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GrooveFunnels is popular funnel builder software, and they offer up to 40% Tier1 & 10% Tier2 payout for all sales. They have lots of different apps you can promote and an intuitive dashboard to grab your affiliate link


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40% Tier1 & 10% Tier2 Recurring

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As an affiliate marketer, we are always looking for the best affiliate programs that help us to make cash flow from different streams. However, you actually need a powerful platform with high-paying affiliate programs.

And the most important factor make sure it’s converting very well.

Recently, Mike Filsaime teamed up with Groove Digital to introduce the world to a new robust GrooveFunnels marketing platform. Powerful marketing software and, high-paying affiliate programs have attracted a growing army of digital marketers’ attention to this platform.

GrooveFunnels affiliate program is listed as a high-paying affiliate program of 2021. And competition level is very low if you’re going to promote GrooveFunnels as an affiliate you’ll have immediate conversions.

If you’re still thinking too much you’ll lose the opportunity.

I’ve not seen pretty much anything like this in other affiliate programs 😃. Let’s check it.

Action takers = Moneymakers (;

This guide becomes much longer so, we need table content to make sure you don’t miss anything critical.

About GrooveFunnels’ Affiliate Program Commissions

GrooveFunnels Offers four types of plans:

  • BASE(Free)
  • SILVER($99/month)
  • GOLD($199/month)
  • PLATINUM($299/month)
  • Platinum Lifetime($1,397 one time payment)

GrooveFunnels offers installments payment method for the Platinum Lifetime plan you can pay 4 easy monthly at $497, 6 easy monthly at $388, and 12 easy monthly payment at $249.

As a GrooveFunnels affiliate, you’ll be getting a percentage of revenue that is different depending on your GrooveFunnels account:

  • 20% if you’re FREE GrooveFunnels member
  • 40% if you’re a PAID GrooveFunnels member

You’ll make commissions like this:-

FREE member: $19.8, $39.8, or $59.8 per month per person.

PAID member: $39.6, $79.6, or $119.6 PER month PER person.


PlansRecurring Commission Rate(%)
PLATINUM40%, Plus 10% 2nd tier
GrooveFunnels Affiliate program: Commission structure

Why Should You Join the GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program?

join groovefunnels affiliate program

Here are the reasons that encourage me to signup for this affiliate and worth giving time to promoting GrooveFunnels than any other SAAS products:

#1 — Lucrative 2-Tier commission

First, GrooveFunnels is the best and high paying affiliate program in 2020. It pays you a lucrative 40% Tier-1 commission if you’re a PRO GrooveFunnels member and a 10% Tier-2 commission.

#2 — It is a Gold Rush

GrooveFunnels is not just sales funnel builder software it is all in one marketing platform without expensive price tags because this product is gaining lots of exposure.

#3 — Opportunity to Earn From 1,000 Of Peoples

GrooveFunnels affiliate system works on the 2nd tier which means if you refer the first person, and they refer another person, you’ll earn 10% 2nd Tier if you’re a PRO member, 5% 2nd Tier If you’re a FREE GrooveFunnels member.

How you can earn from thousands of people just referring to a single person?

I hope you have an idea of how 2nd tier affiliate system works. Let’s assume you referred your GrooveFunnels affiliate link to big marketing influencers and luckily they signed through your affiliate link and shared their affiliate link to thousands of their followers.

In this case, you’ll earn recurring commissions from thousands of people without doing anything. Just site down and watch your affiliate earning reports. (:

#4 — Converting Free Product is Easy

GrooveFunnels is giving FREE lifetime access to GroovePages Lite & GrooveSell to all members just for signing up. Who doesn’t like free stuff? chances are high people will sign up through your affiliate link to grab these two products.

GrooveFunnels’ affiliate system tags you for life which means when they upgrade, where they upgrade it doesn’t matter.

Eventually, many free members upgrade to PRO sometime in the future you’ll get commissions for your time and effort.

#5 — High-Converting

According to the CEO of GrooveDigital company Mike Filsaime, 1 in 5 people who click on your link to become a GrooveFunnels member.

#6 — Lifetime Hard-coded Affiliate Tag — Never expire cookie life

What is a lifetime hardcoded tag?. Even free members take some time to upgrade 1, 3, 6, months, or 5 years later. You’ll still get a commission for your effort and time there is no expiry date.

The hard-coded system locked you and your referrals for a lifetime. You may haven’t found this system in any other affiliate program you ever have seen.

CEO of GrooveDigital Company Mike Filsaime promised no one can ever get credit for this upgrade other than you. The First Tag Wins Policy secures your referrals under your name. No bonuses, webinars, blog posts, or live events can take credit for your referrals.

#7 — Without Expensive Price Tag

GrooveFunnels is the most affordable and all-in-one marketing platform. Other software may cost you a high amount for limited features but it is not the case with GrooveFunnels It gives you access to all premium marketing tools without extra cost to you.

It also offers a lifetime deal where users have to pay a one-time payment of $1,887 own for life.

#8 — Get Paid Weekly

You’ll get paid weekly for your second-tier affiliate commissions. Out there no one affiliate programs offer facilities like the Groove affiliate.

It is important to start promoting GrooveFunnels as soon as possible to acquire new members under your name. When they’ll upgrade you will receive commissions.

Action takers are moneymakers

Are you still unsure if GrooveFunnels’ affiliate program is best or not?. Don’t worry keep reading.

GrooveFunnels is a recurring affiliate program that means if you referred someone through an affiliate link company pay you commissions for as long as your referrals make payments.

For example, GrooveFunnels pay you up to 40% commission for the life of the customer.

Every time your referral upgrades plan you’ll earn a 40% residual commission without doing anything.

groovefunnels affiliate program: importance of joining affiliate program

Why you should always join the recurring affiliate program?

My recommendation recurring affiliate program is much better than a one-time payment because it is a residual source of income.

If you are making a one-time $100 for each customer you refer is much better than earning $10 every month while you are making through a recurring affiliate program.

Recurring vs one-time payment affiliate program

Let’s assume you have selected a product of $200 your one-time commission is 40% per customer ($200*40% = $80 in revenue). Fortunately, you have made 10 sales that mean ($80*10 = $800 in revenue) but this is not your residual income we cannot count this commission monthly or yearly.

When you have made the same number of sales in a recurring affiliate program you will make $800 every month or $800*12 = $9,600 (just in 10 sales) every year as long as your referrals make payment.

This is why I recommend every affiliate marketer run paid ads for recurring affiliate programs.

What is GrooveFunnels?. And How It Can Be Helpful in Online Business

what is groovfunnels affiliate program

GrooveFunnels is a suite of online business tools designed and developed for business owners without expensive price tags for each feature.

It’s quite the opposite because GrooveFunnels is not only easy to use; it is also free. When any member signed up to GrooveFunnels, they’ll get immediate access to website creator, funnel builder, and shopping cart software, allow them to have everything they need to sell products and services online.

  • Build Unlimited Products Funnels & Website
  • Connect Custom Domains
  • Build Full-Featured Websites
  • Powerful Checkout Pages
  • Hostings and Bandwidth
  • Sell products with 1-click Upsells
  • Create Upsells, Downsells, and OrderBumps
  • Powerful affiliate program
  • Email marketing & automation
  • Membership site creator
  • Video hosting like Vimeo
  • Payment gateways
  • Powerful popup builder

GrooveFunnels is especially helpful for those like me and you who don’t have little to no technical background.

The entire suite of tools is so simple to use, and anybody can create fully functional professional-looking websites, blogs, and Sales funnels capable of taking online orders.

High-converting Landing pages just doing copy and paste, drag and drop and click and scroll their way to create.

It is developed by GrooveDigital company and lead by Mike Filsaime, who left Kartra to build the robust platform GrooveFunnels.

This software aims to create the most powerful, affordable, and simple to use all-in-one software service that you can use to build, grow, and manage an online business in one platform.

GrooveFunnels have everything you need to scale up your business without switching to other software services for each purpose.

For instance, you need Sales funnel builder, an email marketing & autoresponder tool, Create websites, build product selling pages, and run live & automated webinars.

You don’t have to switch different platforms for each tool when GrooveFunnels provides you with all of the above tools in one software.

who is behind GrooveFunnels?

GrooveFunnels is lead by CEO of GrooveDigital company Mike Filsaime.

How GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program System Works?

In the below video, the CEO of GrooveFunnels, Mike Filsaime, explained the GrooveFunnels affiliate program’s commission structure.

And how the affiliate system works in Tier 1 and Tier 2? And how to maximize affiliate revenue?. Watch the below video :

Mike Filsaim explaining GrooveFunnels affiliate program system

What makes GrooveFunnels affiliate program more unique than anything else out there in the world.

Their automated affiliate system will lock every single person you refer to GrooveFunnels in what they call a parent-child relationship that is hard-coded with an affiliate tag you.

Essentially what that means is you refer somebody to GrooveFunnels once, and you own them for life. They are locked in and tagged to you for life.

So, let me give you an example. Once you refer somebody to GrooveFunnels, their affiliate system automatically tags to you hard-coded in the system. So, you don’t have to worry about cookies or using another computer when they decide to upgrade.

You see many people like to sign up on smartphones but later they upgrade on a laptop or sometimes they take time to sign up it could be a day, a week, or sometimes even two weeks or a month or months later.

So check this out with a hardcoded locked in a parent-child relationship with you and the person you referred it doesn’t matter if they sign up on an iPhone or any other devices and then take a vacation to Costa Rica walk into an internet cafe and decide to upgrade once they upgrade that person will be locked to you.

You are guaranteed to get an affiliate commission just for referring somebody to GrooveFunnels for free when they upgrade.

So, now let’s talk about why this matters first of all no one can ever take your lead away from you.

It doesn’t matter if your lead watches a video review or a blog review after you’ve already referred them you see if you refer them and they sign up for free they are locked into you.

Your cookie can never be overridden because GrooveFunnels not even using cookies at that point hard coding and tagging those people to you so again it doesn’t matter when they upgrade and it doesn’t matter where they upgrade you will own this lead for life.

Mike Filsaime calls this first tag wins and what that means is essentially getting somebody to sign up for free is very easy so, all you have to do is make them aware.

It’s almost like playing tag you simply just tag them and then they become a customer with us for life.

How to Become GrooveFunnels Affiliate Partner?

It is easy to become GrooveFunnels’ affiliate; no need website and approval application. You only need to have a free or premium GrooveFunnels account.

In the Free account, you’ll get a 20% commission for every customer you referred to GrooveFunnels, and in Premium, you earn up to 40% commission for each customer you bring them.

When signed up for GrooveFunnels, you’ll see an amazing dashboard gives you a detailed report on how many clicks your affiliate links get, impressions, signups, revenue, and sales.

And the best thing I like about as a GrooveFunnels affiliate they provide you with premade blog post reviews, Articles, Facebook ads creative, Banners, Video Reviews, Thank you page ads, and Email swipe files.

But I don’t recommend you copy review articles. Write your own that value your customers.

How to Maximize Affiliate Commissions?

GrooveFunels affiliate commission based on free or premium accounts. If you refer through a free account, you will earn a 20% Tier1 and 5% Tier2 commission.

If you refer through a premium account you’ll receive 40% Tier1 and 10% Tier2 recurring commissions for customers’ lifetime.

If you don’t have a budget then?

Then, I recommend you first make sales in a free account. When you succeed in promoting GrooveFunnels, you’re right to upgrade. When you upgraded to a premium account your affiliate commission will potentially increase up to 40% from each person you referred to GrooveFunnels.

How 2-tier override commission works?

GrooveFunnels affiliate program: second tier commission structure

Let’s assume you referred GrooveFunnels to a big marketer influencer. You will earn 20 or 40% commission Lifetime whatever it depends on your GrooveFunnels account type, whether it’s a premium or free version.

If they luckily upgraded to a premium version and shared their affiliate links to their large audiences, you will earn a 10% commission from each people they referred to others.

If they referred to 1000 people, you would earn a 10% commission from one thousand other people they referred.

This is the reason becoming a Groove JV partner is a win-win chance.

What is the cookie life of Groovefunnels affiliate?

In general, 1-year cookie life, no one can ever take your leads. If anybody signed GrooveFunnels free account through your affiliate links, it doesn’t matter when they upgrade and where you’ll get the commission.

Some of the users might take days months, or years even 5 years to upgrade the GrooveFunnels account you’ll get the commission.

GrooveFunnels Have Free, Monthly, and Lifetime Deal

GrooveFunnels offers three plans to its customer, Loyalty free plan, monthly, and lifetime deal.

You might be surprised why I called Groovefunnels free plan as loyalty. Because GrooveFunnels offers GroovePages and GrooveSell to their members Free for a lifetime worth $99/month without a required credit card. This offer really makes them a convertible affiliate program.

When you pitching GrooveFunnels to others chances are high they will be signed up to grab free GrooveSell and GroovePages tool worth $99/month.

If they later upgrade their account no matter how many years they take to upgrade the account you’ll make a commission for your effort as Mike Filsaime promised.

How to Sigup For The GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program

It’s is easy to sign up for GrooveFunnels and start promoting without any approval process, no need to have a website. You can even promote GrooveFunels via various social media platforms such as Facebook(embed link on your profile, recommend to your friends in relevant groups), Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin.

How to signup for the GrooveFunnels affiliate program?

Follow these steps to become GrooveFunnels Affiliate:

  1. Head over to GrooveJv here
  2. Click on “create a free Groovesell account”
  3. Fill out the required details and verify your email. You are now GrooveFunnnels Affiliate
GrooveFunnels affiliate program: Groove jv page

You can set a custom password after logging in with a temporary password sent by GrooveFunnels.

When you successfully registered as a GrooveFunnels affiliate. It’s time to log in to GrooveFunnels. When you logged in you’ll be land on the convenient affiliate dashboard.

GrooveFunnels’ Affiliate Dashboard

The convenient dashboard gives you detailed reports on how many clicks your affiliate links get, impressions, signups, sales, and revenue generated per sales.

And you’ll see your personal affiliate links check out by visiting each of the links to get an idea of which affiliate link you should promote.

Pre-made GrooveFunnels Affiliate Promotional Materials

Sky-rocket affiliate marketing with done for you promotional materials by Groovefunnels.

What you’ll get?. Blog post reviews, Articles, Banners in different sizes, Email swipes, Facebook ads creative, Thank you pages, Custom email signature, and more.

groovefunnels affiliate program: promotional materials

How do you use promotional materials?

You can put GrooveFunnels banners with affiliate links in different sections of your website or blog.

When pitching GrooveFunnels on social media you may use these creatives as post images for grabbing users’ attention.

Promoting GrooveFunnels & Where To Find Affiliate Link?

  1. Click on Groove Affiliate Program
  2. Next click on “links”
  3. Select a unique link for a product you want to promote.

How to Promote GrooveFunnels

GrooveFunnels affiliate program: How to promote groovefunnels

Different ways you can promote GrooveFunnels but you should keep in mind, promote GrooveFunnels to those who really need this product.

Note: Don’t spam affiliate links anywhere it violent GrooveFunnels affiliate program policy. If you do GooveFunnels team blocked you.

Here is where you can promote GrooveFunnels:

#1 Do Blogging

Blogging is the best strategy to do affiliate marketing you can promote GrooveFunnels by Writing Reviews, Creating tutorials on how to build sales funnels?, and writing reviews on the GrooveFunnels Affiliate program.

And don’t forget to mention GrooveFunnels with your affiliate links.

What should be in your blog post?. Write SEO optimized article, add a CTA button in different sections of paragraphs with your affiliate links, add relevant screenshots in your blog post, and videos if possible. It gets you a better conversion rate.

#2 Use Search Engine Optimization

SEO is an indispensable tool to promote products it brings you targeted organic traffic that gives better conversion without any cost. And overall, it improves visibility on search engines.

But you’ll not see immediate results of your efforts it long-run way to see amazing outcomes of your hard work.

#3 Run Social Media Campaigns

You must use social media for promoting affiliate products. It is the quickest way to promote your affiliate links to large numbers of audiences in a short time.

*Facebook ads sample:

facebooks ads sample

But I don’t recommend you run paid ads on Facebook if you don’t have a high budget you’ll burn all money in the learning phase of the Facebook ads system.

You can do two things to promote your affiliate link by doing blogging, in social media(Quora, Facebook, Reddit, and Medium) and community.

Running ads for promoting affiliate links is the quickest way to see conversion.

#4 Add Banners And Button To Your Site

When the visitors land on your site you want them to do something, read your blog post, explore different pages of your site, view your video, most importantly click on links.

It is the best opportunity for you to add advertisement banners, Call to action button with your personal affiliate links, are the two best ways to get your visitors to take valuable action.

#5 Offer Valuable Bonuses

If you are a marketer you can convince your visitors if you signup through my affiliate link, I will send you these marketing courses for free. e.g. lead generation course, Advertising course, and guide on how to generate massive traffic on site, etc.

No one likes to lose offers these bonuses encourage your visitors to take valuable action without leaving you out 😃.

How do you use Facebook ads to promote affiliate link? For, beginners

  1. Don’t send visitors directly from ads to your affiliate link. It violates Facebook ads policy and may result to deactivate your ads account.
  2. Create a dedicated landing page, add proposition headlines, texts, images, a CTA(call-to-action) button with your affiliate link, informational product videos, and some shoots of testimonials.
  3. If you offer something in exchange when a person signup through your affiliate link it will more likely to convert. e.g. add text in the blog post: if you signup through my affiliate links I will send this and that bonus.

I have created one of the landing pages on GroovePages for promoting GrooveFunnels they are really looking attractive, I have added actionable headlines, texts, images, a call to action button, and an informational video.

GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program Review

Groove Funnel’s affiliate program is a great way to make money with no risk. It pays high commissions and provides digital marketers with the tools they need to be successful without any additional investment on their part. The tools are vast and the customer service team will help answer any questions or concerns that arise while running your business.

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