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The main challenge of online eCommerce stores is to convert visitors into buyers. One way to increase conversion rates is by using good product descriptions, which are critical for your eCommerce business success.

Unfortunately, most companies have no idea how to write a compelling description to compel customers to buy their products. And even if they do know how it’s very time-consuming and expensive to hire someone who can write these types of descriptions for them. This leaves companies choosing between either writing poor product descriptions or not having any on their website at all.

To solve this problem, we can use Jasper AI-powered copywriting software to generate better product description copy in seconds.

What is Jasper AI?

Product description generator

Jasper AI combines artificial intelligence algorithms with human writers, so you get the best of both worlds – high-quality content written in an engaging style at low cost and in record time (less than 2 minutes per page).

It helps you generate compelling product descriptions that will help increase customer engagement & conversions on your e-commerce store or website. It gives you complete control over templates so you can easily customize them based.

What are product descriptions?

Product descriptions are an essential marketing tool that can inspire customers and motivate them to buy your product. The best type of description will appeal with positive messages because it’s more likely for people to want to buy from a company that seems confident in what they sell, so make sure you include benefits such as “saving time” or even just saying something like: You’ll love __because.

How to write high-converting product descriptions using Jasper?

Now, it’s simple to write a compelling product description fast using an AI tool.

Jasper is a smart AI software that will generate product descriptions for you by looking at your brand and what’s already online, so it only takes minutes to get started. It comes with mainly five templates we will use to write descriptions in different styles.

  1. If you’re new to Jasper AI, first you need create a account
  2. After creating your account, you’ll be taken to the Dashboard. Navigate to templates section. And the, Click “Product description” to get started.
  3. Open product description template. As you can see the below screenshoot.
product description generator: template
Input your product information such as product name or services and small description about your company this helps Jasper to generate descriptions that are highly relevant to you.
generated product description examples

Tips for improving product descriptions:

  • Highlight the key information in your product description. Remove everything that is not essential to this purpose. If you leave a text full of unnecessary details, people will be discouraged from reading it to lose interest quickly.
  • Do not force an overly long product description on users who have no intention of reading it. Long texts are not at all appropriate for mobile devices, which are more and more commonly used on the Internet today. A few simple lines are enough to provide essential information about your product while respecting your customer’s time.
  • Your description must be easy to read. It is, therefore, necessary to use clear and concise language. Also, note that your staff should regularly proofread the text to ensure that mistakes are corrected.
  • Your product description must contain at least one image. Users need to know what they are buying, so it is essential to include a relevant photo. The images can be screenshots of videos if you do not have time or the necessary material to provide alternative content.
  • Your product description should be easily readable. You will need to decide what type of font you want to use. The size can range from 9-10 pt for headers, 8 pt for subtitles and 7-8 pt for the main text (depending on the device used). To make sure your customers can easily read everything, make sure you use white space to separate paragraphs. Also, avoid using too many bold sentences. They can be challenging to read on mobile devices or for people with visual problems.
  • The size of the text must be adapted. If your users are not reading via a computer screen, they will have to zoom in on the text to read it comfortably. This may give them an unpleasant feeling, and they will certainly not spend much time reading the description. So always keep this in mind when inserting images and adjusting the size of your texts. It would be best if you respected a specific length. For most products, you should aim for 2-3 paragraphs.
  • You must respect a specific length . For most products, you should aim for 2-3 paragraphs.

Product description formatting rules.

The product description is one of the most crucial aspects of your e-commerce website. It needs to be clear, concise, and full of information that will entice potential customers. How you format this text is important since it can instantly turn off a customer if you don’t do it right.

You should take an approach to write your product descriptions that are logical, readable, and easy to follow.

  1. Formatting the product description involves following some simple rules of formatting. First, you need to write in paragraphs so customers can scan the information more easily. When you write in straight lines without paragraph breaks, it’s harder for people to digest your information since it’s presented as one large block of text.
  2. Second, you should focus on keywords. Keywords are the words and phrases that customers are likely to use to find your product. These words should be placed in the beginning of your sentences, so they stand out to viewers what they are looking to purchase.
  3. Third, you need to format your information. You can list the benefits of purchasing a product, use numbered lists to break things down, or use bullet points. Any one of these formats will make the product description easier to read, but you need to decide which one works best for your products and customers.
  4. Finally, you should proofread your product descriptions before pusblishing them. This is particularly important if you’re using a bulk upload system, since even one mistake can ruin your entire batch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jasper AI is the best product description generator tool?

I have tried many AI product description generator tools but Jasper AI is the best. It generates more compelling copy than any other software I’ve come across, which means my marketing efforts will be much better for it in terms of sales too.

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