7+ Best AI Copywriting Software Of 2021 (Free & Paid)

Jasper AI

jasper ai

The Jasper.ai copywriting tool is the perfect solution for all of your content creation needs, whether you’re writing long-form content or short content such as blog post intros, social media posts, or product descriptions.

It uses Open AI GPT-3 technology, which helps you write faster and more clarity on blog posts and high converting ad copy that will increase conversions exponentially.

A great way this product can be used by businesses looking forward to their marketing strategies is to create landing pages or sales funnels where potential customers are first greeted when they enter onto one page from another site linking out there, alongside writing compelling headlines, etc.

What makes the Jasper best AI copywriting software?

Key Features

  • Choose from 50+ different templates to find the perfect fit for your copy/content.
  • Speak/read/write 25+ global languages.
  • Write longer, more in-depth content that not only expresses your thoughts but is easy to read and understand.
  • Create a user account and add your teammates to work on the same project.
  • Have the ability to use tags and labels projects for better organizational skills.

Jasper AI makes writing fast along the SEO optimization process with SurferSEO, so you’ll be able to write quality content while optimized for search engines. The Jasper AI best copywriting software helps people create professional and engaging text that enriches their audience while improving SERPS (search engine result page).


Jasper offers two pricing plans – Starter and Boss Mode. The starter plan is designed for smaller businesses to write short-form content such as product descriptions, blog post intros, and social media posts, which cost $29/month.

Boss Mode is the perfect solution for those who write content but want more control. With Boss mode, users can create their blog posts using AI commands and unlimited access to writing every month. There’s no limit amount of content you generate with Jasper.

jasper AI pricing: how much is jasper ai

So, what are you waiting for? All plan comes with five days free trial with a seven-day money-back guarantee. Sign up today and enjoy the five free days. If something isn’t working or fulfilling your needs during that trial period, you can cancel your account.


copywriting software: Headlime

Headlime is a copywriting tool that uses Artificial Intelligence to help users generate unique and engaging content quickly. With Headlime, you don’t worry about the complicated mechanics of writing persuasive marketing materials for your blog or product adverts – choose an idea and let AI take care of everything else.

Key features:

  • Create more content in less time with 1700+ templates as your starting point templates for inspiration to write your excellent copy.
  • It can read and write in 11 different languages.
  • Build landing pages along with high-converting copywriting tools.
  • It’s easy to create professional copy for your Facebook ads, Google advertisements and other marketing efforts. Just choose from our many options of voice that will get you results quickly.
  • Rich document editor for writing long-form content such as blog posts or stories. It has all of the features you could need to avoid writer’s block, copywriting techniques like bulleted lists or numbered points; even tables are not too much trouble.
  • Customer support is available through email, chat and knowledge base.


Headlime offers two pricing plans – individual and Business. The individual designed for small businesses to write short-form content such as product descriptions, blog post intros, and social media posts, which cost $59/month

headlime pricing

Business Plan is perfect for larger companies or agencies who want to use all features of Headlime without limitations. Still, it’s also great if you’re starting and need an idea of what type of work environment would be best.


Headlime is a simple, straightforward copywriting tool that can help you create compelling content in minutes.

With over 1700+ pre-made templates and 20+ categories to choose from, this versatile marketing platform is by far the most comprehensive out there on the market today. You’ll never have to worry about writer’s block again.

Copy AI


Copy.ai is an AI copywriting software that helps you write better quality marketing copy fast, with over 25+ templates and styles to choose from- including ad campaigns, blog posts, and social media posts.

The best part about Copy.ai? It’s primarily hands-free after the initial setup! With only a few clicks of a button, you’ll have the perfect marketing copy delivered straight for editing.

Key features:

  • You’ll be able to write short-form content quickly and easily with Copy.ai, thanks in part because it comes equipped with 20+ different skills professionally designed templates that are perfect for any business.
  • Provides templates for Facebook ads, Google Ads, promotional email campaign, sales funnel and landing pages.
  • It can translate into 25+ languages.
  • Customer support is available through email and chat.


Copy.ai offers two types of pricing plans — Solo and Custom; Solo is designed for small businesses that want an affordable solution to their content creation needs with limited features or customization options, starting at $49/month.

The team will charge you based on what is required to meet your requirements custom price for each individual.


Copy AI is one of the most robust content writing tools out there. With its excellent user experience, it catches on faster than its competitors, and with so many features you can use for your content marketing and SEO efforts, we’re confident that this tool will be a staple in any digital marketer’s arsenal. To get access to all of these features, sign up today.


best copywriting software: copysmith

Copysmith.ai is a new AI copywriting tool that promises to bring your writing and creativity into the future by generating content for you in seconds. Their homepage states, “The Copysmith will end writer’s block and help explore creative territory quicker than ever.”

Key features

  • Create short-form content fast and easy with 30+ different skills copywriting templates.
  • Provides templates for Facebook ads, Google Ads, promotional email campaign, sales funnel and landing pages.
  • Built-in plagiarism detection ensures you’re getting an original, authentic copy.
  • Supports 30+ different global languages.
  • Email and in-app chat support.


Copysmith offers three different pricing plans — Starter, Professional, and Teams. The starter plan is for those who don’t need unlimited text or blog generation but only want to write short-form content at an affordable monthly cost of $19 per month; Teams will allow you to generate words they want with no limit.

copysmith pricing

The professional package starts moderately in price ($118/month) before adding additional functionality such as long-form blogging starting from just one penny a word.

All plans come complete with a free trial so that customers can try out each option before making their final selection.


Copysmith designed to speed up the process of writing, which can be difficult for most businesses. The company has a blog post generator that will create an entire blog post with just a few pieces of inputted information, a helpful tool if you’ve ever found yourself staring at your computer screen wondering what to write next.


best ai copywriting software

ShortlyAI is a writing application that uses advanced artificial intelligence to generate text. It’s an app designed with one goal: To help you write better and create more engaging long-form content such as blog posts, stories, or novels.

The interface may be simple, but its power comes from the deep processing of language patterns and natural human emotions behind it all. It can help bloggers, marketers, or authors generate high-quality content fast.

Key features

  • Create long-form content quickly and easily with a rich document editor. It has all of the features you could need to avoid writer’s block, copywriting techniques like bulleted lists or numbered points; even tables are not too much trouble.
  • ShortlyAI supports the English language only.
  • Get more accurate answers faster through our knowledgebase articles or chat support.
  • It can help you to generate fictional and non-fictional stories.
  • Save time by using predefined writing commands for different purposes. You’ll have more control over AI, what needs to write and when to complete every task efficiently.


ShortlyAI offers two types of pricing plans — Monthly and Annual. The monthly subscription costs $79/month, while an annual plan goes for less at $65/month.

shortlyai pricing


If you are looking for an AI writing assistant that can produce original, creative content in various formats such as blog posts, social media posts, articles, and emails at a fraction of the cost, then ShortlyAI is your best option.

They have been so far the most reliable service I’ve used to date. Their customer support team has also proven themselves to be timely and responsive when it comes time to address any issues or concerns about their work.


copywriting tool: rytr

Rytr is an AI-powered content generator and writing tool that helps you create high-quality articles with minimal cost, time, or effort. It provides easy ways for beginners who want good quality material without struggling on the internet by generating exceptional topics from scratch depending upon your input about what kind of topic it should be.

Rytr saves your time as a solo freelancer or as part of a team. Improve the quality of your copywriting with multiple tones of voice and vocabulary options. With Rytr, you can write any advertising copy. It’s a time saver for freelance marketers and agency owners. Rytr is the best tool for writing in multiple languages, such as English or German.

It comes with 30+ different short-skill copywriting templates covering all types of Facebook ads, Google ads, and email campaigns. Improve your work speed by up to 100 hours per month. Rytr uses smart technology to match the template to the job.

Key features

  • 30+ different short-skill copywriting templates. Use these as inspiration or to cut down on writing time for your next project.
  • It is a powerful and easy-to-use software for all your advertising copy needs, from Facebook ads generation to landing page copywriting. All templates available that help you to excellent promotional copy.
  • Ability to choose your own writing style through tone of voice. Pick the best right emotion with 5+ tones of voice categorized by keywords or type of audience you want to reach.



For Rytr’s price, the tool is worth it. It works every time and can help you generate far better content than anything you could write by yourself in the same amount of time. The writing environment is friendly and easy to use with a simple interface that offers many benefits but doesn’t take over your workflow or try too hard to do what you already know how to do yourself.

Rytr is perfect for beginners like me who want some assistance without having another person edit their text.

It is also accurate enough that more advanced users won’t get frustrated when they can see all suggested changes right away on one page instead of waiting until after multiple times emails.


ai copywriting tool: writesonic

Writesonic is AI content writing software that helps you write better marketing copy such as Facebook and Google Ad copy and provides assistance for all other forms of business-related writing, including landing pages. It scans a broad range of topics, figures out how they fit together, and creates content that people will read.

Key features

Writesonic is powered by the AI algorithm; Writesonic will write copy on any topic you choose for your blog post, email campaign, or sales page. It’s simple to create unique, error-free content with over 24 supported languages and templates with straightforward instructions to get started immediately. Or you can hire a copywriter to write for you.

  • Provides templates for generating ad copy for Facebook ads, Google Ads, promotional email campaigns, sales funnel and landing pages.
  • It comes with 27+ different copywriting templates that help you get the writing done for any content.
  • A rich document editor can be used to make longer, more in-depth content that not only expresses your thoughts but is easy to read and understand.
  • It can read, write, and translate 24 different languages. Simplifies the process of writing content for international audiences
  • Comes with a long-form content writer such blog posts, stories, etc.


Writesonic offers four types of pricing plans — Basic($15/month), Professional($45/month), Startup($95/month), and Agency($195/month).

Writesonic pricing

Basic designed for personal use, including All writing features, 25 supported languages, and 1 user seat that costs $15/month.

Startup plan designed for startups and small businesses, including all features in the startup plan and Browser extension, Shopify app, and priority support that costs $95/month.

Professional includes Basic, and Startup plans features with 25 languages per month and five user seats that cost $45/month.

Agency designed for agencies and large businesses, including all features in the startup plan and Browser extension, Shopify app, priority support, and 100 languages per month that cost $195/month.


Since its launch, Writesonic has become one of the most desired tools for anyone who wants to be a great writer. If you are a writer, then you know the importance of having a good copywriter.

Writesonic is going to make you a better writer and help you write anything fast. The software has been created to allow the user to write like an expert writer and not worry about mistakes or the cumbersome process of writing. The software will enable you to concentrate on paper because it can handle other parts of writing for you.



Anyword uses the most significant marketing communications database to create tailored messages that are relevant and expert-level at communicating. So you’re not just getting fancy words, but knowledge about your business, audience, product/service, industry, etc. Because they use machine learning, Anyword learns from itself, so the more it gets used, the better it is relevant.

Any marketing team or department can use Anyword to create compelling content marketing pieces. From blog posts, websites, whitepapers, infographics through to email newsletters and social media posts.

Key features

We can use Anyword to create different types of text. For example, we can write a blog post introduction or a product description for an Amazon product. We can even write a sales copy and email campaign, Facebook ad, Google ads, and landing page copy with it. Also, we can generate different kinds of advertising messages such as promotional emails, sales copy in various formats, and designs for different advertising media.

  • Comes 20+ short-form content generation templates that help you write blog post intros, conclusion paragraphs, product descriptions, etc.
  • Provides templates for generating ad copy for Facebook ads, Google Ads, promotional email campaigns, sales funnel and landing pages.
  • User seats: The starter plan includes 1 user seat, higher plan include multiple user seats.
  • Customer support: Live chat, email, and dedicated business or enterprise plan (if needed).


Starter $19/month 20+ short skill templates, 15,000 words/month AI text generation 1 user seat (at this price point, users don’t need separate API keys)

Business $59/month 40+ short skill templates, 100,000 words/month AI text generation 2 user seats (if users want to add more API keys or access billing and analytics reports)

Enterprise custom price features include:

Customized language models API integration Dedicated customer success manager Other advanced features such as Facebook lead capture UI Cutting-edge targeting technology.

Is there a free trial?

Yes, you can try the starter package for free. There is no time limit on how long your trial lasts. Just keep in mind that you won’t be able to use the API until you upgrade to a paid plan.


Anyword is so far the best copywriting software that you can find on the market. It will help you to write better content in less time. I use it for my work, but you don’t have to follow my example if you are not happy with the speed.

Also, I’m sure that there might be some other copywriting tools available on the market right now related to this one.

However, I think that they are not as good as Jasper AI. If you are looking for top copywriting software, I’m sure that Anyword is the right one. I suggest using it because you will save lots of time writing your articles or blog posts. You can easily overcome all obstacles when publishing content on the internet because this tool will help you a lot.



Snazzy is an artificial intelligence content creation tool, which means it uses machine learning algorithms to build out your next line of text.

If you have ever tried to write a copy manually through Google, you know how time-consuming it can be. Snazzy is a cutting-edge tool that uses artificial intelligence to make content creation fast and easy. It’s perfect for quickly building out short form contents such as ad copy, landing pages, or product descriptions without sacrificing quality.

Snazzy is a low-cost way to automate part of your marketing efforts, saving you lots of time that can be better spent on managing your business. It takes the pressure off by letting the tool do the work for you.

Key features

Snazzy comes with 25+ different short-skill copywriting templates that will allow you to quickly and easily write copy for your website or social media accounts. Whether it’s product descriptions, ad copy, or just writing the perfect caption on Instagram – Snazzy features have got you covered.


Snazzy offers two pricing plans. Starter designed for personal use starts at $0/month. Growth includes unlimited words generations, unlimited profiles, and beta writers features begin at $49/month. Snazzy also offers custom plans for teams of writers.

snazzy pricing

Is Snazzy free?

Snazzy Starter is free forever, and you can create as many drafts as you want. With the Snazzy Growth plan, there are no monthly fees. You pay once for an annual plan at the beginning of each year. The price includes all the features mentioned above and new ones added later to make writing easier.



Grammarly is a popular online grammar checker that provides its users with the ability to detect and fix grammatical errors in their writing. Unlike most other grammar-checking software, Grammarly also helps users by giving context-specific usage guidance, spelling corrections, punctuation fixes, capitalization reminders, and more.

The service has been used by people worldwide for everything from school work to business reports. The software includes several different languages, including English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, etc., making it a program that many people can use. Various features available on this site make it stand out from other applications such as Microsoft Word.

It checks for grammar or spelling mistakes and figures out what word should be used in its place. Examples of how it works include replacing words like ‘to’ with ‘too’ or ‘form’ with ‘from.’ It also detects the tense of a word, allowing you to avoid awkward sentences by checking whether they should be written in present or past. Furthermore, Grammarly provides statistics about how long your paper is and shows you what percentage of your writing has been checked.

Grammarly is for both personal and professional use which makes it an invaluable tool. If you frequently write, whether it be school papers, business reports, or blog posts, this application can help ensure that everything you write is correct and mistake-free.

There is a free version available on the website which allows users to check 500 words per month; however, if users wish to upgrade their account, they can choose a premium version. A free trial is available for the premium version, letting users check as much as they want without paying anything.

Grammarly can be used on any device, from mobile phones to desktop computers, so it will still be checked no matter where you choose to write your paper or document.

In addition, Grammarly has an app that allows you to copy and paste documents from your email so you can have them checked straight away. This application makes checking grammar quick and easy, allowing anybody who wishes to use it to improve their grammar skills with ease.

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