How to Write a LinkedIn Recommendation That Will Get Noticed

Are you looking to stand out in the professional networking world? LinkedIn is a great tool for job seekers and employers alike, and one way to boost your profile is by giving and receiving recommendations. Not only do these recommendations show off your skills and accomplishments, but they also help establish credibility with potential clients or employers.

But how can you write a LinkedIn recommendation that will really get noticed? In this post, we’ll discuss the steps you need to take to write a stellar recommendation.

We’ll cover topics such as what makes an effective recommendation and how to properly format it as well. By following these tips, your recommendations can showcase your best qualities and help you stand out from the crowd. Let’s dive in.

Begin with a specific greeting

Start your recommendation by addressing the person you’re writing it for by name. A personalized greeting adds a professional touch and shows that you took the time to focus on the individual. For example, “Dear John,” “Hi Susan,” etc.

Start with a strong opening line

Hook your reader right away by highlighting your relationship with the person and why they deserve a recommendation. A strong opening line sets the tone for the rest of the recommendation and encourages the reader to keep reading.

For example, “I’ve had the pleasure of working with John for several years now, and without a doubt, he’s one of the most dedicated and talented individuals I’ve ever met.”

Be specific with examples

Anyone can say that someone is great at their job, but what makes a recommendation truly valuable is when it’s backed up with specific examples. Include concrete details such as particular projects the person worked on or specific skills they demonstrated. Specific examples show that you have firsthand experience with the person’s abilities and give the reader a better understanding of what makes them stand out.

Discuss the impact of the person’s work

In addition to specific examples, talk about the impact the person had on your team or organization. Did they go above and beyond? Did their work result in a significant outcome? Discussing the impact shows that the person’s work had a lasting effect and adds weight to your recommendation.

End with a call to action

Lastly, end your recommendation with a call to action, such as “I highly recommend John for any future endeavors and am confident that he would be an asset to any team.” A call to action gives the reader a clear takeaway and encourages them to take action based on your recommendation.


Writing a LinkedIn recommendation is an incredible way to show off someone’s talents and successes, while also building up your own reputation as a respected expert in your industry.

To write a really impressive recommendation, start by addressing the recipient with a personal greeting; then get straight into it with a powerful opening line. Make sure you back up any compliments or praise with concrete examples of their work and how it has impacted people; this will make the recommendation much more impactful.

Finally, wrap up with an encouraging call to action – this could be something like recommending the person for future roles or projects. By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to write a glowing review that not only speaks highly of the individual but also establishes you as a leader in your field. Good luck.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long should a LinkedIn recommendation be?

Generally, LinkedIn recommendations should be between 100-300 words. This allows you to provide enough detail without making the reader feel overwhelmed or bored.

How many LinkedIn recommendations should you have?

There is no magic number of LinkedIn recommendations to have, but it’s best to aim for quality over quantity. A few well-written recommendations from people who can speak to your skills and abilities are better than a large number of generic or unhelpful recommendations.

Is it okay to include personal anecdotes in a recommendation?

Absolutely! Including specific examples of how someone has contributed to your team or organization as well as any personal anecdotes makes for a more compelling and engaging read. Just make sure these stories are relevant and appropriate for the professional setting.

Should you include weaknesses in a LinkedIn recommendation?

It’s generally not recommended to include weaknesses in a LinkedIn recommendation. Instead, focus on highlighting the person’s strengths and accomplishments.

Can I ask someone to write me a LinkedIn recommendation?

Yes, absolutely. Make sure to remind them of the specific accomplishments you achieved together that would warrant such a positive review. Asking someone to write you a recommendation is a great way to build relationships and create mutual opportunities.

Are there any tips for making my LinkedIn recommendations stand out?

Absolutely. Try using vivid language, focusing on specific examples of the person’s work, and ending with an encouraging call to action. Additionally, if the person has received any awards or recognition for their achievements, make sure to include that in your recommendation as well! These small details can help make your review truly shine.

What if I don’t feel comfortable writing a LinkedIn recommendation?

That is totally understandable. You don’t have to write a recommendation if you don’t feel comfortable doing so. If the person requests one from you, it’s always polite to decline politely and explain why you are unable to provide one.

Alternatively, you can always look for other ways to show your support and appreciation, such as connecting them with people in your network, giving them advice or feedback, or even just sharing their work on social media channels. These all make great alternatives that still show your support!

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