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Our Verdict On BiQ

BiQ SEO tool has been a popular option for those looking to find success online, but does this mean it’s any good? Not exactly. In terms of content analysis, BiQ can accurately analyze your content and provide you with a helpful feedback that can help improve on what you’re doing wrong. However, when it comes to keyword research, there is more room for improvement with only a 65% accuracy rate. This simply isn’t up to par in comparison to other tools which have an accuracy rate of 84%.

In case, If you have a budget then I recommend you to use Semrush. This SEO tool is best in keywords research with an 89.8% accuracy rate, website audit, link building, competitor’s research ( steal traffic from your competitors), and a lot more.

Semrush seems like a better choice if you need more, features and keywords accuracy rate and access to more advanced features.

Are you looking for how to boost your website ranking through SEO?. Continuously auditing your site for SEO and analyzing your competitors it seems like too much to handle. There is a solution for you BiQ helps you to make all your complicated SEO tasks easy. This BiQ review going to equipped your all SEO tasks.

[rtoc_mokuji title=”Contents” title_display=”left” heading=”h3″ list_h2_type=”number1″ list_h3_type=”round” list_h4_type=”round” display=”open” frame_design=”frame3″ animation=”slide”] is hands down the average marketing software for your SEO needs?

A proficient SEO tool helps you to find Related keywords, Content ideas, Trending Searches, Popular Questions, and AI guided Content Intelligence to analyze your full content gives you suggestions to meet SEO guidelines. At the same, you can track your website ranking through Rank Tracking gives you accurate Insights about how well your website stands on the market.

such as the Keyword Intelligence tool helps you to find Related Keywords, Content Ideas, Popular Questions, and Trending Searches. You can filter a long list of keywords in different intents such as Transactional, Informational, and Navigational keywords for your marketing.

BiQ is the most dynamic SEO software. In this BiQ review, we will analyze how BiQ covers the function mentioned above and more.

By the end of this BiQ review, you will able to track the Ranking Position of your website, Track your website’s ranking position for each keyword in the Google Top 100, how it is performing well in the market and you will analyze the content quality of your site or blog using the Content Intelligence tool.

So, I have been using BiQ for over 5 Months seeing the great results in website ranking improvement and stand out from my competitors. Not only me, but many Bloggers, Entrepreneurs, and SEO agencies trust BiQ.

Right now, over 1 million users are using BiQ premium, the most affordable of BiQ plan and the great thing is about its premium plan you will only pay for the features you use and don’t pay for features you don’t use.

BiQ’s Database Overview

BiQ database overview

BiQ’s keywords database contains a humongous 2 billion keywords with 102,030 geo databases.

Some primary advantages of doing keyword research:

  • Increase website traffic(organically)
  • Rank higher on search engine for the right keyword
  • Appear first when people searching for your product and services
  • Explore more about your target market
  • Find niche areas your competitors have yet to discover
  • Increase your website authority as others

Let’s Begin BiQ SEO Tool Review:

BiQ is the most productive SEO tool having ample features and advantages that make them to -go choice. Therefore, I decided to give complete BiQ Review & Tutorial so, that our fellow bloggers and marketers can get the same benefits as I’m getting from BiQ.

What is BiQ? How it can be helpful in SEO?

Have you recently looked up for Keyword Research, Rank Tracking, and Site Audit then chances are more you familiar with BiQ.

BiQ is an SEO suite that helps you perform your Keyword Research(helps you to find related keywords, trending searches and popular questions asked on the internet), AI Guided Line By Line Content analysis, Rank Tracking, and monitor your overall website performance progress and provides you SEO opportunity to well rank on Google.

What makes BiQ different from the rest of the SEO tools in the market?

BiQ suite packed with more than 50+ SEO features, you do not need to pay a huge amount for all the features at one time. offers the most flexible plan that’s cost under your command, you will only pay for the features you use don’t pay for the features you don’t use. For instance, if you are using ‘Keyword Research’, you will only pay for it. You do not need to pay for ‘Content Intelligence’ until you use to optimize your content with this.

It’s safe to say, BiQ is a perfect choice for small-medium businesses, freelancers, and even agencies.

BiQ’s Quotes to be noted:

Pay Only For What You Use & Don’t Pay For What You Don’t Use


Here is another point to be considered, BiQ is designed to presents you with all the necessary metrics, optimization, and improvements that your website needs when it comes to point on SEO.

BiQ is one of the most popular SEO tools on web for Marketers, Bloggers and Entrepreneurs.

It comes with ample of tool kits. For instance, Keyword Intelligence, Content Intelligence, Rank Tracking, and Rank Intelligence are amazingly helpful.

BiQ positioned itself rather than other conventional SEO tools available in the market. With BiQ’s intelligent SEO suit you will never have to worry about having to jump from different tools and paying a high amount for each of them offering different capacities.

Not only you will work on your SEO efficiently, but you will also able to pay for what you use. Yes, BiQ is the world’s first SEO suite that lets you control the price. Straightforward it doesn’t break your bank right!

biq cloud review: homepage
BiQ review: Homepage

The primary function of BiQ is to find profitable keywords, improve your website rank position on search engines through intelligent SEO tools to overshadow your competitors. Furthermore, it provides an opportunity to track keywords for you and your competitors ranking for SERPs. Overall, it makes online competition transparent for everyone.

How to use BiQ to get more benefits?

Before, we jump to any other things I will demonstrate to you what BiQ is? how you can use this SEO tool to see growth in your business. Moreover, I will give you a quick overview of BiQ platform.

But you have to take this seriously as a business you will have to use BiQ.

What I can do is share the features and explain to you how you can use them it depends on you how you utilize the features correctly to get extra benefits from BiQ.

My first advice for you is to try BiQ for free yourself so, you can more familiarize yourself with this SEO tool. Here I have given a BiQ FREE tier link just go through this link to start your free trial today.

Once you start using BiQ yourself over time, you will get more depth knowledge and experience about that.

How to get BiQ Free Trial Worth $$$/month?

Follow this easy steps to grab BiQ’s free trial:

Step 1: Click on this link you will be redirected to BiQ sign-up page. The dashboard will look like shown as the screenshot below.

Note: You will pay nothing under your free trial.

BiQ review: start free trial
BiQ review: start free trial

Now you have to register yourself to get BiQ free account. There are three signup methods available: Signup with Facebook, Google or fill the form with your name, email address and password choose upon your preference and proceed to the next step.

BiQ review: Dashboard
BiQ review: Dashboard

Step 2: After you registered yourself for the free tier you will be redirected to BiQ’s convenient dashboard without any cost. Where you will see BiQ’s 4 amazing tools: Keyword Intelligence, Content Intelligence, Rank Intelligence, and Rank Tracking.

The Convenient BiQ Dashboard

The best thing about BiQ has a simple and user-friendly dashboard anybody can explore a wide variety of tools this is why I love it more than any other marketing tool.

When you land on the BiQ dashboard it shows you all the necessary tools in the left-sidebar and user guide on the center of this page where you can learn what you can do with BiQ?. Your BiQ dashboard will look like this.

BiQ review: convenient dashboard
BiQ review: convenient dashboard

Currently, You will see only three tools available on dashboard Keyword Intelligence, Content Intelligence, Rank Intelligence, and Rank Tracking more tools coming soon.

Here is the list of more advanced tools of BiQ will be coming soon:

  • Site Intelligence
  • Link Intelligence
  • Markup Intelligence
  • Team Management
  • Community

List of dashboard features:

You will get all features on BiQ dashboard listed below:

  • Keyword Intelligence ( find Related keywords, get Content ideas, find Popular questions and find Trending searches keywords )
  • Content Intelligence
  • Rank Intelligence
  • Rank Tracking

Now, I will quickly explain to you all the features listed above so, you can get a better idea of how to use them correctly?

Mind-blowing Features of BiQ Dashboard

The amazing dashboard that makes BiQ winning tool. It will help you to perform better than your competitors due to the following SEO features:

Keyword Intelligence

These days, effective keyword research is an increasingly important skill for digital marketers and bloggers. Not only do you need a list of keywords to help you in your SEO, but you’ll need to also find out what topics and phrases you should be using while writing so, we conclude how it is crucial to do keyword research before writing content it couldn’t be ignored. If you ignore this then you may lose your potential customers.

What’s Inside BiQ’s Keyword Intelligence?

  • Related Keywords
  • Content Ideas
  • Popular Questions
  • Trending Searches
  • Keyword Metrics
BiQ review: doing keyword research
BiQ review: Keyword Intelligence

*Related Keywords

BiQ helps you to find hundreds of related keywords from a single seed keyword. Simply enter the target keyword in search bar hit enter to get dozens of related keyword opportunities for your SEO work.

BiQ review: keyword Intelligence
BiQ review: Related Keywords

Find the option to filter your Related Keywords based on relatedness, long-tail, Intent type(navigational, transactional, and informational), and include and exclude specific keywords from suggestions with advanced filter.

*Content Ideas

Brainstorming for content ideas seems like a hard task but with BiQ intelligent content idea generator makes your task easy and saves you lots of time to do other stuff.

*Popular Questions

BiQ helps you to find the most popular questions asked by peoples on the web. Use them in your FAQ section to help search engines to better understand your content.

*Trending Searches

Explore what’s are the hot searches stay updated with trending topics. Use them in your content to develop clickable and shareable.

You can do more with Keyword Intelligence:

  • Generate semantically related keywords: BiQ suggests semantically related keywords from your target keyword use them in your content to help search engines to better understand your content.
  • Conduct Local keyword research for SEO: Wherever your business located it doesn’t matter BiQ helps you to dominate your niche and helps you find the most valuable keywords for your local business.
  • Research in more than 35+ languages: BiQ helps you to conduct research in more than 35+ languages to reach a broader audience. This seems relevant to your target audiences this may results in your conversion rate exponentially increase.
  • Unlock Hidden Opportunities With Long-tail Keywords: Find the less competitive keywords that you rank for. BiQ helps you to get hundreds of long-tail keywords just from your single Seed Keyword.
  • Get Real-time accurate Keyword data and trend: BiQ provides you research with real-time accurate data and trends. Use them in your content to hack SEO ranking.

How to use Keyword Intelligence to find profitable keywords?

The Keyword Intelligence tool is a comprehensive researching tool. It helps you to find profitable keywords through related keywords suggestions, which attract more visitors from various search engines like Google and Bing which is considered as the most popular search engine on this planet. This tool helps you to find the keywords which you missing the opportunity for your business.

Kick-start Your Keyword Research With BiQ

Once you come up with your seed keyword idea start off the keyword research process with BiQ.

Enter your seed keyword in the search option, for example, my seed keyword is “Udemy discount“. Select along with location and language of your choice, BiQ allows you to choose over 30+ languages and 100,000 locations. If your finding new keywords then create a new collection and rename it as you wish.

BiQ cloud review: enter to get started keyword research

As you already know, I need related keywords to my seed keyword “Udemy discount“. Therefore I will enter this in the Keyword Intelligence tool and hit the enter button.

Within a second BiQ will analyze your seed keyword start discovering thousands of keyword idea that is relevant to your seed keyword.

BiQ review: finding profitable keywords
BiQ review: finding related keywords

Keyword Intelligence is easy to use and beginner-friendly. You can discover tons of keyword ideas to use in your blog’s content to help search engines to understand your content better.

In addition to it, You can also see trends, monthly volume, number of search results, cost per click(CPC), competition, and much more in-depth report.

Under the column header, you can adjust metrics in ascending or descending order. Use it to find more keyword opportunity that matches your preference.

You will begin with revealing other Related keywords, Content ideas, Popular questions, and Trending Searches that are relevant to your seed keyword.

Find More Keywords With Advanced Filter

BiQ gives you more control over to find the keywords that exactly matches your preference with advanced filter. I will share with you some quick hacks on how to use this filter effectively?.

BiQ review: find more keywords with advanced filter
BiQ review: advanced filter

To use this feature you need to click on “Advanced Filter” before we going to use the advanced filter I will tell you more about this feature it helps you to find long-tail keywords, short and very short with different types of intents.

BiQ SEO: advanced filter
BiQ review: Advanced Filter

When you open “Advanced Filter” you will be able to see Includes and Excludes option. Use this feature to save your lots of time to exclude or include search term from your Related Keywords. At the same time, you will be able to find profitable keywords that are favorable for your website or blog.

Need more help in keyword research. Follow this 1-minute video to get started with Keyword Intelligence

source: BiQ

Content Intelligence: Optimize Your Content Like an SEO Expert

Whether you’re just starting out with content marketing or not, it never hurts to revisit your content strategy plan – to make sure it’s up-to-date, innovative, and caters to what your audience and Google needs! After all, each day you’re seeing more competition than ever. You might’ve heard how important content is to the growth of your business, but as you’ll see in the blog, it should also factor in: 

  • Relevancy
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Word Vector SEO
  • Keyword SEO
  • Essential SEO
  • AI-Guided Optimization
  • Content Performance Tracking

all to understand your user’s intent and make your content better. Have you seen the power of BiQ’s Content Intelligence yet?  We’ve got them prepared for you.

Artificial Intelligence guided content optimization helps you to understand your customers’ intent and behavior better, advanced analysis line by line, sentiment analysis, and readability rater. Content intelligence guide you in which sections of your content need improvement. For getting better quality content you need to implement all suggestions to make your content SEO optimized that is well rank on the search engine.

More features:

  • Analyze Your Content Against 25 Crucial Ranking SEO Factors Instantly: Get grade enterprise assessment strength and weakness of your website they are based on 25 crucial content benchmarks: Content Readability, Link density, Word vector, keyword placement, and more.
BiQ cloud review: content readability rater
BiQ review: readability rater
  • Obtain AI-Guided Content Optimization Steps For Your Content: Getting AI-guidance ensures consistency in brand, message, and style across all types of content. This approach also shows you ways to make further improvements.
  • Measure The Value of Each and Every Paragraph of Your Content: BiQ’s Content Intelligence helps you to achieve maximum accuracy to know each and every paragraph of your content fulfill all-important SEO factors. Furthermore, It gives you valuable insights that help you to take a decision which paragraph of your content can be further optimized, modify, or delete.

Write SEO Friendly Content Using BiQ Content Intelligence

  1. 1. First, open-content Intelligence go through this link
  • 2. Then enter your blog post URL and your target keyword which you want to rank for in the search box as shown below screenshot.
BiQ review: get start with content intelligence
  • 3. When you hit enter button BiQ’s Content Intelligence will analyze your content return with a comprehensive result.

For example, you will see line by line suggestions in different areas of content. For getting better content that will rank on the search engine you must implement all critical suggestions in your content.

BiQ review: content intelligence results
BiQ review: AI powered content analyzer

Your results will look like shown as the screenshot above. Lets clear some basics from the above BiQ’s Content Intelligence results.

At the top of analysis you will see your content’s Title and Meta Description:

BiQ SEO: defined title and meta description

Content’s title is an element that summarizes your content. It serves as a great opportunity for every website to increase Click-through rate(CTR), so make sure when writing the title of your content it should be an accurate, concise, and compelling summary of what’s your content is all about?.

Meta Description is 160 characters snippet that appears on search results below the “Title” of blog post used to summarize the page’s content.

Rank Intelligence: Unlock the Hidden Potential of Your Keyword Rankings

Rank Intelligence help you do:

  • Discover Ranking That You Don’t Even Know
  • Reveal Your Hidden Ranking Potential
  • Identify Featured Snippet Opportunities (Position Zero) Of Your Website
  • Receive Accurate Ranking & Traffic Data

You’re all in one tool to track and monitor your SEO efforts on Google rankings. Makes your daily keyword rank tracking easy, all-in-one place.

Rank Intelligence is the world’s only real-time Search Engine Result Page (SERP) intelligence tool, which means you can find out precisely which keywords you rank for, including you can uncover hidden keywords you didn’t even know you ranked for, with Rank Intelligence in a click of a button. This is not a complicated task you might thinking anybody can do this even beginner.

Finding out keywords opportunity that your pages are ranked for is the first step of monitoring and measuring your SEO success.

When we talk about tracking keywords, I understand you want to know which keywords rank your pages on Google and which one ended up in the SERPs( Search Engine Results Pages) position.

This is why Rank Intelligence helps you to identify two different reports that matter to you here it is: that falls around Top 100 and position zero

How to use Rank Intelligence?

  1. First of all open Rank Intelligence go through this link. The dashboard will look like as shown as the screenshot below.
BiQ review: creating rank intelligence profile

You need to create a New Rank Profile to find your ranking opportunity. Click on create a new profile to get started.

BiQ Review: Create rank intelligence profile

Then you need to do is enter your domain name into the query and click enter. The Rank Intelligence will not only help you find all the keywords from your top 100 pages of your website. However, it also helps you to pick and order your top keywords. 

This feature is very critical to find out what are the search terms that users are searching for to reach your site. Within a few seconds, BiQ gives an overview of your keyword performance as shown in the screenshot below.

BiQ review: tracking rank

Rank Tracking: Track Your SEO Performance Like a Boss

If you are thinking there is no rank tracker out there that can give you the data you need to measure your website SEO performance, then you haven’t tried BiQ’s Rank Tracking yet. Powerful rank tracking modules which give you goal-oriented and accurate insights about how well your website performing in the market. 

You will know which keyword you rank for and overshadow your competitors to win the crown champion rank.

In the Rank Intelligence section, we have learned how to check all the keywords your site is being ranked for on Google including those keywords you don’t even know with Keyword Intelligence. When you clicked on the Track button as shown in the screenshot below, your keywords are automatically sent here to begin tracking by the Rank Tracking module.

How to Use BiQ for Rank Tracking?

I will show step by step how to use Rank Tracking for measuring your website performance.

Step1: Open Rank Tracking dashboard goes through this link. Make sure you have created your BiQ account if you haven’t signed up yet here remain the link of FREE Tier. Your dashboard will look like shown as the screenshot below.

BiQ review: creating rank tracking profile
BiQ review: Rank tracking dashboard

Step2: Before you use Rank Tracking, first you need to create a new rank profile. Click on create a new profile button a popup window will appear.

BiQ Review: enter your domain name on rank tracking profile
BiQ review: create new rank tracking profile

Step3: Enter your domain name, which country you are targeting and the language then click create a new rank tracking profile you will proceed to the next step where you will add Keyword to track your website’s pages position.

Biq review: add keyword to track rank
BiQ review: add keyword to track rank

 Step4: Click on the “Add keyword to track” button to get started with rank tracking shown above as a screenshot. BiQ allows you to track the homepage of your website or track each separate page of your site with the target keyword.

BiQ cloud review: enter keyword and page url
BiQ review: Get started with rank tracking

Now we are close to start with rank tracking just follow this last one step.

Step 5: Enter the keyword which you want to track website pages position, enter your page URL next to your homepage. For example,

Note: If you leave blank in the URL section it will automatically track your website’s homepage only make sure you shouldn’t leave this area blank if you want to track the specific page of your site.

When you click on the “Track My Ranking” button within a few seconds your dashboard opens with an overview of helpful insights that you need to improve your website Ranking Position on Google. Shown as the screenshot below.

BiQ review: overview of your website page
BiQ review: Overview of your website’s page position

BiQ LiveKeyword Extension

if you are doing SEO for your content, LiveKeyword will be the best extension for your SEO keyword research. It shows you keyword suggestions: related keywords and related searches together with their search volume, cost-per-click, and competition, all for free!

BiQ live keyword extension
BiQ review: Live keyword chrome extension

Equipped With Keyword Metrics

Get your all keywords metrics all in one place for your SEO.

BiQ live keyword: related keywords

BiQ live keyword: related search

Choose Your Location And Languages

BiQ all you to choose from more than 60 countries and 70 languages.

BiQ live keyword choose languages

How Do I Get Started With LiveKeyword

I will explain you how to install and use BiQ LiveKeyword extension correctly. Follow this easy steps:

1 . For Installing Live Keyword Chrome extension go through this link

Installing biq live keyword
BiQ review: installing LiveKeyword extension

Once you installed BiQ’s Live Keyword Extension it’s time to validate API key to get started with Live Keyword extension.

2 . Go to dashboard for Live Keyword Extension API key here

copying biq live keyword API key

Copy your API key for validating in the next step.

3 . Open BiQ Live keyword chrome extension setting for validating API key. Paste the API key in extension setting click validate button once it is verified you are good to go!

validating biq API key

There is more option available to you get keyword data from different countries along with the languages to match with your target audience.

Bonus: BiQ allow you to export all valuable keywords metrics in CSV file for FREE!

Let’s Conclude What Benefits You’ll Get When Choosing BiQ

If you choose BiQ as your primary SEO tool you will save a huge amount of money because BiQ offers the most flexible plan that’s cost under your control you will pay only for what you use don’t pay for the tools you don’t use. Have you ever experienced a time when you need only “Keyword Research Tool” but forced you to buy the entire SEO tools suite? Or were you in a constant dilemma here is the pain point problem started where you really wanted to use the tool but its too costly.

Unlike traditional/Convenient SEO suite that sells the entire marketing package of various sizes, ironically things happen when you pay for in-package tool that you don’t need. But the BiQ approaches differently.

BiQ promises you to give you cost control back you can design your own plan where you will pay for what you use.

Why you pay for entire suite when you don’t need everything

It’s good time to change start using BiQ you will pay nothing under your free tier

join biq

*No credit card required.

FAQs About BiQ Tool and Its Pricing

What is the use of BiQ | Explained shortly?

BiQ is a great keyword Research, Content Analyzer, Rank Tracking, SEO analyzer, Marketing, and Keyword Rankings tool. It’s what every company, agency, and bloggers need. It helps you spy on your competitors by making the data transparent.

What plans BiQ Offers?

BiQ offers most flexible plan that’s under your command pay what you use don’t pay for you don’t use. For instance, if you want to use only “Keyword Research Tool” you will not pay for Content Analyzer until you use to optimize your content with this.


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