How to Use Jasper Recipes For Faster Writing?

Artificial intelligence is taking the ground in providing aid for writing original and creative content.

When it comes to huge piles of content development, it becomes nerve-wracking as usually duration is short and load is more. In order to tackle such situations, software-based artificial intelligence has been introduced with brilliant output; “Jasper”.

Jasper AI takes content writing to a whole new level, and its recently introduced feature, “Jasper Recipes” drives AI-generating power with extraordinary efficiency. Jasper Recipes are a great way to get content ideas for your blog post. They can help you write articles fast, and make sure that your posts are high quality.

In this blog post, we will discuss how to use Jasper Recipes to write content efficiently and effectively.

We will also provide some tips on how to make the most of these recipes. They can help you understand how to use the software, and they provide a structure for your article writing step by step. So, if you’re looking for a swift and secure way to get content for your blog, be sure to read this post.

First, I want to let you know that the Recipes feature is only available in the Jasper Boss Mode Plan.

So, you will need to create a Jasper Boss Mode account, which costs $59/month. For now, I recommend that you start with its 5-day free trial first. Afterward, you can upgrade if you find it to be helpful for your content creation.

What are Jasper AI Recipes?

Jasper Recipes are a set of pre-defined functionality which holds Jasper Commands. These commands are like a basic template to help you guide through AI content development speedily.

For instance, you read a toy building instruction book and build the toy by joining the parts step by step and get the end result in the form of a completely well-joined toy.

Similarly, Jasper Recipes are also like a series of commands/instructions, when followed properly, which will help you generate any kind of high-quality content efficiently and swiftly. Jasper Commands, here, are the instructions you can provide to Jasper, to write what you want.

Initially, it was like you had to open up Power Mode and select the template, “Blog Post Introduction Paragraph”, add all the information about it, and generate AI material, then you can choose and paste the desired paragraph into long-form editor content.

But now, it is more advanced with Jasper Commands, as all you need to do is mention, “ Write an introductory paragraph for post title; mention title”, and Jasper Command will read these instructions and provide you the well-written paragraph for your blog within a few seconds.

With Jasper Recipes, all you need to do is to put Jasper Commands/Instructions in order and then publish them as Jasper Recipe, so that the software will follow them when you create your desired content.

For instance, for a blog post, the instructions you might like to put in Jasper Recipes will be like;

  1. Write a brief article about the topic.
  2. Write topic ideas for blog posts.
  3. Devise an introductory paragraph.
  4. Devise an outline for a blog post/article.
  5. Write about 1st heading.
  6. Write about 2nd heading Or outline item number 2
  7. Write a conclusion

You can create any type and choice of Jasper Recipe. Moreover, there is a plus point that you can also use Jasper Recipe created by the Jasper Community of experts.

Let’s move on to the detailed part, that is how you can unbridle the maximum capacity of Jasper AI content writing.

How to Use Jasper Recipes?

The first and foremost point to take note of here is, you will have to upgrade your Jasper account to Boss Mode Plan first, before using the Jasper Recipes. These are only available in Boss Mode.

Now, it’s time to hop back onto the topic. I am mentioning below the step-by-step guidelines in detail on how to use Jasper Recipes for maximum productivity.

1. Select Jasper Recipe:

click to open Jasper recipes

The very first step is to decide about your choice, which Jasper Recipe you would like to utilize.

You got two options here, either to select the featured one from the Recipe page or get access to the one designed by the Jasper community. In order to explore the list, click on the “Recipes” icon on Jasper’s front page. By clicking on that, you will reach a page displaying a list of featured Recipes to opt.

jasper recipes

At this point, if featured Recipes seem attractive, you can click on “Open Recipe”, and move forward. If you would like to use a Recipe presented by the community, then you can simply click the URL, or visit Jasper Facebook Group in the hunt for outstanding recipes.

After selection, you will move to the next step. 

2. Start with Jasper Recipe:

run jasper recipes command

After the selection of Jasper Recipe, you will be directed to a page where an explanatory paragraph will be present, elaborating on the work of Recipe and how it can be utilized. After this, you will see Jasper Command detailing.

For instance, you choose the Jasper “Blog Post” instructed recipe.

The next step for you will be to start this recipe by clicking in the upper-right corner on the “Run” button. Once it is successfully started, Jasper Recipe will get uploaded automatically into your account and the application will develop a new document based upon your Recipe.

After the formation of your long-form editor document, you will then move towards the third step.

3. Oust Recipe Variables:

jasper recipes commands

Many of the Jasper Recipes contain elements known as variables. These variables are presented in brackets like; {TOPIC}, {OUTLINE}, etc. You need to oust these variables and place the ones which you want to fit according to content type and nature. However, a point to ponder here is that some of these variables will only be ousted when Jasper Commands are on the run.

For instance, if you are clear about the nature and outline of a blog post, then you can oust those variables and place your desired words. The plus point here is, if you do not want to write an outline, Jasper can do this automatically. It is mentioned in the area “Write a Blog Outline”.

After this outline formation, you can simply take the words from here and place them in a spot of variables. After replacing the variables, there comes the next step.

4. Start Jasper Commands

Jasper Recipes, as discussed earlier, are a set of predefined instructions known as Jasper Commands to help you smoothly create AI content in the appropriate sequence with high proficiency.

As your Jasper Recipe is copied and placed in a new document and the long-form editor stage is approached, it is this step where you will have to follow the Recipe instructions directed by Jasper Commands. Here, it is important to note that your cursor should be at the end of the line and you can start Jasper Commands by using keys; “Ctrl + Enter” on Windows, or “Cmd + Enter” on Mac.

Now, let’s begin with the article/blog post. Suppose, you want to write about “how to become a successful entrepreneur”. Once variables are replaced with your desired notes, you can start your work here by approaching Jasper commands in a sequence.

Some sequenced Jasper Commands are mentioned below, which you will find to run;

1.     Write down content providing a summary of how to become a successful entrepreneur.

write content brief

2.     Write title ideas.

3.     Write an introductory paragraph for the post

4.     Write an outline (here you need to take these outline points and replace them with variables as mentioned in step 3).

5.     Start writing the main blog post body to make it eye-catchy

6.     Write about examples of successful entrepreneurs to add weight to the blog post

7.     Write about investment and productivity initiatives

8.     Write a conclusion

Once you run these commands step by step, Jasper will create your content, which will be of high quality.

It’s time to hit step 5 now!

5. Addition of More Material

If you want to add some more material/content in your Jasper Command section for Recipe, then you simply need to take your cursor to the area where you want to add more content and press the shortcut key “Ctrl + J” on Windows or “Cmd + J” on Mac, or press the button “Compose”, present on the screen.

Then Jasper will automatically go through your previous content and start adding more. Jasper’s ability to go through previous content of around 2000 to 3000 characters, is quite captivating in Boss Mode, as the Starter Plan only encapsulates 600 characters. Moreover, this also avoids the repetition of sentences. You can also provide Jasper with transition words or specific words to add content about.

For instance, “Although it is quite crucial while considering (topic), can also aid in…” then you can click on the “Compose” button, and boom, Jasper will provide you high-quality output related to words you used.

And Viola! You have just successfully created a whole new document by learning and using Jasper Recipes.

6. Proofreading

do proofread content generated by Jasper AI

The final and the most important step of your content writing process is proofreading. You need to be sure that all the spellings, grammar, and sentence structures are perfect before publishing your work.

Jasper offers Grammarly integration in the main toolbar, which will help you identify all the spelling mistakes in your document. After fixing all the errors, Jasper also offers a “CopyScape” for plagiarism check, to make sure that your content is unique and original.

Once you are done with all the proofreading, hit the publish button and enjoy your well-crafted piece of content.

Thus, we can say that Jasper makes your life a lot easier by providing you with the best content creation experience while saving time and money.

By default, Jasper will use the snippet editor to compose new sentences in your document. However, it is easy to switch back and forth between the two editors depending on what you’re trying to achieve.

If you need to edit more than just a few sentences in your document, it is best to use the recipe editor for two reasons:

You can create and save recipes that are reusable. This means that whenever you want to write about a particular topic or format of content, you don’t have to recreate it – you can simply reuse the recipe. We will cover how to create and save recipes in this guide.

In the recipe editor, Jasper has a command called “Write” which is essentially an auto-complete feature that lets you write by pressing the Tab key instead of clicking “Compose” or using the shortcut keys (Cmd + J on Mac and Ctrl + J on Windows).

To switch to the recipe editor, simply press “Ctrl/Cmd+E”. You can see that you’ve switched when the Editor Toolbar has a “Recipe Mode” button highlighted:

How to Make Your Own Jasper Recipe

Now, if you want to make your own Jasper Recipe, you can easily do that by following the steps mentioned below:

1.     Open the Recipe Section in the Jasper application or web page.

2.     Click on the “New Recipe”.

3.     Add the title by filling the title section.

4.     Add a description, but this is optional.

5.     Mention/fill Jasper Commands.

navigate to jasper ai recipes
click on new recipe button
now create your jasper recipes

And there you go, a new Recipe is created. A point to keep in mind here that, certain formatting options are also available, which you better learn to utilize so that other people can also use your Jasper Recipe effectively.

You can denote Jasper Commands by placing a sign like this “>”. For instance;

 >write a list of shortcut keys of Adobe Illustrator software

You better denote these keys with variables similar to those which you will remove for your own work; as mentioned in step 3. For examples;

>Write an introduction paragraph {Blosg_Post_Topic}.

Users can easily replace them when they will use your recipes.

If you want to learn more about how to format your recipes for better understanding, then Jasper has a blog post section that covers everything in detail. You can visit the website and explore more.


Jasper AI writing software is a time saver for all of us. Especially, when the workload is extensive and all we need is quality work. Content creation has been made even faster with Jasper’s Boss Mode and its Recipes. These are easy to use, save and reset in the future for different nature of blog posts.

Do give it a try for yourself and feel free to visit the website and ask the community about the questions you have.

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