Scalenut Pricing: Which Plan is Right For You?

In this blog post, I’ll delve into the pricing of Scalenut — and guide you in selecting the most suitable plan for your content creation needs or marketing project.

Scalenut is an incredibly effective AI content creation and SEO optimization platform that, when used appropriately, can significantly enhance the quality and reach of your content (and, by extension, your business growth).

However, it’s worth noting: compared to many other tools typically used by businesses, Scalenut can seem expensive, and investing in it might feel daunting — especially if you’re a startup on a tight budget.

So, selecting the right plan for your project is crucial if you’re considering Scalenut as your content creation solution.

That’s where this blog post comes in — I’m going to...

  • Dissect the Scalenut pricing model.
  • Underline the key advantages, drawbacks, and cost-effectiveness of each plan. By the end of this post, you should have a clear idea of which Scalenut plan aligns best with your project and your business — and what alternative content creation tools are available if Scalenut doesn’t quite fit your needs.

Let’s start with a brief overview of what Scalenut is.

Scalenut Overview

what is scalenut

Scalenut is an AI-powered content creation and SEO optimization platform that assists you in producing high-quality content.

It achieves this by providing you with a wealth of features, which you can utilize to:

  • craft web pages and blog posts that are likely to draw organic traffic
  • identify opportunities for content promotion (more promotion, generally speaking, results in better reach)
  • modify technical aspects of your content to have a greater chance of ranking highly.

The Scalenut Platform, The Scalenut Platform, was Founded in 2020 by Anish Raj and Shashank Shekhar; Scalenut now boasts a large user base in several countries — and according to the company, thousands of people have now used the product.

But how much does Scalenut cost?

Scalenut pricing options

scalenut pricing options

Scalenut offers four distinct plans:

  • Essential: $39 per month
  • Growth: $79 per month
  • Pro: $149 per month

If you opt for an annual payment, a 50% discount is applied to each plan; and a free trial allows you to test out most features before committing to a subscription.

Let’s examine each pricing option individually and determine which type of users each plan is designed for.

Scalenut Essential — $39 per month

The ‘Essential’ plan, Scalenut’s introductory offering, is designed to cater to your needs effectively. At just $39 per month, this plan provides comprehensive features tailored to enhance your experience.

From advanced analytics and personalized recommendations to seamless integration with other tools, the ‘Essential’ plan ensures you have everything you need to succeed.

  • AI Words: It allows you to generate 100,000 AI words per month. SEO Articles: You can create up to 5 SEO articles every month.
  • AI Templates: Access to over 40 AI templates.
  • Cruise Mode: This feature helps in drafting content effortlessly
  • SERP Analysis: A tool to help you analyze Search Engine Results Pages.
  • NLP Key Terms: Natural Language Processing key terms to enhance your content.
  • SEO Editor: An editor superior to Google Docs for SEO purposes.
  • Document Sharing: Share your documents seamlessly with your team or clients.
  • Chrome Extension: A handy tool for quick access and utilization.
  • Support: Both email and live chat support are included.

However, similar to all other Scalenut plans being discussed here, certain restrictions apply to using all the above data.

The main limitations of the ‘Essential’ plan to be aware of are as follows:

The number of SEO Articles you can create The ‘Essential’ plan limits you to creating 5 SEO articles per month. While this might be sufficient for individual creators or consultants, businesses with larger content needs might find this limit restrictive.

The amount of AI Words you can generate With the ‘Essential’ plan, you can generate up to 100,000 AI words per month. This should be enough for most users, but if you’re a heavy user, you may require more than this limit allows.

Is ‘Scalenut Essential’ right for me?

‘Scalenut Essential’ is the ideal plan for users who…

  • Are solo creators, consultants, or small business owners just starting with content creation?
  • Need basic SEO article creation and AI word generation tools.
  • Are on a budget.
  • Don’t only intend to generate a maximum of thousands of AI words at a time.

If that sounds like you, you can test the plan via a free trial for 7 days.

If not, it’s time to look at the next project up the Scalenut pricing ladder.

Scalenut Growth — $79 per month

The next step is the ‘Growth’ plan, priced at $79 monthly. With the ‘Growth’ plan, you unlock expanded content creation capabilities that take your content strategy to the next level.

This comprehensive package of features empowers you with advanced tools and resources to enhance your content creation process and maximize your impact.

With the ‘Growth’ plan, you can:

  • Generate an unlimited number of AI words.
  • Craft SEO Articles – up to 30 articles per month.
  • Build Keyword Clusters – up to 30 clusters per month.
  • Audit & Optimize Pages – up to 30 pages per month.
  • Use an unlimited variety of tones of voice in your content.
  • Utilize Fix-it, an auto-optimizer for your content.
  • Publish directly to WordPress with a single click.
  • Integrate with various platforms.

While the ‘Essential’ plan allows you to create basic SEO articles and generate AI words, the ‘Growth’ plan opens up a significantly wider range of possibilities — and provides a more comprehensive content creation toolkit.

One of the key additions to the ‘Growth’ plan is the ability to build keyword clusters. It’s an essential tool for any content strategist looking to improve their SEO and drive more organic traffic.

Another crucial difference is the inclusion of the ‘Fix-it’ feature. This auto-optimizer tool helps fine-tune your content, making it more appealing to search engines and users.

Finally, the ‘Growth’ plan offers much more generous limits than the ‘Essential’ plan.

You have access to unlimited AI words*, the ability to create up to 30 SEO articles, build 30 keyword clusters, and audit & optimize 30 pages monthly.

Is ‘Scalenut Growth’ right for me?

The ‘Growth’ plan is an excellent choice for users who…

  • Are you developing startups or growing businesses?
  • Need a robust content generation/strategy tool. Are managing content for multiple websites concurrently.
  • Require advanced SEO optimization tools.

Next, we’ll take a look at Scalenut Professional. But first, let’s talk about Scalenut’s free trial option.

Scalenut Pro — $149 per month

We approach the pricing ladder and encounter Scalenut’s ‘Pro’ package. This plan is meticulously designed to cater to the advanced needs of larger teams, mature businesses, and full-fledged agencies.

If you find yourself juggling SEO responsibilities for multiple clients or your business requires a comprehensive content creation solution for a substantial number of websites, the ‘Pro’ plan is tailored precisely for your needs. It empowers you to craft up to 75 SEO-centric articles, construct 75 keyword clusters, and scrutinize & enhance 75 pages every single month.

A monthly investment of $149 is a significant expenditure. Still, when weighed against the potential returns from superior content and enhanced SEO performance, it’s a worthy consideration.

Upon exploring the features, the ‘Pro’ plan unveils a range of exclusive capabilities that are unique to this tier:

Unlimited AI Words: Your creative prowess won’t be restrained by any limits. Generate an infinite number of AI words every month.

Dedicated CS Manager: To ensure your experience is smooth and fruitful, you’ll have a dedicated Customer Success Manager ready to assist with any queries or concerns.

Additional Users: As your team expands, so can your Scalenut account. Add more users to your plan at $49 per user.

Apart from these unique offerings, a critical difference between the ‘Pro’ and the ‘Essential’ and ‘Growth’ plans lies in their expanded usage limits.

As underscored earlier, the ‘Pro’ plan allows you to create up to 75 SEO articles, construct 75 keyword clusters, and scrutinize & optimize 75 pages every month — a substantial increase over the lower tiers.

Is ‘Scalenut Pro’ the perfect fit for me?

If you identify with the following scenarios, the ‘Pro’ plan might be your ideal companion:

  • You’re tasked with managing content creation for multiple websites or clients concurrently (Ideal for content agencies and similar businesses.)
  • You churn out a high volume of content regularly.
  • Your advanced requirements necessitate the support of a dedicated customer service representative.

While the ‘Pro’ plan caters to the needs of most power users, there might be certain businesses with needs that surpass these offerings.

For such cases, Scalenut introduces its ‘Enterprise’ plan — a step further in its commitment to serve all types of businesses.

Before we delve into that, it’s crucial to note two aspects of Scalenut that could significantly affect your costs: user management and add-on services. But before we proceed, let’s pause to discuss Scalenut’s free trial option — a convenient way to test the waters before diving in.

Scalenut Pricing: Summary

Scalenut is a comprehensive SEO and content creation tool that offers substantial value for its price, especially for users who primarily require single-user access. However, the cost may increase significantly if you need multiple users to work with the tool concurrently – the additional user cost isn’t negligible.

The different plans offer a range of features, but choosing a higher tier will certainly add to the costs. Whether or not you need a higher-level plan will depend on your business type and how extensively you plan to use the features.

While offering many helpful insights, opting for the ‘Pro’ plan can make things more expensive. Sometimes, you pay more for this plan than the lower-tier ones.

However, suppose the regular generation of high-volume content and advanced SEO optimization is essential for your business. In that case, the ‘Pro’ plan can add immense value to your operations.

The ‘Sweet Spot’? The Growth Plan

The sweet spot in Scalenut’s pricing lineup is the ‘Growth’ plan.

It provides a robust range of SEO and content creation features and, crucially, generous limits on SEO articles, keyword clusters, and page audits & optimizations. This plan allows you to manage content for multiple websites simultaneously or compare your site with several competitor sites.

Additionally, the advanced features you get access to on the ‘Growth’ plan are extremely useful for creating content that attracts organic traffic effectively (as are the tools for managing the entire content creation process).

selecting the right plan for your project is crucial

You can try out the ‘Growth’ plan for free here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does Scalenut cost?

Scalenut offers three main pricing plans: ‘Essential’ at $39 per month, ‘Growth’ at $79 per month, and ‘Pro’ at $149 per month. Each plan provides different features and limits, catering to various user needs.

Is Scalenut worth it?

Scalenut can certainly be worth it to streamline your content creation process. It provides various tools, from AI-generated writing to SEO optimization, that can save you time and improve your content quality.

However, its value will depend on your specific needs and how much you use its features.

Is Scalenut free?

Scalenut only offers a partially free plan. However, they provide a 7-day free trial for their ‘Pro’ plan, allowing potential users to explore and understand the platform’s capabilities without any initial investment.

What are the benefits of Scalenut?

Scalenut offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Powerful AI-Driven Content Creation: Create high-quality content quickly with the help of AI.
  • SEO Optimization: Tools for crafting SEO-friendly articles, building keyword clusters, and auditing and optimizing pages.
  • Scalability: Different pricing plans cater to various needs, from individuals to large teams or agencies.
  • Support: Depending on the plan, users can access email, live chat support, or a dedicated customer success manager.

These are just some features that make Scalenut a powerful content-creation tool. Its comprehensive range of features and services could be exactly what you want.

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