that would give marketers more control over their campaigns and allow them to create better-converting landing pages.

Since then, Unbounce has become a powerful tool used by some of the world’s largest brands. And while it’s still primarily known as a landing page builder, it’s now so much more than that. With features like dynamic text replacement and automatic A/B testing, Unbounce is an AI-powered marketing platform that can help you take your campaigns to the next level.

What are the Benefits of Using Unbounce?

There are many benefits of using Unbounce, including:

  • Save time and money by not having to outsource your campaigns.
  • Get the insights you need to make informed decisions about your marketing strategy.
  • Grow your business faster than ever, thanks to AI-powered tools that automate many tasks for you.
  • The ability to create beautiful, high-performing landing pages without any coding or design experience.
  • This first landing page builder tool uses artificial intelligence to help you do many tasks quickly and easily, such as writing landing page copy, building conversion-optimized landing pages, and conducting automated A/B tests.
  • A wide selection of templates and pre-built sections to choose from.
  • Powerful A/B testing tools to help optimize conversion rates.
  • Fast, easy, and intuitive drag-and-drop builder.
  • No need to hunt for free or paid stock photos. 
  • Integrations with popular marketing tools like Mailchimp, Salesforce, and Google Analytics
  • Top-notch customer support

Best Unbounce Features

Drag and drop builder

unbounce drag and drop builder

The Unbounce drag-and-drop builder is a great way to create high-converting landing pages. This tool allows you to create custom landing pages without coding or designing them yourself.

Select the elements you want to include on your page, and then drag and drop them into place. You can also use the Unbounce drag-and-drop builder to create popups and sticky bars. If you’re looking to create your own landing page, Unbounce is the perfect platform.

A/B Testing

unbounce A/B Testing

Unbounce’s A/B testing feature allows you to test different landing page versions to see which performs better. You can test different headlines, calls to action, images, and other elements to see which version of your page gets more clicks, leads, or sales.

To set up an A/B test, with just a few clicks you can create two versions of your page and select the element you want to test. Unbounce will then show each page version to a randomly selected group of visitors and track the results. After a certain number of visitors have been exposed to the test, Unbounce will declare a winner based on the results.

A/B testing is an essential tool for any marketer who wants to optimize their website for conversion. With Unbounce’s A/B testing feature, you can easily test different versions of your web page and find the one that works best for your business.

Popups & Stickybar

Unbounce’s Popups & Stickybars tool helps you create and add popups and sticky bars to your Unbounce pages. Popups and sticky bars are designed to help you capture leads and convert visitors into customers. You can use them to display different content, including forms, videos, images, and more.

Popups and sticky bars can be used to promote special offers, increase signups for your email list, or capture more leads. They can be configured to show up after a certain time or when a visitor takes a specific action, such as clicking on a button or link. You can also control how often they are shown to each visitor.

With Unbounce’s Popups & Stickybars feature, you have complete control over when and how your popups and sticky bars are displayed. As a result, you can maximize your conversion rate and get the most out of your Unbounce pages.

Reports and Analytics

The Reports and Analytics tool is essential for any marketer who wants to optimize their Unbounce pages. With this tool, you can easily track your page performance and make changes to improve your conversion rate. As a result, you can get the most out of your Unbounce pages and convert more visitors into customers.

This powerful tool provides you with all the data you need to track your landing page performance, including how many people are visiting your page, where they’re coming from, and what actions they’re taking. You can also see which versions of your page are performing better than others so that you can make the necessary changes.

You need to use the Reports and Analytics tool to get the most out of Unbounce and convert more visitors into customers. It’s an essential tool for any marketer who wants to optimize their Unbounce pages. So don’t wait any longer; sign up today and start using this powerful tool to improve your conversion rate.

Analytics tool offers a range of features, including:

Traffic data: Use traffic data to improve your website’s engagement by understanding where your visitors are coming from, what pages they view, and how long they stay on each page.

Conversion data: This displays how many people engage with your sites, such as signing up for your email list or purchasing. This data might assist you in tracking your progress and determining which sectors need more attention.

A/B testing allows you to compare various landing page versions to determine which one performs best. This is a fantastic tool for increasing the number of conversions on your site.

Dynamic Text Replacement

dynamic text replacement

The Unbounce dynamic text replacement feature is one of the most powerful and popular features available. It allows you to automatically change the text on your landing pages based on what someone searches for on Google ads.

For example, if someone searches for “Red Shoes,” your landing page would automatically change the text to “Red Shoes “on your landing page. Similarly, if someone searches for “Running shoes,” DTR automatically changes the text to “Running Shoes.” This is a great way to increase your conversion rate by tailoring the message on your landing page to what someone is already interested in.

It’s important to note that dynamic text replacement only works with Google’s PPC ads traffic. So if you’re running ads on Facebook or another traffic source, you won’t be able to use this feature.

Dynamic text replacement is a great option if you’re looking for a way to personalize your landing pages and improve your conversion rate.

Unbounce Smart Traffic

unbounce smart traffic

Smart Traffic is an AI-powered conversion optimization tool that automatically analyzes each visitor’s attributes and provides them with the most relevant landing page variation (A/B) they need to convert.

The algorithm looks at where a user is from, what device they’re on, and their browser cookies and determines which version of your landing page will be best for their needs. You no longer have to run A/B tests or juggle multiple campaigns manually – Smart Traffic will do it all for you, automatically delivering the best results possible.

With Smart Traffic, you can focus on other aspects of your business while still getting the necessary conversions. Smart Traffic is worth considering if you want to get the most out of your A/B testing efforts.

Key benefits

  • Fast optimization: it’s AI-powered and starts optimizing in as few as 50 visits.
  • Automated CRO: saves time and ad spent budget by increasing conversions without waiting for tests to reach statistical significance
  • Fast split testing (A/B): Use Smart Traffic in your landing pages to test different variants automatically at warp speed.

Unbounce Smart Copy

Smart Copy is an AI-powered copywriting software that helps you write better copy for your company, website, or blog. It’s designed to help you ideate, iterate, and write high-quality, engaging copy quickly and easily. The app has a handy desktop app and Chrome extension so that you can bring Smart Copy with you across your favorite tools.

Whether you’re writing a new website headline or coming up with the perfect call-to-action, Smart Copy can help you write better copy faster. Its easy-to-use interface and wealth of features make it the perfect tool for any copywriter looking to improve their workflow.

Unbounce Smart Builder

Unbounce Smart Builder is the first landing page builder powered by AI. It guides you through creating a landing page and making data-backed recommendations on what works so that you can create high-performing campaigns in a fraction of the time.

Smart Builder pulls data from over 1.5 billion conversion data points across different industries to help you make a landing page that’s proven to convert. Smart Builder is constantly learning and improving, so you can always be sure you’re using the latest and greatest technology to drive your business forward.

Use Unbounce Smart Builder to create your next campaign and see how easy and effective it is for yourself.

AMP Landing Pages

AMP landing pages are designed specifically for mobile devices. They load much faster than regular landing pages, averaging just one second. This means that users are more likely to stay on the page and convert.

Unbounce was the first landing page builder to support AMP pages. This makes it a great choice for anyone looking to create fast-loading landing pages that convert well.


The Unbounce Dashboard is the first thing you see when you log in. It’s straightforward, with everything you need to get started on your landing pages laid out in an easy-to-use interface. The Dashboard is also where you can access Unbounce’s many features and integrations.

You can see your landing pages and their performance metrics in one place. You can also access Unbounce’s templates, categorized by industry and page type. And if you need any help, the Dashboard is where you’ll find Unbounce’s extensive documentation and support resources.

This is a great way to stay organized and quickly see which pages are performing well and which need work.


Unbounce integrates with all the major marketing and CRM tools, so you can easily connect your landing pages to the rest of your marketing stack.

This includes tools like:

  • Mailchimp
  • HubSpot
  • Salesforce
  • GetResponse
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Google Analytics.

Unbounce also offers a wide range of integrations with popular payment processors, webinar platforms, and ecommerce platforms. This makes it easy to set up your landing pages and start selling products or services right away.

There’s an integration for almost everything you could need, so you can be sure that Unbounce will fit into your existing workflow seamlessly.

Unbounce Pricing: How Much Does Unbounce Cost?

Unbounce offers four pricing plans: Launch, Optimize, Accelerate, and Concierge. The Starter Plan costs $90 per month, the Optimize Plan costs $135 per month, Accelerate Plan costs $225 per month, and Concierge Plan starts at $575 per month.

All plans come with a 14-day free trial. So if you’re not happy with Unbounce for any reason, you can cancel your account.

Launch Plan: $90/month

  • Unlimited landing pages
  • Popups
  • Sticky bars
  • Up to 500 conversions
  • Up to 20,000 visitors
  • 1 domain

Optimize Plan: $135/month

  • Unlimited landing pages
  • popups, and sticky bars
  • Up to 1,000 conversions
  • Up to 30,000 visitors
  • 5 domains
  • 30% more conversions with smart Traffic

Accelerate Plan: $225/month

  • Unlimited landing pages
  • popups, and sticky bars
  • Up to 2,500 conversions
  • Up to 50,000 visitors
  • 10 domains
  • 30% more conversions

Concierge Plan: Starts at $575/month

  • Unlimited landing pages
  • Popups and sticky bars
  • More than 5,000 conversions
  • More than 100,000 visitors
  • More than 25 domains
  • 30% more conversions
  • Dedicated success team

As you can see, compared to other landing page builder tools, Unbounce is on the pricier side. But it’s important to remember that you’re paying for quality. And with Unbounce, you get what you pay for.

If you’re starting, I recommend the Launch Plan. It has everything you need to create high-converting landing pages. And if you need more features, you can always upgrade to a higher plan later on.

To start with Unbounce, sign up for a free 14-day trial. Make sure you need a credit card to get Unbounce free trial.

Is Unbounce free?

No, Unbounce is not free. However, it offers a 14-day free trial so you can try it before you buy it.

Unbounce Customer Support

Unbounce offers great customer support through both email and live chat. The team is responsive and knowledgeable, able to answer any questions you have about the platform. However, support is only available during business hours, so if you’re working on a project outside of those hours, you may need to wait for a response.

Overall, Unbounce’s customer support is excellent and should be able to help you with any issues you encounter while using the platform.

Unbounce Pros & Cons

When it comes to Unbounce, there are some pros and cons to consider. The following is a list of the pros and cons of using Unbounce:

Unbounce Pros:

  • Quickly build and publish landing pages without a developer.
  • AI-powered A/B testing saves hours of testing different variants of landing pages.
  • Highly customizable landing page elements.
  • 100+ conversion-optimized templates in their library.
  • Focus on security.

Unbounce Cons:

  • The subscription price may be high for smaller business owners. The lowest Plan costs $90/month, which could be seen as too much overhead by some people.
  • Support is only available during business hours.

Overall, Unbounce is a powerful landing page builder with many features. However, the price may be prohibitive for some people, and support is only available during business hours. Nevertheless, it remains one of the best options in the market for those looking for a quality landing page builder.

My personal experience using Unbounce:

I’ve been using Unbounce for a few months now, and I have to say, I’m impressed. The tool is very easy to use, and the results are amazing. I’ve used other landing page builders in the past, but Unbounce is the best.

The templates are top-notch, and customization has a ton of flexibility. Plus, the support is excellent. Whenever I’ve had a question or needed help, I’ve always gotten quick and helpful responses from the Unbounce team.

And one of the best things about Unbounce is its tool is powered by AI, which can help you to do many tasks faster, such as:

  • Creating landing pages.
  • Conducting A/B Tests.
  • Optimizing campaigns.
  • Writing copy faster.
  • Even predicting which pages will perform best.

Overall, I’m very happy with Unbounce and recommend it to anyone looking for a powerful yet easy-to-use landing page builder.

If you’re interested in trying Unbounce, I recommend signing up for the free trial. That way, you can see how easy and effective it is. Plus, you don’t have anything to lose since you can always cancel if you’re unsatisfied.

Unbounce Alternatives

Depending on your needs, we’ve listed some other Unbounce alternatives:

1.LeadPages: LeadPages is one of the market’s most popular landing page builders. It’s very easy to use and comes with a lot of features. The downside is that it’s a bit more expensive than Unbounce.

2. Instapage: Instapage is another great alternative to Unbounce. It offers a lot of features and is very user-friendly. The only downside is that it’s slightly more expensive than Unbounce.

3. VWO Testing: VWO is a popular A/B testing tool that offers a landing page builder. The downside is that it’s more expensive than Unbounce.

4. GetResponse: GetResponse is a popular all-in-one marketing platform that includes a landing page builder and email marketing campaign. It’s very easy to use and comes with a lot of features. The downside is that it’s more expensive than Unbounce.

5. ClickFunnels: ClickFunnels is an all-in-one marketing platform that includes a landing page builder, sales funnels, and email autoresponders. It’s very easy to use and comes with a lot of features. The downside is that it’s more expensive than Unbounce.

6. HubSpot: HubSpot is an all-in-one marketing platform that offers many features, including a landing page builder. The downside is that it’s more expensive than Unbounce.

7. Wix: Wix is a popular website builder that offers a landing page builder. It’s very user-friendly but has limited features compared to Unbounce.

Conclusion: Should you Buy Unbounce?

So, should you buy Unbounce?

If you’re looking for a powerful tool to create high-converting landing pages, then you should consider Unbounce. With its easy-to-use visual editor and wealth of templates and features, including A/B testing, lead capture forms, and popups, Unbounce makes it easy to create beautiful, effective landing pages that will help you boost conversions and grow your business.

In addition, Unbounce’s customer support is excellent, so if you encounter any problems, there will always be somebody there to help you.

Therefore, if you’re serious about increasing your conversion rate, Unbounce is worth considering.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Unbounce pages legit?

Yes, Unbounce is a legitimate company they are in the landing page industry since 2009.

Is Unbounce any good?

Yes, Unbounce is an excellent tool for creating high-converting landing pages. With its easy-to-use visual editor and wealth of templates and features, including A/B testing, lead capture forms, and popups, Unbounce makes it easy to create beautiful, effective landing pages that will help you boost conversions and grow your business.

Why should I use Unbounce?

There are several reasons you should use Unbounce:

  • The platform is very user-friendly
  • A wide range of templates and features are available
  • It is affordable
  • It is scalable
  • There is no need for coding skills
  • Analytics are built-in

Creating a landing page takes minutes, and you can customize it to fit your brand. If you want an easy way to create effective landing pages, Unbounce is the platform for you.

Ready to get started with Unbounce?

If you’re interested in trying Unbounce, I recommend signing up for the free trial. That way, you can see how easy and effective it is.

Plus, you don’t have anything to lose since you can always cancel if you’re unsatisfied. Click here to sign up for a free trial of Unbounce today.

Ready to learn more about Unbounce?

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