Leadpages Pricing (2023) — Which Plan is Right for You?

In this article, I delve into the depths of Leadpages pricing — to guide you in determining which of their packages aligns most seamlessly with your business or digital marketing project.

Leadpages is an incredibly effective landing page builder that — when appropriately leveraged — can significantly enhance your online presence (and, subsequently, your business income).

However, it’s important to acknowledge: when contrasted with numerous other apps frequently utilized by businesses, Leadpages can seem quite pricey, and making the investment might seem daunting — especially if you’re a budding enterprise operating on a tight budget.

So, suppose you’re contemplating Leadpages as your landing page solution. In that case, choosing the package that best fits your project is crucial.

That’s where this article steps in — I’m set to…

  • dissect the Leadpages pricing model
  • underscore the primary advantages and drawbacks and the cost-effectiveness of each package.

By the culmination of this piece, you should clearly understand which Leadpages package is the perfect match for your project and your business — and what alternative landing page builders exist if you feel Leadpages doesn’t quite hit the mark for you.

Let’s dive straight in — with a brief introduction to what Leadpages is.

Leadpages Overview

what is leadpages

Leadpages is a landing page builder tool designed to help you generate more conversions and leads for your marketing campaign.

This is achieved by providing you with essential tools and features, enabling you to:

  • design landing pages and pop-ups that can effectively capture visitor information
  • identify opportunities for A/B testing (more data-driven decisions generally mean better conversion rates)
  • optimize technical aspects of your site so that it stands a better chance of converting visitors into customers.

Founded in 2012 by Clay Collins, Leadpages now supports a vast user base in numerous countries — and according to the company, over 40,000 small businesses are currently leveraging the platform.

You can integrate Leadpages with various email service providers and analytical services such as Google Analytics to further increase its efficacy. To further enhance the user experience, Leadpages has a library of stock templates available that can be utilized free of charge — saving you both time and effort. 

But how much does Leadpages cost?

Leadpages Pricing Options:

leadpages pricing options

Leadpages offers three pricing plans:

  • Standard: $37 per month
  • Pro: $79 per month
  • Advanced: $321 per month

You can enjoy up to a 39% discount on each plan if you pay annually. There’s also a free trial available that allows you to explore most features before committing. The standard trial lasts 14 days, but occasionally Leadpages extends the trial period.

Leadpages pricing options (correct at the time of writing in 2023).

Let’s carefully examine each plan and thoroughly evaluate which aligns perfectly with your requirements and preferences. 

Leadpages Standard — $49 per month

Leadpages’ ‘Standard’ plan is their initial level offering.

Priced at $49 per month, it offers you the following main features:

Drag & Drop Landing Page Builder — this tool allows you to easily design and customize your landing pages without any coding knowledge.

10,000 monthly AI Engine credits — these credits can be used to access Leadpages’ AI Engine, which includes various tools for improving your landing page performance.

AI Engine: Headlines + Images — this feature uses artificial intelligence to suggest headlines and images likely to increase conversions on your landing pages.

Best-in-class conversion tools — these tools are designed to help you optimize your landing pages for maximum conversions.

250+ conversion-optimized templates — a wide range of pre-designed templates optimized for conversions, letting you quickly create effective landing pages.

Unlimited Traffic & Leads — there’s no limit on the number of visitors or leads you can generate with your landing pages.

1 custom domain — you can connect one custom domain to your Leadpages account, allowing you to host your landing pages on your website.

90+ integrations: Leadpages integrates with over 90 other tools and platforms, making connecting your landing pages with your other marketing and sales tools easy.

It’s crucial to understand that the ‘Standard’ plan has certain limitations:

The number of AI Engine credits The ‘Standard’ plan provides you with 10,000 AI Engine credits per month. If you’re a heavy user of the AI Engine, you may need more recognition than this limit allows.

The number of custom domains With the ‘Standard’ plan, you can connect only one custom domain to your Leadpages account. This may be adequate if you’re using Leadpages for just one website; however, more is needed to manage landing pages for multiple websites.

Is ‘Leadpages Standard Plan’ right for me? 

The ‘Leadpages Standard’ plan is the optimal choice for users who…

  • are launching a new business and just beginning their online presence
  • require basic landing page creation and optimization tools
  • are budget-conscious
  • don’t intend to use large amounts of AI Engine credits each month
  • don’t need to manage landing pages for multiple websites simultaneously.

You can test the plan out via a free trial here if that describes you.

If not, it’s time to explore the next plan up the Leadpages pricing ladder, which is the Leadpages Pro plan.

Leadpages Pro — $99 per month

Next is the ‘Pro’ plan, priced at $99 per month, heralded as the ‘Best Value’ option.

The key distinguishing feature of this plan compared to the ‘Standard’ plan is the increased allocation of monthly AI Engine credits. The ‘Pro’ plan provides 30,000 monthly AI Engine credits, a significant increase from the 10,000 offered in the ‘Standard’ plan.

This increased credit allocation allows you to access additional features within the AI Engine, including a Writing Assistant tool that can help create more engaging content for your landing pages.

Moreover, this plan also includes an E-commerce feature with no transaction fees. This feature is designed to help you manage online sales directly from your Leadpages site, making it a valuable addition for businesses selling products or services online.

Another critical difference between the Pro and Standard plans is the number of custom domains you can connect to your Leadpages account. With the ‘Pro’ plan, you can connect up to three custom domains, a considerable increase from the single domain allowed in the ‘Standard’ plan.

Soon to be introduced is a Blog feature, allowing you to share updates and engage with your audience directly from your Leadpages site.

And finally, the ‘Pro’ plan extends the limits on many of the features available in the ‘Standard’ plan. You can still access the drag & drop landing page builder, best-in-class conversion tools, 250+ conversion-optimized templates, unlimited traffic and leads, and 90+ integrations.

Is ‘Leadpages Pro Plan’ right for me?

The ‘Pro’ plan is an excellent choice for users who…

  • are looking for more advanced content generation tools
  • are managing multiple websites and need to connect more custom domains
  • wish to sell products or services directly from their Leadpages site
  • plan to use a large number of AI Engine credits each month

If these points describe your needs, you may find the ‘Pro’ plan best fits you.

Now, let’s explore the following plan in Leadpages’ pricing structure, the ‘Advanced’ plan. But first, a reminder that you can try out Leadpages Pro through their free trial.

Leadpages Advanced — Inquire for Pricing

At this point, we’ve analyzed two plans primarily targeted toward small to medium-sized business owners.

But let’s say you’re managing a larger organization or need to handle marketing efforts for numerous websites or clients concurrently. In that case, the ‘Leadpages Advanced’ plan is the perfect fit. This plan is customized to suit your business needs, and you’ll need to inquire directly for pricing.

The ‘Advanced’ plan comes with a plethora of features, some of which are absent from the ‘Pro’ and ‘Standard’ plans:

Unlimited monthly AI Engine credits: This allows you to leverage the AI Engine’s capabilities to the fullest, including the Headlines, Writing Assistant, and Images features. It’s an invaluable feature for businesses that require extensive content creation and optimization.

50 custom domains: This significantly increases from the 3 custom domains offered in the ‘Pro’ plan, making it ideal for businesses managing multiple websites.

Dedicated Success Coach: With this plan, you’ll get access to a dedicated success coach who can provide personalized guidance and assistance to help you maximize your use of Leadpages.

Advanced Integrations: This allows you to seamlessly integrate Leadpages with a broader range of third-party applications, boosting efficiency and workflow.

Multiple Blogs (Coming Soon) — This feature will enable you to manage and maintain numerous blogs directly from your Leadpages platform, providing a more streamlined content management process.

In addition to these exclusive features, the ‘Advanced’ plan also includes all the benefits of the ‘Pro’ plan, such as the drag & drop landing page builder, best-in-class conversion tools, 250+ conversion-optimized templates, unlimited traffic and leads, and e-commerce with no transaction fees.

Is ‘Leadpages Advanced Plan’ right for me?

The ‘Advanced’ plan is suitable for users who:

  • Need to manage marketing efforts for multiple websites or clients simultaneously
  • Require unlimited access to AI Engine credits
  • Desire personalized support through a dedicated success coach
  • Have advanced integration needs 

If these points resonate with your requirements, then the ‘Advanced’ plan could be your ideal choice.

However, there may be some businesses whose needs exceed even these comprehensive features and limits. For them, Leadpages offers a ‘Custom’ solution.

Before we delve into the ‘Custom’ solution, it’s important to note that user management and add-ons can significantly impact your costs with Leadpages.

Comparison of Leadpages pricing plans

Sure, here is a table summarizing the differences between the different plans of Leadpages:

Price$49/month$99/monthContact Leadpages for pricing
Drag & Drop Landing Page BuilderYesYesYes
AI Engine credits10,000/month30,000/monthUnlimited
AI Engine FeaturesHeadlines + ImagesHeadlines + Writing Assistant + ImagesHeadlines + Writing Assistant + Images
Traffic & LeadsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Custom domains1350
BlogYesYesMultiple blogs
Dedicated Success CoachNoNoYes

Leadpages Pricing: Summary

Leadpages is a remarkably comprehensive landing page tool that offers substantial value, particularly if you’re an individual user managing your account.

However, your requirements include multiple team members accessing the tool simultaneously. In that case, the costs can rise due to the fees associated with adding additional seats.

The available add-ons, while beneficial, can also significantly increase your overall expenditure. The necessity of these will largely depend on your specific business model and your anticipated usage frequency.

The ‘Pro’ plan? Your Ideal Choice

The ideal blend of cost-effectiveness and features in Leadpages’ range of plans is the ‘Pro’ plan, which you can explore for free here.

The ‘Pro’ plan provides extensive landing page creation and optimization capabilities. Importantly, it accommodates up to three custom domains, enabling you to manage landing pages for multiple websites concurrently.

Moreover, the ‘Pro’ plan includes an e-commerce feature, a vital asset for managing online sales directly from your Leadpages site. When combined with the increased allocation of AI Engine credits, the ‘Pro’ plan emerges as a prime choice for businesses aiming to substantially boost their online presence and conversion rates.

You can try out the ‘Pro’ plan for free here.

Before settling on a plan, it’s crucial to consider your business needs along with any potential costs related to user management and add-ons. These factors can significantly influence your overall costs with Leadpages.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Leadpages have a free account?

While Leadpages does not offer a completely free account, it provides a free 14-day trial for curious users who want to test out its features. You can publish your first Lead Page within minutes of signing up for this trial. 

For a free alternative to Leadpages, consider Sumo for email opt-in forms or GrooveFunnels, which offers a suite of tools, including GroovePages, for building advanced funnels and landing pages.

How many pages can you have on Leadpages?

The number of pages you can have on Leadpages depends on your chosen plan. The specific details about the number of pages should be mentioned in the search results provided.

However, most landing page builders like Leadpages typically offer unlimited pages even on their basic plans. It’s recommended to check Leadpages’ official website or contact their support for accurate information.

Which Leadpages plan is best for small businesses?

The best Leadpages plan for small businesses would depend on the business’s specific needs, such as the number of landing pages required, integrations needed, and budget constraints.

Unfortunately, the specific plans of Leadpages suitable for small businesses are not mentioned in the search results provided. It’s advisable to review the features and pricing on the official Leadpages website or consult with their sales team to determine the most suitable plan for your small business.

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