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Creating enticing Google ads takes lots of time and effort.

If you want to get more people to click on your ad and get it converted, you need great copy that’s going to capture their attention and drive them towards your site.

Jasper AI is an AI-powered copywriting tool that helps you write persuasive ad copy in seconds. Just input some information about your business such as products/services names and small campaign descriptions, then it will generate compelling ads for marketing campaigns with just a click.

In this blog post, we will show you how to write better ad copy with

What are Google Ads?

Do you know what google ads are? You may have seen them when conducting a search for something on the Google search engine. They appear at the top and bottom of the search results of the screen and show up as a small box with text. Sometimes they’re called Google Ads, sometimes they’re called Sponsored Results, but whatever you call them, these ads can be found on any page that has content from Google search results.

It’s only natural that marketers want to view this platform as a way to engage their target audience by advertising products and services to those people who are searching for what they offer.

How to write google ad copy using Jasper AI

Jasper is a great tool for writing better ad copy and it’s easy to use. Here are the steps you can take in order to write your Google Ads with Jasper AI:

Step 1: if you don’t have a Jasper account, you can create one for free here. will ask you some questions about your brand name, and what purpose you want to use this tool.

Step 2: After setting up your account, navigate through the template section, and click on the “Ads section”. You’ll see two types of templates available one is for Google ads description and another one is for generating Google ads headlines.

google ads generator: copywriting templates

If you want to generate headlines for ads, select the Google Ads headline template. If writing long copies and descriptions of your campaign try out one or both of these options.

Step 3: Input your product information and small description. Let’s say our product is “Pushpress” a gym management software.

And our description: Gym software helps gym owners manage their gym with less stress and make more money.

google ads text generator

Step 4: Now Jasper AI will write 3 custom ads copy for your campaign, and then you’ll need to choose the best one that is relevant to your products and services.

You can generate even more ads copies if you don’t see what’s relevant for your needs.

Step 5: Review your options. You can always click “Generate AI content” again for three new choices or use the customize option.

Improving your ads using the Google ads generator

Target specific keywords so your ads can be seen by the people who are searching for terms that resonate with you and get access to powerful, relevant search queries. It will help improve conversion rates.

Don’t get caught up in the hype. Know your audience and what they’re looking for before you create any ads. It’s important not just because it will make a difference, but also from an e-commerce perspective: knowing how people search is key information when designing websites or creating products that are meant to be sold online.

There are a number of different keywords that you can exclude from your advertisements in order to better target potential customers. For instance, if I had an ad targeting budget travelers and hostel-type accommodations only then words like family travel or luxurious would be off-limits because they aren’t relevant for this market segment.

Don’t leave any fields blank. Google will ask you to enter in headlines, Call to Actions and descriptions not all of the information is mandatory but filling them in ensures that your advertisement gets highly qualified matches rather than irrelevant searches.

One of the best ways to figure out which ads are a hit is by running several ads tests. Brands and companies will often create several google adverts, test them for performance ratings and then choose their top performers before implementing those strategies on an ongoing basis with real customers.

Use Google ad extensions it gives you a way to offer your customers more information. Sitelink and Callout ads have specific landing pages for each extension, so it’s easy for them to find what they need right away.

Big brands

It may come as a surprise that MailChimp and ConstantContact one of the world’s largest email marketing software companies advertising uses Google ads. The truth is every brand does because these types of advertisements are highly effective at showing both what your business has to offer as well how it operates on behalf.

google ads example generator

Keyword Targeting

In this example, you can see the keywords that matched your ad. These words are bolded which means this ad is relevant to this search term.

If there were other related searches on top like “Best SEO Software” then those would show up too.

google ads preview generator

This ad features a headline and link to get straight what visitors want without navigating your whole website. If they have questions about pricing & plans or site audits then just click the appropriate links below to get them on the page.

google search ad generator

Why does my brand need Google ads?

If you’re looking for an effective way to reach new customers, Google ads are a great option. All big brands use Google ads to reach potential customers. These paid advertisements appear in the most popular search engine on earth and can help generate buzz around your brand or product.

The final verdict

If you’re looking for the best ads generator tool look no further than Jasper AI

The Jasper is a great way to create Google ads in minutes with little effort and without the need for expensive hiring of an agency or copywriters, saving you time and money. With this easy-to-use solution, crafting compelling ad text can be done by anybody who doesn’t even have copywriting experience.

It also comes with an AIDA Framework template that any description into the Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action formula. This helps you get your audience’s attention as well as walk them through the series of steps needed for purchasing products.

Ready to get started with Jasper AI?

Frequently asked questions

Is Jasper AI is the best tool for Google ads headline generator?

Yes, Jasper AI is the best tool for generating headlines that will get your Google ads and Facebook campaigns noticed by audiences. It uses the power of Artificial intelligence to come up with better ads copy.

Can I use this tool for Google ads text generator?

Yes, Jasper AI can help you generate not just Google ads text but also Facebook and Instagram posts for your business.

Is there a tool for Google display ads generator?

After I had taken some time to research on the internet for Google display ads generator tool, Cleverads seemed like a good one. It has features that are easy and useful in generating your campaign.

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