5+ Best AI Product Description Generator Of 2021

Product descriptions are a necessary part of your eCommerce business. They provide the information about your products, including pricing and shipping details, to potential customers so they can make informed buying decisions.

But what happens when you don’t have the time or expertise to write compelling product descriptions? You could hire someone or use one of these seven best product description generator software tools that help you to write compelling descriptions for your products in seconds.

1.Jasper AI

product description generator: Jarvis AI

Jasper.ai is an AI-powered copywriting software that will help you write compelling product descriptions quickly and easily. This tool will take your input, apply its algorithms, and generate a unique result based on the given text.

Jasper can be used to create content for blogs, social posts, web pages, or even newsletters and write titles and taglines, which are essential parts of SEO optimization. Content generated by Jasper AI has a 100% uniqueness rate so that it won’t be plagiarized.

It works similarly to any other automatic content generator, but unlike those tools, it uses an advanced machine learning algorithm to deliver quality results every time. You don’t need to spend much time generating product descriptions anymore because, with this simple program, all of your problems regarding lack of content will be gone.


  • It comes with 50+ different short-skill copywriting templates.
  • Read, write and translate 25+ Global languages.
  • The tone of voice options. You can try voices like “witty,” “professional,” “informative.”
  • Expand shorter paragraphs to make them meaningful and informative. Rephrase any paragraph type in the post if needed with this tool.
  • Rewriter option to rephrase any text in the paragraph section, etc.


Jasper offers two pricing plans — Starter and Boss Mode. Starter designed for those who are writing short-form content starts at $29/month. Boss Mode includes unlimited words generated, long-form content writing assistant, begins at $119/month. All plans come with a free trial.

It is easy to get started on the platform as there is no payment required upfront, so you can try out all of its features without spending anything, even if your Plan expires after 30 days of using it.

After that, users need to upgrade or downgrade their account depending on their requirements and needs from time to time according to the project-based work they do, which gives flexibility in price ranges too.

There isn’t any contract required to keep it running. The free trial lets you access all of its features entirely for five days without having to pay at the end of this period, giving users complete control over their budget and work schedule.


If you are looking for an AI writing software that can help with your eCommerce product description, look no further than Jasper AI. It is excellent and will make it much easier to create compelling content without any of the grunt work.

The user interface of this software is so clean and straightforward. It’s like a breath of fresh air in an industry without complicated software; often, you don’t even know what to do where there are so many options. I highly recommend it.


Copysmith is an AI-based content generator that uses GPT-3 to write product descriptions. The company’s platform was developed by a team of copywriters, marketing experts, and AI researchers.

The idea behind Copysmith came about because the founders noticed how difficult it was for small businesses with tight budgets to create compelling content on their own.

This challenge often results in poor-quality landing page copy that doesn’t fully capture customers’ attention during critical shopping moments online.


  • It comes with 30+ different copywriting templates for writing short-form content.
  • CopySmith can integrate with Google ads, Frase, Shopify, and Google Chrome.
  • Supports 60+ languages.


CopySmith offers three different pricing plans based on the features you need.

Starter: For individuals looking to get started, our most popular Plan is $19/month.

Professional: Power-user plan is for those taking their copy skills to the next level, focusing on managing content across multiple projects and teams at once – perfect for small teams. $59/month

Team: Our team plan offers the best value at only $118/month for those who need multiple users across different projects.

There’s no contract, and your account will remain active as long as you wish. CopySmith accepts credit cards for monthly payments. The company also offers a free trial so that you can experience their services before committing to anything. This makes it easy to cancel at any time if they’re not suitable for your business needs.”


CopySmith is the best AI product description generator because they offer several features that make it easy to create engaging content for your website.

They also have pricing plans and a free trial, making them very accessible to businesses of all sizes. If you need help with writing compelling copy, then CopySmith can meet any challenge head-on.


Headlime is AI copywriting software that helps you to write compelling product descriptions fast and efficiently. One of the benefits of using Headlime’s solution for your business is that it allows you to create better content less time, saving precious resources like workforce hours or money spent on outsourcing writers.

Another benefit lies in creating higher-quality descriptions because no human writer would be able to keep up with the creative mind power generated by algorithms at this point.

Finally, one more advantage lies in ensuring your products are described well through the proper use of descriptive words and phrases. It helps people make informed decisions faster than ever before when buying a product online from a digital storefront or search engine results page.


  • It comes with 1700+ pre-written copy templates for inspiration.
  • Read and write in 11 different global languages.
  • Landing page builder tool for building landing pages for your product and services.
  • Advertising copy generator for Facebook ads, Google ads, and promotional email campaigns.
  • Rich document editor to write blog posts in rich text format (RTF) or markdown. Copywriters can save drafts of the post which they are writing.
  • Tags help categorize posts so tags can search them for easy reference, which is helpful if more than one person is contributing to a website’s blog post content.


Individual starts at $59/month, designed for personal use

Business is starting at $399 per month. It includes all writing features and comes with unlimited word generation credits.

The main difference between plans is the number of users. If you want to have more than one person using your account, it’ll cost more money per month. The business plan is the perfect fit for larger companies, teams, and agencies.

Headlime has a lot of features that make it great for managing a team. You can manage accounts, track projects, and keep everything organized in one place. And since Headlime is easy to use, you don’t need special training to get started.


Headlime is so far the best AI copywriting for generating product descriptions that are optimized for SEO. While it doesn’t provide the flexibility that other platforms do, anyone can make professional-looking content within minutes with its easy-to-use interface and affordable pricing plans.


Contentbot helps you create content for your eCommerce product descriptions fast. 30+ proven copywriting templates help write short-form content quickly and easily, often needed in creating compelling ad copy and blog posts to increase lead generation rates.


  • Comes with 30+ short-skill copywriting templates.
  • Advertising copy generator: Facebook ads, Google ads, promotional email campaign, sales copy, sales funnel, and landing page copy.
  • Long-form editor: Create full-length blog articles with AI.
  • “Change tone” feature helps to change the voice of any paragraph.
  • Plagiarism checker: Once AI generates the content, you can check it for plagiarism and identify its uniqueness. It helps us to ensure our content is unique.
  • Paraphraser Rewrite the entire article with its paraphrasing tool. Contentbot will cost $299/month or $399/month with an annual subscription.


Free Plan: $0/month for unlimited content, one user seat. Ideal for non-profit organizations and bloggers with low budgets

Premium: $29/month or 80% off the first month (the first month is free) + six users seats; perfect for small teams who want to save time writing short-form blog posts.

Premium Plus: Unlimited short form credits, 75 long-form credits (~130 000 words per month), six user seats, and all essential tools for writing content. Ideal for agencies who are getting lots of clients’ work. It costs $79/month or 60% off the first two months (the first two months are free).


ContentBot does its job well. It is the perfect tool to use if you are looking to create high-quality content without all of the hassles that come with it but still want something better than what’s available on other online generators. The user interface is easy to use, and the results of the content are pretty good.


Copy.ai helps marketers generate better-than-human quality content that is more engaging and targeted for their audience, keeping them on a blog post or landing page longer while increasing conversions. Copy.ai uses advanced AI to understand the topic of any piece of text, identify what type of message needs to be conveyed (informational vs. persuasive), and generate a customized set of sentences based on the tone it detects.

It comes with 20+ short-skill copywriting templates that make it easy for you to create content faster without thinking about how each sentence will fit together. Copy.ai also has a built-in spell checker to eliminate any spelling or grammatical errors.

Copy.ai also offers API integration, allowing marketers who are skilled in coding to implement their AI writing engine into any software they use daily for content creation purposes.

The data collected by Copy.ai is anonymized and made available via its dashboard so you can see how your message changes over time or if specific topics or phrases are more effective than others.

6.Smart Copy

SmartCopy is an AI content creation software that allows anyone to easily create and edit high-quality copy. With over 45 different copywriting templates, you’ll never run out of ideas when creating ad copy, email newsletters, product descriptions, or any other type of marketing material. It also includes an analytics dashboard to track the success of your work—which means smarter content creation.


  • You can create ads from scratch without stressing about word count and layout requirements—thanks to templates like the Google Ads Generator and Facebook Primary Text Creator.
  • No more hemming and hawing over the perfect slogan. Generate a captivating tagline in seconds using the Tagline Generator.
  • The Landing Page Copy Generator provides limitless copy variations, so you can build variants that speak to different audiences.


Starter: You never want to write a landing page, ad, or email from a blank page again. It costs $0/month

What’s Included in the starter plan: Up to five generations per day, one profile, no credit card required.

Growth: You want unlimited copy creation for every personal and professional writing need. It costs $49/month.

What’s Included in the Growth Plan: Unlimited generations, unlimited profiles, access to Writer (beta).


The only thing you have to worry about with Smart Copy is how much time you’re going to save on your copywriting workflows. With 45 different templates, an analytics dashboard, and limitless content possibilities, there are no limitations on the quality of your writing, no matter what type of ad, email, or landing page it may be.

Plus, Writer (beta), which allows anyone to create their advertising campaigns without prior marketing or copywriting experience, means that this AI software is truly more than just a helper; it’s an all-inclusive solution for making better copies every single day.

Click here to learn more about Smart Copy! It’s the only software you’ll need for writing better ads, landing pages.

The Final Verdict

Writing product descriptions is very important for e-commerce websites because it builds trust with customers. When you’re using AI software to write your content, then the quality of writing becomes better and more persuasive, which helps build trust even more.

It also ensures that no grammatical errors are present in the copy so that prospects will stay engaged longer on your website. So AI is very integral to the success of e-commerce websites.

We recommend Jasper AI. It is the best tool for writing better and more persuasive copy, fast and easy way. Moreover, they now offer a free trial, so you can try it before you buy And if you do it now, there are special offers during this launch week only.

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