Best SSD Storage Hosting Services For WordPress & Web

One of the most important things to determine before purchasing hosting is whether it’s an SSD or an HDD.

SSDs are a newer technology than HDDs. They use flash memory, which has the potential to be faster and more reliable for data storage than hard disk drives (HDD). SSDs do not have any moving parts inside of them, so they don’t crash as HDD servers might.

This means with SSDs ( Solid-state drive) server hosting we can expect better speed and uptime.

With their lightning-fast speed, Solid State Drives are perfect for storing your data. They’re also more reliable than HDDs, which means you’ll have a consistently fast and stable server.

Why bet on SSD Hosting?

With an SSDs hosting server, your website, caching, and database queries are faster (200% faster than HDDs by our calculations).

Let’s get right to it. You need an SSD drive in your web hosting plan and we have five of the best for you to choose from, all at different price points.

You can have SSD servers at the same price that you pay for regular hosting servers with HDDs. So, it makes sense to switch to SSD storage hosting.

In case, If your current hosting doesn’t rely on SSD it’s better to leave those hosting providers. Because you can get an SSD server at the same price point as you’re paying for HDD server hosting.

6 Best SSD Storage Web Hosting Services for WordPress

We conducted a study to find out the companies that have SSD hosting for Web hosting and WordPress.

Based on our extensive research, we found that there are quite a few companies providing SSD storage hosting services for both WordPress and Web hosting options.

The results are in, these are the best SSDs hosting servers

  • Bluehost — Best in Speed & Uptime
  • Dreamhost — Best in Storage & WordPress Friendly
  • A2 Hosting — Best for tech-heavy website
  • Kinsta — Best for professional bloggers & big companies depends on WordPress CMS
  • WPX hosting — Best WordPress hosting speed
  • GreenGeeks — Best value for money, all important features at an affordable price

Rocket.Net (#Recommeded For Fast WP hosting)

Staring at $25/mo

  • All plans include super-fast SSD Storage
  • SEO optimized
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • 10GB to 50GB storage
  • Free Enterprise level CDN (200+ locations)
  • Free WordPress migration
  • Free domain privacy protection

SSD Hosting Rating



ssd hosting: Bluehost

Staring at $2.75/mo

  • All plans include SSD Storage
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Free WordPress migration
  • Free domain privacy protection
  • Recommended by WordPress

SSD Hosting Rating


BlueHost offers the best-managed WordPress hosting service, and one of the most affordable. You get SSD storage with any plan you choose, even their base packages. Not only that! These servers are lightning-fast. File storage, database storage—it all runs on SSDs.

Bluehost offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee and 24/7 chat and email support, as well as free migrations, SSL certificates, domain registration, and backups to protect your website from any unforeseen circumstances. Along with that, you get CDN and DDoS protection on every plan.

BlueHost offers blazing fast hosting with HTTP/2 enabled servers, giving you the best possible loading times and an easy-to-navigate website. With server-level cache service, your site will load incredibly quickly no matter what resource-heavy installation it has.

Its Shared Hosting Plan starting from $2.75 a month for 3 years contract, BlueHost provides the best value for any small business or growing brand looking to get online.

Key Features of Bluehost:

  • Unlimited SSD storage: Bluehost all plans come with Unlimited SSD storage except the starter plan (which costs $2.75 per month)
  • DDoS protection: It provides you DDoS attack protection on every plan
  • Unmetered bandwidth: Every plan of its comes with without measuring bandwidth usage
  • Daily Scheduled Backups: Help you to protect your website uploads, database and other files in case get your site corrupted.
  • Free SSL + CDN: It offers a free SSL encryption certificate and CDN in every plan even starter.


ssd hosting: dreamhost

Staring at $2.59/mo

  • All plans have fast SSD storage
  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • Unmetered bandwidth & storage
  • Free SSL + Privacy protection
  • Free WordPress migration
  • Automated Backups
  • Recommended by

SSD Hosting Rating


DreamHost is one of the oldest web hosts, and with good reason. Their servers are optimized for WordPress & websites through SSD storage and they offer affordable rates to boot!

You can’t find a better web host with all of these features at a budget price like DreamHost.

With 100% uptime guaranteed, 24/7 support, free SSL certificate, resource protection built-in, and more – this is the perfect package for any website owner who needs their website running smoothly at all times.

DreamHost has come up with its own custom control panel. It is way more advanced and easy to use than the old C-Panel, featuring an intuitive interface that’s designed to be as easy as possible to use, and it also comes complete with all sorts of new features such as being able to customize your site through any browser instead of just using FTP (File Transfer Protocol), hourly data backups, free website migrations, and more.

Pricing starts at $2.59/month for the Starter plan and $5.95/month for the shared Unlimited Plan. Choose which one is perfect for your needs.

DreamHost’s all plan includes SSD servers to increase the reliability of their hosting. They provide even a starter plan because HDD hosting is becoming outdated and has a higher chance of disk corruption. This company has been around for over 21 years, which means they know what it takes to host a website; that’s why their all plans include SSD servers.

DreamHost SDDs hosting server is 200% faster than HDDs. DreamHost’s website, caching, and database queries are also fast because of their speedy servers.

Dreamhost fast SSD storage

According to DreamHost SDDs hosting 200% faster than the HDDs with the website, caching, and database queries are faster.

Key Features of DreamHost:

  • Fast SSD storage: Dreamhost’s all plans include SSD storage we can expect fast load time, caching and database queries.
  • Unlimited traffic: There’s no limitation on how much traffic your website getting every month
  • Backups: It keeps your site secure with an automated backup system.

A2 Hosting

SSD hosting: a2hosting

Staring at $2.59/mo

  • Turbo Server and FREE SSD speed
  • A2 optimized & free Cloudflare CDN
  • 1-click install to all popular apps & scripts
  • 24/7 hours support

SSD Hosting Rating


A2 Hosting updated its server storage with SSD, now every plan comes with free SSD storage. The company’s hosting servers come equipped with high-capacity SSDs which are not shared by other websites hosted on the same server. Alongside fast servers, A2 also offers a 24/7 support line plus site migrations at no cost – making it easy

When you choose a2hosting, they’ll provide you with free SSL certificates to help your site load faster and more securely.

A2 Hosting provides you with the option of three different types of servers: Swift Server, Turbo Server, and SSD. If you choose to purchase all three plan types, A2 Hosting guarantees that your site will load within 3 seconds. Their plans start from $2.96/month for the Lite Plan and go up to $7.3/month for the Turbo Plan.


SSD hosting: Kinsta

Staring at $30/mo

  • SSD storage 30GB to 250GB disk space
  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • FREE site migration with zero downtime
  • Powered by Google Cloud Platform + 25 global data centers.
  • Multi-site hosting (1-200)

SSD Hosting Rating


Kinsta’s cutting-edge infrastructure gives you the power to scale your site up. All of their hosting plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so there is no risk when switching!. Kinsta’s Managed WordPress hosting creates a business-friendly environment for professional bloggers and business owners’ websites.

This managed service includes the latest in web hosting technology, including SSD storage on all plans, DDoS/malware protection, instant scalability of servers, and free hourly backups.

Kinsta offers its services by using the Google Cloud Platform. They recently increased their SSD storage for all plans and provided advanced features such as server-level caching, performance monitoring, CDN support, migrations, and more. Your resources are isolated, which means you’ll never have to share them with other users on the same server!

Kinsta is a top provider of web hosting that offers multiple options for all budgets. Starting at $30/mo to $1,500 per month for Enterprise plan, but as you work your way up at a price, they get bigger and better with unlimited storage space, peace of mind because they have a 99.9% uptime guarantee, 24/7 support.

kinsta pricing and plans

It provides easy-to-use and powerful servers with its starter plan. The more you want to spend, the bigger and better your server will be!

Key Features of Kinsta:

  • Speed obsessive architecture with modern technology: Ngnix, PHP 8.0, LXD containers, and Maria DB.
  • High-security network: DDoS attack detection, Uptime monitoring, Hardware firewalls, and SSL support for life
  • Free site migration: If you having a downtime issue in your current hosting provider you can migrate your site on Kinsta without paying anything. And their expert migrates your site without incurring downtime during migration.
  • Powered by Google Cloud Platform: It’s 24 global datacentres interconnected hope to minimize distance this results in better website speed.
  • Daily Backup: their Automatic system backup from time to time.
  • Regular uptime check: Their system checks every 2 minutes all sites hosted on Kinsta
  • 24/7 hour support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Beautiful Dashboard

Best for: WordPress hosting only

WPX Hosting

SSD hosting: WPX

Staring at $24.99/mo

  • SSD storage 10GB to 40GB
  • 99.95% Uptime Guarantee
  • FREE site migration within 24 hour
  • FREE SSL & CDN (26 global edge location)
  • FREE site speed optimization
  • FREE malware detection & removal
  • 28 Day Automatic Backups
  • DDoS Protection
  • Multi-site hosting (5-35)

SSD Hosting Rating


WPX is a managed WordPress hosting that provides fast servers, robust SSD storage, and underloaded servers to help your site load quickly. With WPX hosting, you take advantage of features like Incapsula protection, WPX Cloud CDN, staging area, and free SSL certificate on all plans.

This company also offers 24/7/365 support from experts who are always happy to lend an attentive ear.

What happens when something goes wrong with your WordPress website or blog? If you have a problem, the WPX support team will work to manually fix it. A fixed-for-you guarantee is offered which means that they’ll take care of the issue if anything slips through the cracks.

WPX hosting pricing starts at $24.99/month and goes up to $99/month, depending on how many resources you need for your website. WPX is powered by SSD storage, which means that they can offer high-quality service with a fast website performance at an affordable price.


ssd hosting: GreenGeeks

Staring at $2.59/mo

Best value for money

  • All plans have SSD storage
  • Unlimited web space
  • Free CDN + SSL certificate
  • Free website migration
  • 1-click installer WordPress & other apps
  • Free malware cleanup
  • LSCache Included
  • Automatic Updates
  • Free Nightly Backup

SSD Hosting Rating


GreenGeeks is a web hosting company for those who want to do their part in preserving our planet.

They run servers with renewable energy and provide customers with SSD storage, free backups, uptime monitoring, instantly scalable servers, a CDN of the latest technologies, and more at no extra cost than any other host.

The best part? You’ll get a free domain that you want when you sign up!

With GreenGeeks, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with 24×7 chat and phone support. They have Uptime and downtime server monitoring in place to make sure your sites are always up and running, so you never have to worry about a thing!.

GreenGeeks offers low-cost, high-quality hosting services to suit the needs of any size business.

GreenGeeks has competitive pricing rates for its EcoSite Lite plan and premium plan.

GreenGeeks has three plans starting at $2.95/month for the EcoSite Lite plan and going up to $11.95/month for the premium plan.

Our recommendation SSD Hosting:

We recommend using SSD storage for your hosting needs to get the best performance. you will see a significant increase in speed and uptime. That plays a crucial role in getting a higher rank on Google.

Here are some of the reasons why I recommend using SSD storage hosting over HDD:

  1. SSD hosting offers lightning-fast speeds for all your website’s visitors, no matter what device they are using or where in the world they happen to be located.
  2. The read and write speed on an SSD is much better than with a traditional hard drive because magnetic disks can’t keep up with the info demands of today’s computing environment
  3. SSDs are more reliable and durable than traditional spinning disks

For Web Hosting go with: A2 hosting or Bluehost both offer the best hosting services with excellent customer support, along with speed loading, uptime, drag, and website builder with 100+ themes to match with your business.

For WordPress hosting go with: Kinsta Hosting I bet you won’t regret it in the future.


In the end, it all comes down to what you need and want.

There are a lot of different options for SSD hosting, and if you’re looking to get started with WordPress or Web Hosting. DreamHost and Bluehost are my two favorites because of their security features, speedy site speed, customer service availability with live chat support – but ultimately it will be your decision which one is best for you based on your needs! Just remember that if you’re looking for a high-quality hosting platform then either of these providers is going to do the trick.

Which one are cheap SSD WordPress and Web hosting?

In my opinion, GreenGeeks is a cheap hosting service for both WordPress and web hosting with some amazing features that are hard to find elsewhere. Their prices can’t beat either–especially if you’re just starting out or don’t need the most sophisticated of websites at this point in time.

Your website is important to you but it can be expensive. You need the perfect balance of speed and affordability when choosing a hosting provider for your site. GreenGeeks is the best option if you’re looking for better performance at an affordable price.

Here are more helpful guide for you:

I know that hosting is a hot topic right now, so I wanted to share with you my personal experience. Which host did you choose? Did your current one have an SSD server or not? Let me know in the comments!

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