Best AI Writer: Top Picks Of 2022

In a time when millions of articles, blog posts, and written content are being uploaded every day, an AI writer is one of the best tools a content creator can use to boost efficiency and improve quality.

Whether you are a large corporation, a small-owned business, or a solo entrepreneur, the fact is that you are in constant competition with not only the quality of your work but the sheer quantity of media when fighting the battle for the best SEO metrics possible.

AI writers have become an increasingly common tool that can check for grammatical mistakes, make structural improvements, summarize entire passages of information, and in many cases, write fully functional content for your digital campaign. These tools are essential to streamline your digital media strategies and save you countless hours of editing and creating content.

With their growing popularity, there are now dozens, if not hundreds, of AI writers out there.

However, much of this software can be costly, inefficient, and below the high standards, some of the best software has already set. Below, we have taken the time to curate a list of the most powerful and useful AI writers that have already helped millions of users save precious time in their limited workweek.

Jasper AI(formerly Conversion AI, Jarvis AI)

jasper pricing: how much does cost
#Top Pick’s of 2022

Overall, Jasper is an excellent AI writer software out there. It’s able to write content in the most human-readable format and help you create faster than ever before. The speed at which these program works makes it perfect for blogging or social media posts – just 5X what your previous methods were capable of achieving with no loss of content quality.

After careful analysis, our team has determined that the Jasper AI writer is the most comprehensive and powerful software on our list. Jasper is trained to create high-quality, original content for a wide range of uses, including blogs, social media, and websites.

Jasper AI has been proven to increase content turnover 2-5x faster. With unique features like letting Jasper create prompts that suit your needs or creating variations of posts to increase sales and SEO metrics, Jasper has proven to be at the top of the class for AI writers.

We also love that Jasper can perform these high-level tasks in 25+ languages, a feature that makes the software stand out above its peers. Don’t just take our word for it. Jasper boasts an impressive number of 5-star reviews on Google and other popular tech-review sites.

Additionally, we were impressed that many of the world’s leading technology companies are already using Jasper, including Google, IBM, Logitech, Keller Williams, Scott’s, Cheap Flight’s, and more.

Before diving headfirst, Jasper offers a 5-day 10,000-word free demo that gives you ample time to test the tool for yourself.


  • 2-5x faster content turnover, produce more content in less time.
  • It generates 99% original content.
  • 50+ short copywriting templates. For creating content like headlines, ad copy, and product descriptions.
  • This tool is ideal for small businesses, freelancers and agencies.
  • Top-notch customer support through live chat, phone, and email.
  • Comes with a long-form writing assistant.
  • Recipes for writing any type of content quickly.


  • Sentences are repeated in some cases.
  • Fact-checking is needed for accuracy and truthfulness. content Examples:

I will show different types of content examples generated by so, you can get a better idea of how Jasper AI is helpful in terms of speeding up your content creation.

First, I will show you some examples of short-form content that can be used for writing social posts, product descriptions, email subject lines, and ad copy. This is a very quick way to get an excellent copy for your marketing campaign.

Second, we will go over long-form content examples. These include blog articles, stories, sales letters, and ebooks.

Blog posts are the most common type of content online published by businesses to help their customers, educate prospects and promote their products/services.

Short-form content examples:

Let’s select the Product Description template from and see how it helps us write better product descriptions. offers more than 50+ short copywriting templates, you can use each template in different use cases. For example, if you want to write headlines, you can choose the Perfect Headline template and so on.

short copywriting example
short copywriting example output

Long-Form Content examples:


jasper ai pricing

For the most basic package, Jasper AI will cost $24/month ($29/month if billed monthly). This package will include all the essential features with customer service support, unlimited logins and projects, and the option to add 5,000 words for an additional $10 ($2/1,000 words).

For Jasper’s Boss Mode package that includes an advanced set of SEO and writing tools, you can expect to pay $49/month ($59/month if billed monthly). Further, in Boss Mode, you can purchase an additional 30,000 words for just $40 ($1.33/1,000 words).­­


The number of features Jasper AI boasts truly separates this software from the rest of the pack. Jasper AI can create fully written content with minimal input from the user, can check for grammar errors, and generally improves the quality of already written work. Jasper, at its core, is here to help fix all the tiny errors that even the most experienced writers make.

This includes errors in grammar, punctuation, word choice, and quote/paraphrase identification.

While can make your writing better by fixing mistakes, Jasper can also improve your writing by giving suggestions on how to make your content more engaging. It has over 2,500 categories of different writing styles to choose from.

Customer Satisfaction Rating:

Jasper AI has an average 4.8-star rating on G2Crowd, TrustPilot, and GetApp—the highest out of any company we evaluated.

I have read many testimonials on their official site, which are very positive.

For example, one customer stated that Jasper “helps me manage the content creation process without my own efforts.” Another was ecstatic about how they saved 35+ hours per month on content alone by hiring Jasper.

Criticism of the Software:

While Jasper is an incredibly helpful tool, there are a few drawbacks you should be aware of.

Jasper AI repeats sentences sometimes, but not often, if you know how to play around by using them at least for 20 days you’ll not face any problem.

Free Trial Period:

As mentioned above, Jasper has a free demo period that includes up to 5 days and 10,000 words that are created from the software. With the average blog post around 1,100 words, this is essentially the chance to have 9-10 content pieces created and audited by Jasper for free.

Money-Back Guarantee:

If you sign up for and determine that it is not the best fit for you, Jasper will ensure that you get your money back if you cancel within the first 5 days. The company does note that you may have to reach out to the customer service team personally to ensure your money is returned to you.

Overall thoughts:

Jasper AI is one of the most impressive copywriting software on our list. With a number of high-ranking features, compatibility with all types of writing projects, and an easy-to-use interface, which you cannot find in any other AI copywriter software on the market. It’s clear that Jasper is still king in the world of AI writers.

Great for writing short-form content as well as long-form. One minor downside to consider is that can be a bit pricey for those without much to spend on writing software. However, as mentioned above, it works well as a high-quality blog content creator and is one of the best options for business bloggers looking to move away from human writers.

I think it’s totally worth the price as it will save you a lot of time and energy.

For these reasons, Jasper AI gets our stamp of approval. By incorporating Jasper AI into your writing business, you can save time and money while increasing the overall quality of your content.

If this sounds too good to be true, Jasper also makes sure to give every user a 5-day free demo with 10,000 words so you can test how it works for yourself.



Shortlyai is an AI content writing tool that can write as well as a human. Shortlyai is both intelligent and creative. it’s capable of writing articles, blog posts, email newsletters, social media posts, and stories. But this tool isn’t perfect for writing short-form content as you can write perfectly with Jasper AI.

This AI writer leverages the power of GPT-3 to generate natural language sentences that are not limited by word order. This AI creates human-like articles typically used for marketing purposes like sales pages or landing pages.

With this in mind, it creates content at a much faster rate than any human can; however, it cannot do it all by itself. It can ‘write’ articles, but not entirely by itself; human creativity is still needed to finish the work. This means that you need to read through each article for mistakes and ask the bot questions about certain things; so long as the AI has information to work with it can make the article better. The more information you give it, the better it gets at making content.


  • Best for writing long-form content.
  • comes with a rich document editor.
  • AI commands that give you more control overwriting the process.


  • AI written content needs to be fact-checked.
  • Not suitable for writing short-form copy, such as product descriptions, ad copy, emails and etc.


shortlyai pricing

The Shortlyai monthly plan costs $79/month and includes all of the essential features with customer service support, unlimited logins for projects, or AI writing commands. The annual subscription is cheaper at only $65/month instead of $79 per month.


AI writing commands:

This AI requires human input to provide information regarding a particular article. This machine can do lots on its own, but still needs some guidance and tells you what needs writing in order for it to be most effective at accomplishing its goal of making sure that everything gets written up properly so no content is left out.

what you can do with Shortlyai commands?. Shortlyai AI commands provide you with the capabilities of writing better sentences using AI. You can use writing commands to rewrite, shorten, and expand your sentences.

Writing commands allows you to save time and energy by removing the need to think of a topic. It gives you the capability to write a better article without having to come up with a topic yourself.

With that in mind, it creates content at a much faster rate than any human can; however, it cannot do it all by itself. It can ‘write’ articles, but not entirely by itself; human creativity is still needed to finish the work.

Supported language:

Shortlyai supports only the English language. However, if you’re looking for more languages, I recommend you go with Jasper AI.

Customer support:

They provide email support, There is no live chat and phone support. You can also leave your feedback on their official Twitter handle.

Learning resources:

They provide learning resources, where you can get started, and how to use them effectively. However, you need to learn the basics of writing headlines, content writing formats, and shortening texts by using AI commands. Shortlyai team provides written tutorials for new users to help them get familiar with Shortlyai commands within a short time.

Customer Satisfaction Rating:

This product has a customer satisfaction rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars on G2Crowd, based on 20 ratings from real buyers.

Ease of Use:

This AI is easy to use with a basic understanding of writing headlines, content writing formats, and shortening texts by using AI commands. Shortlyai team provides written tutorials for new users that help them get familiar with this tool within a short time.

While I think that the best way to prepare yourself for using this AI is to read some written examples of how it can be used, there are some resources available on their website.

Free Trial:

Shortlyai does not have a free trial period. However, the company offers a 14-day Money Back Guarantee upon purchasing their software. You will need to contact them directly in order to request your refund as they do not offer this on their website.

Money-Back Guarantee:

In order for you to receive a refund for your purchase of Shortlyai, you must first contact their support staff. In order to be eligible for a refund, they require that the software was only used for the purpose of writing articles and have less than 10 articles written with it.

Overall thoughts:

Hiring a professional writer can be quite expensive, especially if you are short on cash or just starting out. This is where Shortlyai comes into play – it’s the best software for those who want to write their own blog content but don’t have an endless budget.

Shortlyai leverages GPT-3 technology powers its content creation abilities. You are still getting good-quality articles that are written faster than any human can ever write them.

This means you’re spending less time writing content for your blog and can focus more on other aspects of your business. Additionally, the AI requires very little input from you to create great content; Once you create an account and give it a few topics to write about, it will start creating articles for you almost immediately.

But human creativity is still needed for this AI to work. So if you were hoping for something that would do all the writing work for you, then you would be disappointed; after all, AI cannot beat human creativity. It can save serious time and money you may be investing, in finding good writers.

Ready to get started with Shortlyai? claims to be an automated content writer that can do anything from creating detailed blog posts to crafting engaging social media posts. And marketing copies such as ad copy, landing page copy, press releases, and many more.’s marketing language focuses heavily on the ability to generate content at a high volume. However, brands typically have a specific voice or tone of voice they need their writing to follow, so the fact that claims to be able to accomplish this is very impressive.

While we did not have enough time to do a full review of this software, the demo copy we were given was able to write about 1,000 words in less than 20 minutes. With’s ability to work at speeds up to 4x faster than other content writing tools, this would equate to the same amount of time it takes to create one blog post.

The list of customers using this tool is growing daily. Some popular brands that use it include eBay, Nestle, and Zoho, among many others. Pros:

  • Ease to use an intuitive interface without much training and prerequisite.
  • Have more than 56 short-skill copywriting tools.
  • Supports global 25 languages.
  • Shareable link for AI-generated content for review and edit before publishing.
  • Has a Chrome extension that would definitely improve your productivity.
  • Supportive Facebook community to ask questions. Cons:

  • AI written content needs to be fact-checked.
  • There is no integration.
  • Not optimal for a long-form content generation as it takes less than 500 words to get results.
  • There is some room for improvement as it sometimes (not all the time) suggests incorrect words/ sentence formation.

Pricing: pricing

Price-wise, is on the more expensive side of content writing tools at $49/month ($35 if billed annually). This does include all features and customer service support. And you’ll get unlimited credits, which means you can write as much content as you want. If your needs are less substantial, however, also offers a Free Plan for $0/month. This plan also includes all features, but the credit count is limited to 100 (which means you can create 100 words of content for free).

In the past, has been known to go on sales that offer a 50% discount on their annual subscriptions. This can be a great way to save money if you are planning to use it for an extended period of time. If you are planning to use it for only a short amount of time, however, I would refrain because you will end up having to pay more than if you had just signed up for a month-to-month plan.


Chrome Extension offers a Chrome extension that allows you to generate content via the browser. This means that you can write blog posts, emails, newsletters, and even social media posts without ever needing to leave your Google Drive or Gmail account.

Multiple Languages

In addition to English-speaking markets, also has the capacity to generate engaging content in Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Portuguese. This is an advantage because it gives brands the ability to target audiences in different European-based countries without requiring additional translation costs.

Customer Service guarantees 24/7 customer service via phone, live chat, and email. This is a great way for brands to ensure that content can be created at any time of the day or night. Additionally, has a Facebook Group that is specifically dedicated to supporting users of this software.

Facebook Group also features a very active Facebook Group for customers who use the tool. This is a great way to connect with other customers who are using the same software, network with one another, share case studies, and get support when needed.

Resources and Tutorials also has an extensive resource section that includes tutorials on how to use this software for various purposes (such as blog posts, ads, landing pages, newsletters, and many more).

Expertise Level’s expertise level is similar to that of Jasper because it does not have much weight in the content creation industry. However, this tool has been successful for brands such as eBay, Nestle, and Zoho because of its ability to create copy-fast.

Customer Satisfaction Rating has a 4.6/5 star customer satisfaction rating on the official website. This means that customers are very satisfied with this software, which is excellent news for brands looking to use it as their copywriting solution.

Criticism of the Software

The top complaint regarding is the monthly price. This is much more expensive than other copywriting solutions, which can make it difficult for brands to justify.

Free Trial does not offer a free trial period for brands interested in signing up. This can be beneficial, however, offers one free forever plan, which includes all features but is limited to generating 100 words of content per month. This plan is ideal for test-driving the software before signing up for a paid subscription that can provide more content each month.

Money-back guarantee does not offer a money-back guarantee, which is unfortunate because it makes it difficult for brands to ensure that this software will be a good fit. This can be a risk for brands because they will have to pay the entire cost of the software before being able to determine if it is the right fit for their needs.

Overall thought

Overall, is a great tool for brands looking to leverage software to generate content. The only real downside is the cost, but it does offer a plan that is free forever.

If you are planning to generate content for an extended period of time and want to save money in the long term, I would recommend this tool. However, if you do not expect to be generating much copy or will only need it for a short amount of time, it may be a better idea to check out a cheaper option.


Rytr positions itself as an AI-powered writing assistant that specializes in everything from emails, blogs, and landing pages, while also offering content for more obscure categories like interview questions, profile bios, and testimonials.

This software is relatively cheap for how powerful it is, with the ability to create content for 30+ content types, write in 30+ languages, and offer unlimited character generation for paid members.

Pricing pricing

Rytr is one of the few AI writers that offers a free subscription with access to all of the features; however, is limited to only 5,000 characters a month (about 750-1,000 words). Their Saver plan costs $9/month and allows users to generate up to 50,000 characters per month. However, Rytr’s Unlimited plan allows for an unlimited number of characters per month.


Rytr’s software can generate content with only a few steps needed by the user. This content can be formatted to 30+ content types, 30+ languages, and 20+ tones. Rytr also has a community forum for users and allows you to create additional content types for premium subscriptions.

Free Trial Period:

Rytr has an unlimited free trial period, with the only caveat being that you can only generate 5,000 characters per month.

Money-Back Guarantee:

Rytr does not offer a refund for any of their paid subscriptions because they offer their core services for free, albeit limited.



Writesonic is another incredibly powerful AI that makes creating content for digital media as easy as clicking a button. Writesonic can generate posts, automatically, create product descriptions, craft marketing headlines, build out landing pages, and much more. One of the most useful ways digital marketers are using this tool is by leveraging Writesonic’s ability to create dozens of variations of your content quickly for internet ads for Google and Facebook.

Writesonic’s software works in 4 easy steps. First, choose one of their many templates, such as landing page or ad, and then describe what you want using 1-2 lines of text. After these two inputs, Writesonic will generate your post and then finally, allow you to edit the content before you launch. This software is seamless and easy to learn!


writesonic pricing

Writesonic offers 5 different payment options. The Trial package is their free package that gives you all the basic functions plus 10 credits a month to use on their basic and advanced features. This includes a landing page generator, title generator, and readability checker that cost no extra credits.

The Starter package costs $15/month and includes everything that is included in the Trial package as well as 75 credits a month for their additional features rather than just 10 credits.

The Professional package costs $45 per month and is the best for small businesses and marketing pros because it allows for unlimited access to Writesonic’s basic features and includes unlimited credits every month towards their advanced features.

Their Startup plan costs $95/month that includes all the features of the Professional plan but also features a browser extension, Shopify App, and priority customer support.

Finally, the Agency package includes everything in the Startup package but also includes 4 users, advanced quality generations, custom feature requests, and early access to new features being rolled out in the future.


Writesonic has dozens of impressive features that are categorized into three buckets; free, basic, and advanced. Free features include landing pages, growth ideas, video titles, and a readability audit.

Basic features include ads, content expander, SEO metatags, and short press releases. Advanced features include an AI article writer, article/blog ideas, introductions, and outlines.

The basic and advanced features will cost the user a certain amount of credits. Further, Writesonic is able to perform in 17+ languages as of 2021.

Free Trial Period:

The great thing about Writesonic is that the company offers an ongoing free trial period that is limited to the use of its free features. However, the free trial does include 10 credits towards more advanced features and credits can be bought separately if needed on a case-by-case basis.

Money-Back Guarantee:

From Writesonic’s terms and conditions, it states that “[Writesonic] issue refunds for Contracts within seven (7) days of the original purchase of the Contract with the condition that your credit usage is less than 20 credits for the “Basic” plan and less than 100 credits for any of the other plans.”



Headlime is an AI content generator tool that makes creating effective marketing copy for your products and businesses easy. With over 1700 pre-made templates, 20+ categories to choose means, you can get started with writing compelling copy quickly without having any prior experience or expertise in this field.

Headlime also provides a landing page builder tool that allows you to build customized marketing pages with text, images, and videos for your campaigns.

They offer a drag-and-drop interface that enables users (especially those new at creating websites) to quickly create professional-looking pages without having any technical knowledge or experience in coding.


headlime pricing

Headlime offers two different pricing plans: Individual costs $59/month and Business Plan starts at $399/month with 3 members.

The Individual Plan includes all premium features, 1,500 credits per month. Business Plan offers all features available in Individual and there is no usage limit, team collaboration, and Whitelabel experience.


AI Landing page builder:

The landing page builder lets users create customized pages in minutes without writing a single line of code.

It has a Drag-and-drop interface that offers marketers the ability to get started with building websites without any coding knowledge or experience, which is great news for brands that are not technical because it helps them to create landing pages quickly.

Over 1700 pre-made templates brands can use this to their advantage because they do not have to worry about finding template layouts for their marketing pages.

AI Blog Assistant:

Beyond landing pages, Headlime also offers a blog assistant for brands looking to write the content they need.

The blog assistant helps you write content for your blog or website. It suggests topics that brands can use as inspiration for their own blog posts, allowing users to quickly find inspiration when they are not sure what to write about next.

The AI Blog Assistant works by using machine learning and natural language processing to complete tasks such as “write a blog post” and “write a product description.”

Copywriting Templates:

Headlime offers over 1700 templates for users to use when writing blog posts or other content.

What this means is that if brands are looking to write about a certain topic, there is already an example of how it can be done, allowing them to copy ideas from existing templates and styles.

Additionally, each template has customization options that allow marketers to edit it to fit their specific needs so they do not have to start from scratch every time.

Customer Service:

Headlime guarantees fast and direct customer service via email only. They don’t have a phone number or a live chat, which can be a negative aspect for people who prefer to have these options when in need of help with their product.

Facebook Group:

Headlime also has its Facebook Group where you can ask questions about the tool and read up on all the latest news from Headlime team. The group is quite active through most posts are canned responses from the software developers instead of asking for support from fellow customers.

Resources and Tutorials:

While there aren’t any tutorials or webinars available, they do provide their free training videos which you can find here There is also an extensive resource section that includes tutorials on how to use this software for various purposes (such as blog posts, ads, landing pages, newsletters, and many more).

Customer Satisfaction Rating:

Headlime has a 4.5/5 customer satisfaction rating on the official website. This means that customers are very satisfied with this software, which is excellent news for brands looking to use it as their copywriting solution.

Criticism of Software:

The only real complaint about Headlime is its lack of live chat or phone numbers which can make it difficult if you need help immediately. Otherwise, there are no major complaints against Headlime by its customers.

Overall thoughts:

Headlime is an excellent AI-powered content generation tool that can be used to easily create engaging copy for various purposes including blog posts, ads, landing pages, newsletters, and much more.

While it doesn’t have a free trial period or money-back guarantee, Headlime has a great customer satisfaction rating and offers one plan that is free forever so you can try it out risk-free.

Additionally, there are plenty of resources available including tutorial videos which make this software easy for people who are just starting their journey with content marketing.



Anyword AI Writer uses machine learning to generate actionable copy; it takes the guesswork out of your marketing text with AI. They claim copy generated by AI converts better.

Simply write your ad, press ‘Go’, and watch as your writing is turned into highly effective copy.

The best part? It’s easy to use, and everything is done in real-time, so you’ll have your recommendations instantly.

AI Writer claims a radically better user experience compared to other AI Writers making it a top contender in the market, but what do they offer over their competitors.


anyword pricing

For the most basic package, Anyword will cost $19/month. This package will include all the essential features with customer service support, 1,500 words per month unlimited logins, and projects.

For the Anyword Business package that includes an advanced set of writing tools, unlimited words generations, and predictive score and analytics, you can expect to pay $239/month.


Multi-language support:

In addition to English, German, Spanish and French, it supports 20 different languages. This means that you can get translations from 20 of the most popular languages into any other of these languages using a single interface and still be able to edit and change your writing in real-time.

User seats:

They offer 5 writer seats in their Business Plan. So, you can create up to five different projects (with separate themes) and have up to five writers working on them simultaneously. You get one writer for free so if you need more than 5 writers you’ll need to upgrade your account.

But they don’t facilitate any user seats in the Starter Plan.


Connect Anyword to your social accounts, ad accounts, and website. You can connect to any of your accounts and manage them from the same interface.


Allows you to integrate AI Writer with other tools such as CMSs, CRMs, and email programs. This allows you to produce copy for a much wider range of projects and use the tool in a wider context.

Customer support:

They have 24/7 ticket support with a guaranteed response. They offer live chat support and a dedicated customer success manager in the Business Plan only.

Anyword’s team also offers a knowledge base where you can find out how to use the tool to your fullest potential.



Grammarly has become an internet favorite with over 30 million users as of 2021. This software can act as a browser extension, live to edit your emails and content, or can be accessed on their website where users can activate their countless features.

Grammarly is one of our favorites because as a free user, you get a lot of value by simply copying and pasting your content in. Grammarly will check your writing for grammatical errors, but also actively improves your writing by giving suggestions to make your writing clearer, more succinct, and more intelligent.

Whether you are simply a student or young professional who wants to sound smarter in emails or are a full-time marketer aiming to differentiate your content, you should absolutely give this software a chance to improve your writing.


grammarly pricing

Grammarly offers three pricing packages. Their Free plan includes all the basic grammatical checks while also providing insights on the content’s quality, clarity, and delivery tone. The free plan is for a single user only. The Premium plan costs $11.66/month with additional features such as plagiarism detection and advanced writing suggestions. This plan is also for a single user only. Finally, the Business plan costs $12.50/month per user and offers a dedicated admin panel, centralized billing, and priority email support. This plan provides above and beyond support and document sharing and is recommended for any company with three or more members.


The main feature that makes Grammarly so accessible is that it’s an easy-to-use browser plugin.

The plugin allows for live editing of content that’s being written in any browser, including emails and social media posts. Grammarly’s main features are checking for grammatical errors including spelling and punctuation and suggesting improvements for quality, clarity, and delivery tone.

Paid plans open the door for additional features such as their plagiarism detector, advanced writing suggestions, dedicated admin panel, centralized billing, and priority email support.

Free Trial Period:

Grammarly is another software that has an unlimited free trial period (described above).

Money-Back Guarantee:

Unfortunately, Grammarly does not offer a refund policy if you choose to cancel your subscription.

Article Forge


Article Forge is another example of AI software that can generate content in a matter of minutes. The software uses an algorithm that is uniquely optimized to write articles and blog posts for Google and Google ads. Article Forge analyzes the algorithms that Google uses to determine landing pages that end up on the front page of Google and then produces content accordingly.

This type of reverse-engineering of Google’s algorithm makes Article Forge a marvelous tool in the hands of any marketing professional.


articleforge pricing

One great aspect of Article Forge is that when you get a paid subscription, you get the whole package. Article Forge offers their services at either a monthly billing for $57/month ($684/year) or $27/month when billed annually ($324/year, a 51% discount).


Like other AI writers, Article Forge can create unique articles with minimal inputs and can generate multiple articles simultaneously. In addition, Article Forge will include images, keywords, and even videos to improve your content’s SEO metrics. Finally, Article Forge can create content in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, French, and Dutch.

Free Trial Period:

Article Forge offers a 5-day free period that includes all their features.

Money-Back Guarantee:

Article Forge offers one of the best Money Back Guarantees and will refund your money for up to 30 days, as long as you create less than ten articles with the software.

AI Writer

ai writers

AI Writer’s software aims to create highly informative content that only requires the user to input a short headline or list of keywords. The company’s software is incredibly easy to use and prioritizes creating content that performs well for SEO metrics. This software is a favorite for short to medium-form writers such as ads, video descriptions, and blogs.


ai writers pricing

AI Writer offers three pricing options that only vary on the number of articles allowed per month. Their Basic plan starts at $29/month and allows up to 40 articles in a month; their Standard plan is $59/month and allows up to 120 articles per month, and finally, their Power plan is $375/month and allows up to 1,000 articles and 10 users.


AI Writer is a content generator that includes the option to create different versions of your content. Additionally, AI Writer also includes an API feature that allows users to create their own auto-blogging pieces.

Free Trial Period:

AI Writer offers a one week/7-day trial period that grants you access to all of its features.

Money-Back Guarantee:

AI Writer does not mention a refund policy on its website.



ProWritingAid is less of a content generator and more like the ultimate writing assistant. This software is able to detect grammatical errors, optimize word choices, and determine the best writing style depending on what type of content you are creating. This software can be used as a plugin on all popular browsers like chrome and firefox, as well as work with writing software such as MS Word.


prowritingaid pricing

ProWritingAid offers three different price options that offer the exact same services, just with various billing options.

You can either choose their monthly billing option at $20/month, their annual billing option at $79/year ($6.58/month, 67% savings), or their Lifetime option for $399 that includes all future updates.

ProWritingAid also offers a free version but is limited to edits of only 500 words at a time and 19 content pieces per year.


ProWritingAid can optimize content based on 20+ metrics including, style, cliches, length, alliterations, transitions, word choice, plagiarism, and more. This tool is the best at teaching the user how to be a better writer while giving an incredible amount of control over how the tool changes your content.

Free Trial Period:

ProWritingAid offers a free version of their software, however, is extremely limited (described above).

Money-Back Guarantee:

If you are unsatisfied with your service, ProWritingAid will give you a refund if you choose to cancel within 14 days of purchase.



Wordtune’s software is the perfect tool to make your content more engaging, educational, and optimized for SEO efforts. This software will take content that is already written and improve the quality of your writing with the click of a button. Wordtune is the perfect AI Writer because it easy to use, works seamlessly with social media sites and email providers, and can upgrade even the simplest writing into professional-level content.


wordtune pricing

Wordtune’s software is relatively cheap without sacrificing quality and customer service. Their Free plan only allows for 10 rewrites per day and does not include the other services. Their Premium plan for $9.99/month includes an unlimited number of rewrites, tone suggestions/edits, and length suggestions/edits. Wordtune also offers a Premium plan for businesses, but if you are interested you have to contact the company directly.


Wordtune’s main features include rewrites that check your grammar, diction, and word choice, tone suggestions that provide guidance on how to create content that suits your subject matter, and length suggestions that help you expand or shorten your content. Further, with a paid subscription, you will get prioritized customer support 24/7.

Free Trial Period:

Wordtune offers a free version of their product that can be added as a plugin for your browser (described above).

Money-Back Guarantee:

Because Wordtune offers a free version of its software, it does not offer refunds for its paid subscriptions.



Articoolo is an AI-powered service that requires few inputs to generate professional-level content in a matter of minutes. This software aims to create a unique article based on a few keywords and limited context.

This is a great tool to get over writer’s block or create written content when time is limited. The only disclaimer is that Articoolo is still in its Beta form, but thousands of customer reviews show that Articoolo can provide quality content.


articoolo pricing

Articoolo offers two pricing models, Pay peruse and Subscriptions. Their Pay per use model starts at $19 for 10 articles. $75 for 50 articles, and $99 for 100 articles. For their Subscription model, you can expect to pay $29/month for 30 articles, $49/month for 100 articles, or $99/month for 250 articles.


Articoolo offers a wide range of features including article generation, article rewrites, title generation, article summaries, image finder, quote finder, and more. Articoolo also has a WordPress plugin (a popular blogging site) and an API for seamless use.

Free Trial Period:

Articoolo does not currently offer a free trial period as it is still in its Beta mode. However, you can play around with the tool after creating an account but is extremely limited in the use cases.

Money-Back Guarantee:

Although there is no free trial period, Articoolo will offer a full refund within 7 days of the initial purchase.



TextBlaze is an AI-writing assistant that improves the quality and speed of your writing in real-time. This plugin software will auto-populate words and make grammatical edits on the fly.

Users of this software most commonly use this when writing messages, emails, and short-form writing. The company prides itself on improving the overall speed for users’ writing and claims it saves top users 28+ hours a month.  


TextBlaze is mostly used as free software that includes 20 snippets (custom word populations) and 2,500 characters per snippet.

TextBlaze also has three pricing options. Their Pro plan is $2.99/month and includes 1,000 snippets with 25,000 characters per snippet, while their Business plan costs $6.99/month and includes 4,000 snippets with 50,000 characters per snippet, image finding services, and team sharing abilities through their cloud services.

TextBlaze also has an Enterprise plan that includes user training, preferential billing plans, and other advanced services, but requires that you contact the company for additional details.


TextBlaze allows users to break down their most-used phrases into shortcuts. For example, if you type “/ty” it will auto-populate a message like “Thank you so much for your feedback”. Depending on your subscription, these snippets can be up to 50,000 characters in length (approx. 10,000 words).

Free Trial Period:

TextBlaze offers a free version of its software (described above).

Money-Back Guarantee:

TextBlaze offers a refund for services but does not provide a given time period in its terms and services.

AI-writers can be extremely powerful and useful tools for anyone who uses a computer. Whether you are simply looking for software that improves your emails and messages, or an AI-powered writing assistant that can generate content and improve your SEO metrics, utilizing one of these software selections is an absolute must to keep your writing professional and competitive in today’s highly digitized climate.


Word AI is described as a “content-spinning” tool rather than a content generator. Rather than creating original content, this software will take an already written article and create a unique but similar version. The new content will have the same topic and outcome but will vary in word choice, sentence structure, flow, and clarity. This intelligent software allows the user to make countless variations of one post and the ability to test different styles and placements of a given piece of content.     


Word AI offers essentially two packages to choose from. Their main package includes all of their main features but allows for two different billing options. You can choose monthly billing for $57/month ($684/year) or choose annual billing for $27/month ($324, a 51% discount). Word AI also has an Enterprise package that includes features like high volume usage, multiple user accounts, improved quality, and customized rewrites. There is no listed price for this service, so if you are interested, please reach out to the Word AI team.


Word AI’s software includes an AI-powered rewriter, one-click rewriting, checks for plagiarism through Copyscape, sentence and phrase-level rewriting, and bulk article rewriting. In addition, WordAI allows for API access so you can better integrate the software into your current systems.

Free Trial Period:

Word AI offers a slightly shorter than industry average free trial period, with only 3 days given to demo the software.

Money-Back Guarantee:

Word AI offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you create less than 10 articles with their services.

The Final Verdict

While each of these services has its own place in the world of AI writers, our team was impressed with Jasper AI. Not only does it include a plethora of features but also manages to stay ahead of the curve by integrating the latest in cutting-edge technology into its ever-expanding platform.

Jasper AI is an all-inclusive service that can solve just about any writing task for you. From blog posts to emails, to fully-fledged SEO content pieces, Jasper AI can do it all. With its fantastic support staff and the ability to train your own personal assistant on any topic of writing, Jasper will be sure to succeed in leading this industry in the upcoming years.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How does ai writer works?

The process through which an AI writer works is simple: you write a small amount of text and the program analyzes it to find phrases that can be used in other contexts. You then select one of these phrases, and the program uses this information to generate more words and sentences based on these patterns.

Can AI generate high-quality content?

No, AI cannot yet generate high-quality content on its own. However, by using AI writer software in conjunction with human review and editing, it is possible to create content that is both high-quality and unique.

What are some of the best AI writer tools?

Some of the best AI writer tools include,, CopySmith, and Writesonic. These tools allow you to create content that is both high-quality and unique, and they are all easy to use.

Will Artificial Intelligence replace copywriters?

Although AI can be extremely helpful in generating the content, it cannot replace the need for the human touch in writing. However, when used correctly, AI can help writers to generate more words and phrases per day which they can then use to improve their client’s website or blog.

How much does an Artificial Intelligence writer cost?

The prices of AI writing assistants vary by company and plan. The most expensive developers on this list are $29/month with the lowest-price plan being free with very limited features.

Which is the best AI writer?

When you’re looking for a new AI writer, there are many choices out in the world. However, our team was impressed with Jasper’s performance and found that not only does it offer an extensive range of features, but also stays ahead by integrating cutting-edge technology into its ever-growing platform.

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