3+ Best AI Story Generator: To Kickstart Your Creative Writing

Creativity is a fickle thing. When you’re in the mood, it’s easy to come up with ideas for stories, and when you’re out of that creative zone, nothing but blank pages stare back at you (writer’s block). That doesn’t mean your imagination has dried up. You need a little help getting started.

Luckily, there are plenty of tools available to spark your creativity and get your story flowing again. AI-powered storytelling software is one such tool that can help kickstart your creativity and give you the momentum to create something great.

Here we will rank and review the best AI story generator software.

What is an AI Story Generator?

An AI story generator uses a machine-learning algorithm to detect the language pattern recognition that helps you to generate a creative story based on a prompt. The AI behind it has been trained to be creative and knows how to make the elements of a good story work together to create something interesting.

It can even help address writing issues such as writer’s block or coming up with great endings. Although the AI is creative, it doesn’t necessarily know what makes a good story or how to do certain things like set the scene, so you may need to adjust it and add your elements.

1.Jarvis AI

ai story generator: Jarvis AI

Jarvis will help you to come up with a creative story fast without staring at blank pages. It is not just a story generator but also generates content for a blog post, newsletters, news articles, and product descriptions. Jarvis uses AI to understand your input better than others, so it delivers results faster than other generators in the market.

It has a straightforward interface so that anyone can use it easily. You should try this software if you want fast solutions to any writing work done by yourself at home or office. Hence, there is no need to outsource tasks anymore. Jarvis works on writing commands that will give you more control over writing content accurately.

Jarvis is a powerful and easy-to-use copywriting software that helps you write engaging content in minutes. It has more than 1,000+ five-star reviews on different review platforms(TrustPilot, G2, and Capterra) to show for it.

What it can do for your story content?

  • It can generate story plot, titles, intro paragraph and ending section paragraph.
  • It can generate content outlines.
  • Predict next sentences of your written.
  • It can extend your story to make it more creative, and engaging.
  • Help you to breakthrough writer’s block that enables you write fast and save time.

Jarvis AI Story Document editor

ai short story generator

Jarvis AI’s document editor is a fast, smart way to write better stories without all the usual friction. It has tons of copywriting templates that you can mix and match to get more creative with your writing.

You can easily create titles, outlines, ending paragraphs, subtitles, etc. And it even helps you manage multiple scenes for one overarching story.

It is not just a document editor; it is a complete platform to create content with overusing 40+ short skill copywriting templates that help you generate titles, outlines, ending paragraphs and more. That will save you time and generate a better story fast.


jarvis ai pricing

Starter Plan: $29 per month. Includes 20,000 words/mo with up to 400 characters of output; 25+ supported languages, chat support, AI copywriter’s community.

The starter plan is perfect for writing short-form content such as product descriptions, headlines, blog post intros, and conclusion paragraphs.

Boss Mode: $119 per month. Includes unlimited words/mo, up to 600 characters, 25+ supported languages, and chat support. It also has an AI copywriter’s community. The following features are provided in each plan: Unlimited project folders (25+) Command Jarvis Recipes SEO mode, Plagiarism Checker Grammarly Copywriting Templates (50+) Chat Support AI copywriter’s community.

The Boss Mode is created for writing long-form content such as blog posts, stories, and books. It gives you more control over what the AI needs to write.


Overall, Jarvis is excellent AI copywriting software for writing creative stories without having expertise in writing clever phrases and sentences. The tone of voice used by this program is conversational, with a touch of authority to its words as it writes from the perspective as if an expert were speaking directly to readers.

In conclusion, I recommend using Jarvis for those looking for a program that is easy to use and can write creative stories with proper grammar.


ai story generator: ShortlyAI

ShortlyAI is the best AI writing software. It was created to help people write stories fast. Writers can use the tool to search for ideas and then develop them into a strong piece of fiction in less time than usual. This means that you can spend more time on your creative side while ShortlyAI does all the work for you.


ShortlyAI offers two types of monthly at $65/month and annual at $79/month. Both plans come with the same number of features. Purchasing a yearly plan will save you some bucks. Yearly plans come out cheaper than monthly plans, so this is a great way to go if you use its services long-term.

ShortlyAI is designed to help productivity and efficiency for small teams or individuals who wish to break down tasks into manageable steps.


Writing stories fast is something that many people wish to do, and with the help of ShortlyAI, this can be done quickly. The tool works by finding ideas for your writing projects and then developing them into a story in less time than usual. This means you have more time to work on your creative side while ShortlyAI does all the work for you.


ai story generator: Rytr me

Writing stories is hard. It requires you to be creative, have a deep understanding of the topic, and research continues to stay updated with your reader’s preferences. Rytr helps you write better stories by providing you with a list of sentences, which you can then combine to create your story. It’s like having an AI writing assistant that helps you create high-quality stories in just a few seconds.

Its algorithm learns from your existing text and uses it to improve its writing skills over time. Using this AI writing software, writers can save hours of crafting high-quality content. Rytr’s memory bank and letting the app rephrase them for maximum impact speeds up production times significantly while producing more engaging copy every single time.


Rytr offers two different pricing plans, free and premium cost $29/month; the main difference between the plans is the number of words generation per month and features allocated per month.

Free plan available but with limited features

The premium plan starts at $29/m for unlimited usage. Premium subscribers get access to a premium community and 20+ tones of voice for writing in different languages. They also have a dedicated account manager, priority email & chat support, and FUP applicable, which offers up to 100,000 characters per month.

Rytr offers one of the most cost-effective solutions in the market to give you complete value for money.


Rytr is the best AI story writing software for writers that want to save time and create better stories. Its algorithm learns from existing text, provides a list of sentences, which you can then combine to write your story quickly while producing more engaging copy every single time. Rytr offers one of the most cost-effective solutions in the market and gives writers complete value for money.

4. Scalenut

ai story generator: scalenut

Scalenut is a tool that assists writers in generating fiction stories! Write about anything, and Scalenut will help you create a story from it. The process of writing with Scalenut is straightforward: write your ideas, thoughts, or events on the left-hand side of the page. There are several story elements on the right-hand side that you can select and place into your writing. The more you write, the more options will pop up for each component.


Individual: $35/month, 15 Document credits, 25000 Short form AI words, 10000 Long-form AI words. Collaboration features include Write with A. I and 24 x support.

Growth: Ideal for budding startups and growing businesses; $99/month includes 100 document credits, unlimited short-form AI words, 250000 long-form AI words.

Pro: Ideal for large teams, businesses, and agencies; $149/month includes all features of the Growth plan + priority access to new features.

Scalenut is the best AI story writing software for writers because it allows you to write your ideas and thoughts; there are several story elements that you can select and place into your writing and help generate a new idea from what you’ve written. The more you write, the more options will pop up for each element, and as a result, writing becomes much more accessible.

The Final Verdict

Jarvis is the best AI story generator because it helps generate a new idea from what you’ve written; there are several story elements that you can select and place into your writing and help write about anything, and Jarvis will help you generate a story for it.

The process of using Jarvis is very simple: input an image or open a news article or anything that you would like to write about. The more inputted information the system has access to, the better your story will be generated.

Jarvis is not just a story generator; it’s an all-in-one solution for writing any content. You can write social media posts, product descriptions, or even SEO content – and save hours of crafting them by hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can AI generate stories?

Well, there’s no simple answer to that question, as it involves a few different topics: ai, writing, creativity, and imagination.

To think up a story, you need an imagination. AI will not have one of those by default because it does not “live”. All AI’s are programmed with specific processes, and they follow those processes in different ways depending on their settings and the assigned tasks.

You can only expect to get help from AI, but it does not help you write a hundred percent of your content. It would be best if you still wrote little yourself.

For me, Jarvis AI works excellent.

Can AI create meaningful stories?

Yes, AI is capable to write meaningful stories but sometimes it generate irrelevant stories but you can regenerate it again to get better quality output.

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